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    • Is it an intentional sculpture of some sort (as I tend to believe) or a fortuitously beautiful piece of scrap? In any case, I like how you rendered it in this image. Particularly the whirls of clouds above and of the water below which mirror and complement the spiraling shape of this mysterious object. Thank you for sharing.
    • Holter này có phải là Holter Mai không nhỉ?
    • I love this - except for the grass in the lower left - I appreciate it couldn't be avoided - but I think it would have looked much "dreamier" with just the water in the lower part of the frame.
    • Really like the lighting in this shot. Like robthebruce here in New Zealand we do not get that soft lighting as the atmosphere is very clear. First thing that I notice when watching any programmes on TV on the UK is that soft lighting.
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      Really a great capture. Thank you for sharing it.
      And welcome to this forum. I took a look at your website. Fantastic images. You are seriously good!
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