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    • I enjoyed reading about your progression with the X series Rob. Mine was similar. I started with an XPro1 (which I still have), moved on to an XT1and eventually to an XT2 which I find to be exactly right for my needs, performs brilliantly and handles so well even with a heavy lens attached. Like you somewhere along the way I fell for an X100 (a T). Which now goes just about everywhere with me. For a lengthy trip to Malta a couple of years ago I took the XT2 and the X100T. Dont remember which lenses. Attached image I see was with the 60mm. I probably had the 16-55 and the 50-140 too. The kit was light enough and compact enough to fit in hand luggage and did everything I wanted in Malta.

      Moonset over Grand Harbour.jpg

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    • I don't think the camera will recognise earlier FW. Also, you'd need to find someone who still had a copy on their computer because only the latest are kept on the Fuji websites.

    • Fuji Vertical Grip for XT-1 Camera. Perfect condition.

      Gives you comfort and another shutter button for when you hold the camera vertically.

      Instructions and CD are included, no box. Only $7 shipping to USA addresses.

      Product Highlights

      • More Confident Vertical Grip
      • Duplicate Set of Controls
      • Supports an Auxiliary Battery
      • Weather and Dust Resistant



    • EF-X8 Flash. Perfect Condition. Small, light, and unobtrusive.

      No box or instructions. Instructions are downloadable for free.

      Photos for flash illustration only. Camera NOT included.


      untitled (5).png

    • I have always used my X100F with the OVF and 0.5 second image previews that pop up on the EVF after I take a picture. For some reason, this just... stopped happening. Works fine if I use the EVF or LCD. 

      Figured it out just as I posted this... it seems like it was because continuous 5FPS shooting was on. Leaving this here for other people. :)