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    • Glos-3.jpg
      By veejaycee

      An enjoyable series @lansky and a great advert for the city of Gloucester. I chose to comment on this one because of the stylish Riley 1.5 ltr sports saloon - what a beauty.

    • XT1S6715-2.jpg
      By Custy

      Sounds like a great ride.  I bet you miss it.  The parks of London are unique indeed and for town dwellers to have open space photo oportunities is remarkable.  Thanks King Charles II, thanks for opening your parks to the population.   For many years I cycled to/from work throuh Richmond Park, Barnes Common, Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park and Green Park. Wish I had my light weight XT1 in those days.  Never took my heavy DSLR but here is a w/e shot, misty sunrise in Bushy Park.

      I did ask the Richmond Park game warden what they do with deer shot during culling.  He said thay sold the venison to Germany because they paid the most.

      Bushy Park.jpg

    • Heather
      By Walter Fantauzzi

      Hi Scott,

      Only some Post Production on Lightroom for the shadow, not more :) 



    • Heather
      By LCM_Scott

      Beautiful, well thought out image right there! The use of B&W is what makes this image for me. The natural light and shadows on the model makes her feel as if she is apart of the actual statue. Her pose and the lines of her body are spot on as well and keep to the feel of the statue. I have to wonder if some sort of fill light was used because it looks quite bright out and yet her faces has no real harsh distracting shadows or highlights. Plus her eyes appear to have some sort of catch light in them. 

      Either way way this is an extremely well thought out portrait and a very strong image in my opinion. 

    • XT1S6715-2.jpg
      By veejaycee

      No and I've looked but always expected a park ranger would confiscate any I found. I expect they check for dropped antlers to collect and sell for knife/brolly handles and such because they actually belong to Crown estates/Royal parks commission and I expect ultimately, to ER II. Not only have I never found any in Richmond park but I never saw anyone else with any either. I used to find huge mushrooms in the park and would take one or two home but a few years ago I saw what was obviously a large family or gang, I suspect from E Europe, doing a sweep and picking everything. Now you'll see signs warning people to not take from the park even the various chestnuts, cobnuts and the like which are all food for the wildlife including red and fallow deer.

      I've been shooting the red deer rut for many years and there is not much new for me there and red deer stags without antlers look docile and stupid. I keep going there in the hope of finding the heavy horses working in the forests but now, to cut costs the Royal parks have cut their numbers and share what's left with all the Royal parks.

      Until a cycling accident 5 years ago, most weekends I used to cycle from home near the Crystal Palace end of Streatham common to Richmond Park, do a road circuit followed by a circuit of the perimeter track/footpath before leaving via Robin hood gate and cross country over Wimbledon Common then back home uphill all the way.

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