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    • A series of nice landscape images (I also like the accompanying series of flowers) from your trip in Hawaii . Of all, this is my favorite because of the sense of mystery conveyed by the harsh soil and the overhanging low clouds. I am also glad to see that with the assistance of your camera and lens you managed to render well such a scene in spite of its light contrast. Thank you for sharing.
    • Nice imaging Stephan!  Simple, clean, and enjoyable.
    • G'day Heather. The adapter I used with this combination was a Fotodiox brand adapter. I purchased it from Amazon and was well priced US$15-$20. I know you can pay a lot more,but this works well. Thanks for your inquiry.
    • Hi Kiwiana, which adapter did you use for this lens? I have it, would like to try it out with my Fuji camera.
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