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    • On 1/27/2017 at 4:08 PM, ecp377 said:

      sorry to resurrect this thread but having some trouble, wondering if anyone had some advice

      Just bought the Kipon NikonF to Fuji Tilt Shift adapter and I bought a Nikon 24mm f2.8 AI to go with it and the lens doesn't seem to fit. There's a metal fin protruding from the lens mount. Is this type of lens not compatible with this adapter? I couldn't find much info about this combo. I can still return both - I'm looking for a medium wide angle lens to mostly use tilt with the xPro-2.

      Maybe you've solved your problem already? But in case not, this is quite common. The lens designer never imagined a scenario where someone would slide the lens around with a shift adapter!

      I use a Kipon T/S adapter on my Fuji X-T2 with Olympus OM lenses. Most mount and shift without trouble. But some have a fin or projection that was designed to control flare on an OM series camera. They tend to block shift more than tilt. Sometimes they only block in one direction (so you can shift left but not right). In rare cases they may get in the way of tilts too.

      If you need the full range of motion, you may have to modify the lens (in other words, file or chop off a bit of the projecting fin, or remove the baffle part from the mount if that's possible).

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    • Hi Ragamuffin,

      Sorry for my delay in replying; I haven't stopped by here for a week or so.

      I think the key way to think about the X-H1 is based on the needs of the user, and that is in fact, how Fujfilm approached its design and engineering. 

      With respect to the terms "significant departure", it all depends on what one means by significant departure. I would posit that, on the whole, the X-H1 is not a significant departure from the X-T2 when it comes to sensor technology, image processing, out-and-out image quality, DR, noise performance, etc. It is a significant departure with respect to lens stabilizaton, video, and most importantly for me, robustness and ruggedness of construction. How important those things are, though, really depends on the needs of the end-user. As I mentioned previously, I think the main point of this camera has been missed by many reviewers, both review sites and video "YouTube"-types.

      In my personal view, this camera was designed to be able to mount and (stably) use long, fast, heavy prime telephones and professional level zoom or prime cine lenses for professional photojournalism and videography/cinematography applications or use-cases.  The IBIS subsystem supports those applications and use-cases by adding stabilization when using these larger, faster, and heavier lenses. 

      I'm still of the view that the X-H1 is a Canon 1D-series of body, and most folks do not need this level of engineering specification. But those that do, the kind of guys I predominantly shoot with, do.

    • just happened to me this weekend.  i had to physically pry button out and rotate back into place multiple times.  

    • Thank you for your advices !

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    • Nice fine detail on this one, the reds come through nice too.
    • @MarcoDebiasi - thank you for your comment.
    • Well done. You aptfully captured this attractive rose (pink/peach-coloured roses are my favorite and this one has a beautiful symmetry of its 3 inner petals). The exposure in particular allows to appreciate the tonality of the rose while popping it out from the darker background. I think the "old" 60mm is the perfect lens for such pictures not requiring very high magnification: it is small and light for easily carrying it around and it produces very sharp images married with pleasing out-of-focus rendition. Thank you for preserving and sharing such fleeble beauty.
    • Nice shot. I like the perspective in this picture and the light/dark interplay. 
      I do feel that the canyon looks over sharpened (at least in the limited size that I am seeing this in). I prefer more organic relief features (this is a preference thing, so let it not detract from the merits of your photo!). 
    • Nice shot.
      To me this is interesting, from a  sense that it can also be mistaken for a rock face. In my opinion, monochrome adds a layer of interpretation to a picture which I think full color photos do not afford as readily. 
    • I have been wanting to use the star rating system to express my pleasure in seeing the anger and determination in the face of this young woman, but for the past few days have not had the opportunity because I have not been on my desktop computer, but only looking at the site using my phone. 
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