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    • I've had an article published on the "Dear Susan" website, where I give my reaction to the "Unsplash" website, which allows members to give away royalty free high resolution photographs.

      It includes a number of my physique sports competition photographs from South East Asia (sample below).

      Dear Susan is a website devoted to photography and travel, is camera brand agnostic (although some of the contributors use Fuji cameras) and is often a source of interesting viewpoints and polite discussion.  Do take a look and leave a comment.


    • I went a bit further in the thick of the manual and yes, see now that with a 'ringed' lens aperture is not controllable by the dial at all. Given the proliferation of those dials on SLRs and the ease of programming a myriad of other functions onto buttons in Fuji cameras it's very strange they didn't leave this option for the user. Top wheel is a classic, but I'd welcome a choice.

    • Current latest version of LR6 is 6.12.

    • Is your version of LR 6 up to date? Unless you have downloaded a recent update to camera RAW you won't be able to manipulate the RAW files in either LR or PS. 

      Unless you have a financial reason not to go to CC or are just bloody minded and don't like the concept of software as a service the best thing you could do is update from LR6 and PS to the Abode photographers package of CC that includes both products for around $10/month depending on where you live. That way your software will be up to date you won't have issues with new cameras and the speed enhancesmnets Adobe have built into the last few releases will assist with your editing.

    • If you get FastStone viewer go to Edit>edit in and add the programs you want to use LR, PS, etc. Highlighting one file and edit-in LR will open the whole folder for import in LR. Edit-in PS will only open single files in ACR.

      Will it help to download the Microsoft camera codec pack? https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=26829

      should at least make your raw files available to Windows.