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    • First try with Velvia simulation mode
      By MadDog

      You did a great job with this one!  I like it!

    • Curious Cat
      By MadDog

      Great portrait with background defocus.   As a person who has a wonderful cat myself - this shot of yours is a keeper!  I like the way the area around the eyes is somewhat darkened.  Makes those eyes even more compelling!  Good job!


    • Biker-Boy
      By Earbypics

      This one works and breaks the rules about being 'sharp', in focus, minimum grain for clarity, etc etc. 

      You might consider printing it and sitting it somewhere around your house. If after a month or two it still grabs you, put it on the wall.

      Thank you... it's actually been framed and on my wall for some time!

    • Backyard Buddies
      By blupace

      Wonderful :-)

    • xf 56mm 1.2 APD test.
      By blupace

      Very cute shot :-), love the sharpness on the glasses...

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