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    • Samyang 12 in daylight!
      By kiwiana

      Where is this Buck777?

    • -bird off prey DSF3700.JPG
      By veejaycee

      Well done. Going by the stains on the post, it looks like it spends quite a lot of time there.

    • Trees-7.jpg
      By excalibur2811

      Hi Lansky, 

      As a newbie on this forum, may I respectfully ask whether this photo is photo-shopped or as-is out of the camera?

      Also, given the 2Mb limit on uploading, how do you reduce the size without losing the EXIF information. To clarify what I am asking, I am currently taking the 5Mb Jpegs I get from the camera, loading them in some editing software just to reduce image size, and then uploading them. But when I do that, none of the details of how the photo was taken are appearing. So what am I doing wrong?

      I would really appreciate any tips or guidelines in this respect if you can spare the time.



    • Suede with 23mm
      By Buck777

      Interesting. I have a good friend who does dog photography for a living. A hard line of work as dogs are notoriously unpredictable and dog owners are often hard to draw out what they really want in a shot. Her objective is to 'make the eyes pop'..that is look for the light in the eyes and the rest will follow. I personally love the shallow depth of focus the faster Fuji lens are giving. Some hate it, but to me it's a challenge. A moving Labrador with rabbits and pheasants everywhere is never going to be pretty. I hate to think what would've been the result with my 56mm - that's even more unforgiving! I took another shot and I see the nose is soft again, but for me I've picked up the dogs mood. 


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