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    • Select copy form the playback menu

      Choose to copy from Internal memory to SD card

      Select All frames

      To delete the images in the internal memory.

      Take the card out of the camera

      Select Erase from the playback menu

      Select all frames



    • This evening after coming back from a day out I noticed when I was cleaning lenses etc that I had a hot pixel on my lcd. After checking taking pics with lens cap on and in a dark room the pixel was not on the image. I noticed it wasn’t on the lcd either. I reset all settings and it disappeared. After changing all settings back to my custom prefs I noticed it came back when using high performance mode. 

      I’m on the latest firmware 1.02 so cant go higher. Anyone else experienced this?

      I did send an X-T1 in for pixel mapping but they were clearly visible when looking at the shots on a screen after processing the card.

    • Reformatting the camera seems to have fixed the problem.  I took another trial photo and yes, the memory LED now blinks.  it seems to be alternating between orange and green, but it is recording the images to the card.  

      I have attempted to clear the internal memory, which says it is full if the card is out of the camera.  There are seven old photos from before I received the camera.  I poked around the forum to see how to clear the internal memory and followed the directions, but the images were still there.  I'm not good at reading manuals (too impatient!) but I forced myself to do it and did find out how to removed those old photos.  Maybe all will be well now.


      Thank you!



    • To be sure that we are talking about the same indicator lamp, I will send the relevant section of the manual below. The indicator lamp is on the top right.

      When the viewfinder is not in use, the indicator lamp shows camera status.


      Glows green
      Focus locked.
      Blinks green
      Blur, focus, or exposure warning. Picture can be taken.
      Blinks green and orange
      Recording pictures. Additional pictures can be taken.
      Glows orange
      Recording pictures. No additional pictures can be taken at this time.
      Blinks orange
      Flash charging; flash will not fire when picture is taken.
      Blinks red
      Lens or memory error.

      Warnings may also appear in the display.

    • My personal code is sounds off. Why have a discrete camera - especially with E shutter and then allow beeps to attract attention.

      Back to your problem - The focus light - if the same as other models - is lower left of evf. If sounds are on and volume set you should hear a beep at the same time as the focus lamp flashes.

      There are many colour blind users but I've not heard of this particular problem before.