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    • Shanghai
      By Christopher

      I love this composition. Very pleasing!

    • Biker-Boy
      By robthebruce

      This one works and breaks the rules about being 'sharp', in focus, minimum grain for clarity, etc etc. 

      You might consider printing it and sitting it somewhere around your house. If after a month or two it still grabs you, put it on the wall.

    • Une FEMME vue par un HOMME!
      By RainerS

      Hey Christopher,

      no double exposure. Both photos taken with my camera and later worked out with GIMP. A very powerful free software tool.

      The castle you can see on the photo is castle "Austerlitz" in Southern Moravia in Czech.





    • Low Key
      By blupace

      Hey Christopher, the setting you recommended worked a treat... this makes life so much easier ;-)



    • Low Key
      By blupace

      I will take a look at the EVF in the menu and see how it goes, thanks for the tip...

      The focus assist light helps with fairly static subjects, but for moving ones its just too slow...


      Thanks for the feedback guys :-)

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