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    • They aren't particularly large - I downsize to 4x6 300dpi when I post to the web and jpg keeps them around 1mb or so.... They seem to be working for me (using Firefox for Mac) - if I click other sizes I get all the options and can open a bigger image.
    • I can't seem to open any of your images - are they huge file sizes? Other people's pictures are fine.
    • That looks like it could be in Seoul, South Korea?
      I'm not sure about the buildings being chopped off at the top of the frame, and the sky showing in other areas.  Also it perhaps lacks a certain vibrancy - I'm not sure what time it was taken, but at the right time in the right place the sky can become a beautiful deep indigo blue in photos.  I had a lot of.problems.with the colour of sky in Seoul, and put it down the the latitude/longitude and the weather which wasn't being cooperative!  The quality of light in Seoul reminded me of Tokyo,  it surprising since they are geographically quite close.
      I feel there may be more to be had from this picture if deveoped from raw maybe?
    • what's this?
    • Thanks, @robthebruce
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