• How To Ignore A User On This Forum
    • Our forum is a wonderfully diverse community of photographers from all over the world. We're passionate about our craft just as we're passionate about our cameras and gear. This great combination allows for all sorts of interesting and wonderful discussions, but sometimes these discussions get heated, and devolve into bickering. Sometimes it's even hard to stay out of the crossfire, you might be tempted to jump into the brawl. I get it, we're only human after all!

      Perhaps you would rather just ignore certain users, and never see their posts at all? That's a fine idea, let me show you how to do that!

      Go to your profile page, and in the left hand column you will now see a 'Edit Ignored Users List' link. Click on that link and a text box will appear. You can place the usernames there, separated by a single space, for any users you wish to ignore.

      Keep in mind that while you will no longer see these users' posts, they will still see your posts.
  • FUJIFILM FinePix X100 at f/2 in Bright Daylight
    • The wide f/2 aperture, was one of the reasons I decided to get the X100.. It allows for an acceptable bokeh with its APS-C sensor. I was too distracted with the aperture, that I missed reading about a limitation, the X100's shutter cannot go faster than 1/1000 at f/2.

      Page 28 from the X100 manual
      Hold on.. 1/1000 is too fast, why would I even need it? Well, at f/2 and bright daylight, 1/1000 will allow too much light to get in, resulting in an over exposed photograph. So, what are the options?

      You can chose one of the following solutions:
      1. Reduce the aperture to f/4 or tighter... Or
      2. Enable the built-in ND (Neutral Density) Filter.

      Reducing the aperture is an easy and straight forward solution, but it will sacrifice the shallow depth of field of a wide aperture, allowing more elements of your composition to be in-focus.

      The second solution is to enable the built-in ND filter, which will reduce the exposure by 3 EV.. To me, this is better.. I can keep my beautiful bokeh, without any sacrifices.. Perfect.

      So, how do you enable it? Just go to the menu, and switch it ON
      The X100's ND Filter menu item
      To reduce the hassle of navigating through the menus every time I need to use the ND, I can just program the Function Button (Fn) to active/deactivate ND. You can program the Fn from this menu option
      X100's Fn menu option

      Now you're ready to access the ND Filter whenever you need
      Fn button on the X100 camera
      I hope you found this little tip useful.. If you have any question, please leave a comment..
      Enjoy :)
  • Fuji X-Pro1 X-E1 Charger Portability Hack
    • If you've ever owned a camera battery charger with a built-in plug, you'll be frustrated to find that Fujifilm's BC-W126 battery charger for the X-Pro1 and X-E1 comes with a 4 foot long power cable! These long cables make traveling with your battery charger a hassle, especially with a small camera bag, and can be a frustrating to use around the house if you don't have free space near an outlet. Fortunately Fuji's charger uses a standard C7 connector, which happens to be shared with Apple's own charger's compact plugs. If you own an iPod, iPad, MacBook, Powerbook, iBook, or nearly any Apple portable charger from the past, you already own this part!

      Fujifilm X-Pro1 Battery Charger Portability Hack

      Fujifilm X-E1 Battery Charger Portability Hack

      This solution also works with all international Apple plug adaptors. If you don't already own one, you can purchase them cheaply online, $1 on eBay, or use other compatible C7 plug adaptors from your other electronic devices. eBay also offers an USA, UK, AU, EU Plug Kit for Apple chargers for about $7 USD, if you travel often with your camera and other Apple devices.
  • Batteries, Chargers, & Power Management - FinePix X100 User Guide
    • It's happened to us all, you're out with your camera, in the middle of a photo shoot, a party, or off on a long exploration, and your camera flashes a low battery warning moments before dying. While some of us may have gotten used to big DSLR battery packs that last for days, sometimes over 1000+ shots, the compact X100 offers a much shorter battery life. During active use one can expect approximately 200-300 shots from their X100, per battery, with more on the high end if you utilize power saving settings.

      Fujifilm FinePix X100 battery and charger

      Whether you've recently received your camera or are still considering purchasing one, this guide offers advice on the Fujifilm FinePix X100's battery life, power saving settings, and battery charging.
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  • Fujifilm FinePix X100 Hyperfocal Distance Chart & Guide
    • For all the street and landscape photographers out there, here's a handy guide to the hyperfocal distances for the FinePix X100:

      Aperture Meters Feet
      f/2 13.2 m 43.5 ft
      f/2.8 9.37 m 30.8 ft
      f/4 6.64 m 21.8 ft
      f/5.6 4.7 m 15.4 ft
      f/8 3.33 m 10.9 ft
      f/11 2.36 m 7.75 ft
      f/16 1.68 m 5.5 ft

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