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    • Woman_at_NGV.jpg
      By veejaycee

      I like this very much Rob, good choice for the crop too.


      Edit: FWIW, I often use my 14mm this way in order to capture images without the subjects posing or otherwise acting unnaturally.

    • Woman_at_NGV.jpg
      By robthebruce

      The National Gallery of Victoria (Australia), has a semi-curved window at its front with water trickling down on its outside. It mimics the fish and chip shop front windows of a by gone era in Australian life. Everyone on coming to the gallery puts their hands on the water trickling down. I was inside the woman was on the outside. 

      The photo was cropped considerably to focus just on this subject. Perhaps only 1/8th of the original photo was used as a result. 

    • AA-church @ blue hour, Groningen, The Netherlands
      By MarcoDebiasi

      @Koos de Wit, this is a very beautiful image. One of those that can be made being in the right place at the right time. The composition is nice, the image looks sharp, the exposure is spot on, and I much like the contrast between the warm street lights and the cold blue of the sky and its reflection in the water (which with some luck was very still). Thank you for sharing and welcome to this forum.

    • 560a10b00f941__DSF1770-8X8_crop--sm.jpg
      By MarcoDebiasi

      I agree with @kiwana. It is a very attractive image, sharp while retaining a rich and smooth tonal range. Well done. 

    • XT1S5992bw.jpg
      By MarcoDebiasi

      @veejaycee, nice and well rendered street capture. One can only wonder what induced the lady (I believe) make such an expression. Thank you for sharing.

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