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    • Solitude.jpeg
      By MarcoDebiasi

      JSmith, of the series you posted, this is the picture I like most. I appreciate its simplicity and its composition with the dark pole and net contrasting with the lighter background and their position slightly offset to the left being balanced by the position of the mountains slightly offset to the right. Most importantly, the image effectively conveys a sense of cold, solitude, and barrenness. Well done and thank you for sharing it.

    • Delicate Arch 1.jpeg
      By MarcoDebiasi

      JSmith, this is the first time I see Delicate Arch from such a perspective which significantly changes its shape. This, together with the snow, gives an abstract quality to the image. Nice.

    • Suede with 23mm
      By veejaycee

      The problem with using fast apertures for subjects such as dogs is plain to see here. Eyes sharp but nose very soft.

    • DSCF0711.jpg
      By spaul

      Thanks for the comment. Your right about the lady. I only had a second to take this before I missed my train.

    • DSCF0945.jpg
      By spaul

      Well, if anyone knows please tell me. This was taken in Time Square. Anything goes there. I wasn't sure what he was doing when I took it.

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