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  2. Many thanks for the feedback The amazon seller/product wont ship to the UK Expert shield looks good. Good instructions on their website + a UK company with a guaranteed product and free postage on my order so price competitive. Ive just ordered the two
  3. ...... and yet I have a very deep gouge on my screen protector which would definitely (not probably) have damage the screen. It looks like a gouge caused by a strap buckle or maybe another camera being pushed in on top if my camera bag. I daresay that most of the time you can get away without a protector but if you're going to fit one to cover the odd chance of damage, then might as well get a known good one for a small outlay.
  4. New to X-series from years with Leica

    I just thought I'd put my 2 pence worth in here. Firstly, I should say that whatever works for you is all that matters. There is never any better system other than the one that is better for you. Below id just my experience and viewpoint. My Leica Mono has gone to Germany for a summer holiday to get a sensor replacement, so I was suddenly without a digital camera, owning only film cameras apart from this. I spied a second hand Fuji X-Pro 2 on sale in a local shop, did a good bit of reading and decided to take the plunge, bought it together with a 23mm Fuji lens. In addition I ordered a Leica M mount converter from Amazon to let me use those lenses currently sitting idle in the cupboard. I took some test shots with the X-Pro 2, popped them into Lightroom and was distinctly underwhelmed. I have since persevered, changing focussing methods and camera settings, but to no avail. My Leica M adaptor arrived and I expectantly bolted on a beautiful piece of Leica glass. The photos were definitely better than those achieved by the Fuji lens (so they should be when the price is compared) but they had lost all of that Leica look. The X-Pro 2 is clearly a very capable little camera, but it is no Leica. The look and feel of the RAW files are not a patch on those from my Mono and no amount of tweaking in post makes any difference. My X-Pro 2 and its Fuji lens are now for sale and I will endure the wait for my returning Mono with film instead. It's all personal preference, but if you are thinking about coming from Leica to Fuji, think hard...
  5. Don't bother. I used screen protectors for years on digital cameras and all they do is degrade the view of the image without actually doing anything as far as protection is concerned. If you damage a LCD screen you have probably done other damage to the camera anyway so either your insurance or your pocket will be hit regardless of whether the so called protector was installed or not.
  6. Expert Shield. They guarantee their screen protectors. I once mentioned in a review that mine had taken a deep gouge from something sharp and heavy but saved my screen. They sent me a new protector. I never used it because the damage is one edge and I couldn't be bothered to fit the new one (fiddly job).
  7. This is what I got when I acquired my X-T2. So far very satisfied with the protector. https://www.amazon.com/Protector-Fujifilm-AFUNTA-Anti-scratch-Tempered/dp/B01LYT12TZ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1503396389&sr=8-2&keywords=x-t2+screen+protector -Tim
  8. Im looking for two rear screen protectors, 1 for my XT2 and 1 for my XT10. Ebay seems to produce the most sellers but invariably there is a lack of technical information and prices vary widely. Have been caught before with poor quality camera accessories Anyone care to offer any advice on which product(s) to use based on how it performs in actual operation ?
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  10. That's possible The latest X-A3 might have something like that. On the XT20 I can configure the shutter speed to the rear control wheel but the front wheel does not appear to be configurable but restricted to use for aperture control of XC lenses.
  11. Apologies, I genuinely thought that in one of the updates after the XA/XM cameras were released with their matching lenses without aperture rings, configuration was added to include body control with any lens.
  12. Some later models like my XT2 can have the ISO settings and shutter speed configured to the front control wheel. Standard setting for front wheel is ISO change, then push the wheel in and release for shutter speed change, push again for ISO. Using the shutter speed setting this the user can choose from in between shutter speeds rather than just full or 1/2 stops. I rarely shoot shutter priority but it can be handy to have full control over ISO settings without taking the camera down from shooting position. As a long time photographer I find there is too much automation and ways of overriding and setting parameters of same - even worse with so many different configurations of dials/buttons/switches with various restrictions on what can be used with what. I prefer to use manual or the simpler auto settings.
  13. Sunday Morning Flowers

