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    • 20150217-_DSF4405-2.jpg
      By MadDog

      Beautiful super wide angle landscape shot!! The best part is no distortion!  I love this focal length.  It reminds me of my old Vivitar 17mm wide angle lens.  Best glass I ever owned.  You did a great job with your Fuji zoom lens!

    • tidnish-bridge-at-sunset
      By MadDog

      Wow!! Love the lighting here.  Great composure.  Awesome job!

    • 003.jpg
      By MarcoDebiasi

      This deserves a automatic entry into August 15 'symmetry' challenge. 


    • Rinjani.JPG
      By Christopher

      Nice exposure, I'm impressed it is unedited! Did you happen to shoot a RAW file as well? I bet there's a lot more hidden in the shadows.

    • 003.jpg
      By ricardo.ori

      Thank you for the compliment:)!

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