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    • You have captured a beautiful view, where I would also like to travel.
    • Thank you for your comment @robthebruce!  Nice!
      I have now send the large high resolution image file to NG and the bike riders got the copy of this one :-)
    • Very crisp (photo), matching the season. Thanks for the story too.
    • Thanks Marco for your encouragement. I could have done some more post-processing to lighten the dark forground but I'm short on time at the moment. The reproduction via the forum makes it darker as well. 
      We had walked 14km earlier that day with our 16kg bushwalking packs from one hut to the one we were staying overnight in. We knew the weather would change that night from the sunny open skies you see to wind and rain, so there would be no point going out the next morning to capture the view. So after the 14 km walk, we left at 3:30 pm and walked another 7.5 kms to get out and take this picture, arriving about 5:30 pm, so there was no option but to shoot into the sun. Then we walked back, arriving about 7:30 pm. In all, for the day, 25 kms were walked. The lens on the X-E1 was the 18-55 f2.8-f4.0, with it shot in panorama mode with it in the portrait format on 120 degrees.
    • Being shot against the sun, this could have resulted in a so-so image. Instead you made good use of the situation to dynamically compose the dark, rocky promontory as jutting diagonally into the brighter surroundings. The rocks in the foreground provide a valuable sense of perspective and three-dimensionality.  And the lens held pretty well the challenging light situation. An enjoyable picture for those who can not visit this location themselves as it effectively conveys the feeling of this grand landscape. You can almost feel the breeze and the freshness and crispness of the air! Thank you for sharing.
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