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    • Weston Super Mare Airshow
      They don't get much better than that and the optics are singing.
    • Weston Super Mare Airshow
      Thanks MadDog,
      The lighting +wind and blowing sand was a challenge and the haze made it a challenge to get good images but again the 100-400 did a great job and no adverse effects from "sandblasting" - really superb lens.
    • Weston 26.jpg
      Hi SnapPuppy,
      They were shot with the 100-400 + 1.4 convertor on the X-Pro2.
      It was a horrible day with mist, wind and sand blowing about!  The AFC with zone focus was spot on despite the lack of contrast due to the weather.
      I am not sure how well it will perform on the XT10 but the lens is an absolute winner  with incredible OIS.
    • Weston Super Mare Airshow
      Awesome images!! Very sharp and I like the lighting being overcast.  Amazing shots with that zoom and tele-converter.  
    • Weston 26.jpg
      Where you using the 100-400 by any chance?
      I'm going to the Air tattoo is a couple weeks and I'm hiring the 100-400, just wondering how well it focuses, is it fast to lock on? I'm using the X-T10.
      I currently have the older 50-230 and paint dries quicker then that thing focuses
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