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    • Haha, yes, and the next pic along looks like a man named Bella :-)
    • Thanks for the feedback there Marco, much appreciated. I was pretty happy with it myself, it's surprisingly difficult to throw a chip up and shoot at the same time, I lost much of my lunch that day.
    • Ross, this is a really great capture! Almost everything appeals to my eyes: first of all the action itself, but also how the birds and the clouds are well positioned to create a balanced and yet lively composition. I really think the clouds are the magic touch of this picture as they make the background much more interesting and dynamic than a clear blue sky. Yes, I reckon that the thief seagull is somewhat blurred, but I do not find this particularly damaging as one may argue such "defect" adds to the realism and drama of an image of this type. Finally, the exposure is also impeccable. Truly excellent and thank you for sharing it. 
    • Jeffrey, this is another fine image. The naturally subdued colors (it is almost a monochromatic image) emphasize and drive the attention to the lines in the composition. In fact I think that this picture would have been very well rendered as a straight black and white. Also, having the opportunity, I would have tried to capture a more symmetric image with the bridge pylons right in the middle and the cables evenly displaying to both sides. I think it would have made for a more abstract composition.
    • An interesting image. While I am not particularly attracted by fungi, I find this image attractive both because of the contrast between the mushrooms (light and warm color) and their background (dark and colder, an effect enhanced by the wet trunk and moss) and because of the very dynamic shapes of the mushrooms. Seen at its larger size the image is also sharp and rich of details (e.g. the little water drops on the mushrooms' heads). Well done.
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