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    • I have used the lens on X-T1, although it was good (painfully slow at times), there’s simply no comparison when it is attached to X-T2!  
    • It shows how an 'old lens' can work so well on a young camera. Did you use the 60mm on say the X-Pro1 in the past and do you now find the lens works snappier on the XT2? 
    • It reminds me of certain valleys in central Italy, like the Piano Grande (Great Plane; sadly devastated by a recent series of strong earthquakes) near the Monti Sibillini National Park.
    • Thank you for the clarification. I myself am not a fanatic of focus stacking. Sometimes adjusting the aperture and the relative distances between the camera, the main subject, and the background is all what it takes to obtain the separation I envision between the framed elements. But sometimes it is not, and then focus stacking can help, to some extent (it alone, like any other post-processing technique, can not do miracles and certainly can not turn a so-so picture into a good one).
    • Your assumption is correct!  And thank you for stopping by and commenting.
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