    X-T2, 90mm f/2 Sunflowers Other Yellows Russian Sage Verbesina encelioides Buddleia
  14. I've had an article published on the "Dear Susan" website, where I give my reaction to the "Unsplash" website, which allows members to give away royalty free high resolution photographs. It includes a number of my physique sports competition photographs from South East Asia (sample below). Dear Susan is a website devoted to photography and travel, is camera brand agnostic (although some of the contributors use Fuji cameras) and is often a source of interesting viewpoints and polite discussion. Do take a look and leave a comment.
  15. I went a bit further in the thick of the manual and yes, see now that with a 'ringed' lens aperture is not controllable by the dial at all. Given the proliferation of those dials on SLRs and the ease of programming a myriad of other functions onto buttons in Fuji cameras it's very strange they didn't leave this option for the user. Top wheel is a classic, but I'd welcome a choice.
  16. Current latest version of LR6 is 6.12.
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  18. DSCF7239.JPG

  19. Is your version of LR 6 up to date? Unless you have downloaded a recent update to camera RAW you won't be able to manipulate the RAW files in either LR or PS. Unless you have a financial reason not to go to CC or are just bloody minded and don't like the concept of software as a service the best thing you could do is update from LR6 and PS to the Abode photographers package of CC that includes both products for around $10/month depending on where you live. That way your software will be up to date you won't have issues with new cameras and the speed enhancesmnets Adobe have built into the last few releases will assist with your editing.
  20. If you get FastStone viewer go to Edit>edit in and add the programs you want to use LR, PS, etc. Highlighting one file and edit-in LR will open the whole folder for import in LR. Edit-in PS will only open single files in ACR. Will it help to download the Microsoft camera codec pack? https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=26829 should at least make your raw files available to Windows.
  21. Vic, I have LR6 and have gotten LR to open and convert files to DNG. I have spent hours doing research. The X-T20 is supported by Adobe. Windows Tech could not help. I have sent in a request for a phone call from Fuji help but have not heard from them. I want to be able to edit my image in Photoshop. I will look into FastStone viewer if I can't find a solution after talking with Fuji. I really want to use the XT20 but not feeling confident at the moment. Thanks for the suggestion.
  22. Landscape lens

    I use the 10-24mm and I have the 50-230 for those intimate shots. I traded in my 18-55mm to get the 10-24mm and have missed the 24-50 range more then I thought I would. But like has been said any lens is a landscape lens
  23. RAW processing software

    I will shortly be having an article published on the "Dear Susan" website where I talk bout SilkyPix, describing how to use some of it's features, and comparing it's output to Capture One. I will be posting here with a link when it is available, as I hope it may be of interest to some Fuji users, and from experience it was one of the better raw development tools for X-Trans raw files.
  24. RAW processing software

    RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 2.0 powered by SILKYPIX does that.
  25. How are you downloading the files? Forget wifi for raw file transfer. The easiest way to download is by simple SD card reader which you may already have built-in to your PC/mac or a separate card reader. Format your cards in-camera before use. To process XT20 files (and to download with) you will need LR6. Earlier versions will not recognise XT20 files. You can use FastStone viewer (free) to download, manage, view and edit in other software from.
  26. Tree

  27. Trail 401

    For the first time in 10 weeks, we hiked the entire length. The rocky and treacherous steep descent at the beginning required total attention, but there are outstanding trees, rock formations, and views. Many wildflowers are having their second seasonal bloom, which added immeasurably to our pleasure. The steep climb out of the valley was easier than going downhill, but just as taxing. Our favorite lunch spot afforded 150-mile vistas with several mountain ranges. We were quite tired on the last part of the hike, but the huge boulders, rock formations, junipers and piñons were sources of awe and wonder. And we even got home before the afternoon storms hit. The vastness, solitude, stillness, and connections with nature were impressive and deeply moving, and left us feeling inspired and hopeful.
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