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  2. Well. I had begun to think they were unavailable, after numerous searches, on Fuji websites, and on various forums. I read in three places that some Nikon caps would fit, but after extensive searches of numerous Nikon sites, I can't see any that look small enough to fit the X-Pro 2. So, I've emailed Fuji's support team, asking them to advise me what to do. It must totally negate any chance of the WR saving the day, in a heavy shower. Also, I doubt Fuji themselves make these caps, they'll be supplied by some plastics factory, so they could easily order a few more than needed, to provide support to their loyal customer's On the other thread, regarding these type thumb grips, with L plates. I got the impression that these accessories are quite popular, so, if the bracket pushes the cap out every time, there will be a lot of people without a cap. So, I'd suggest you email Fuji, as I have. As I say, all they need to do is order an extra thousand, on a projected production batch. and then offer them on their spares page, for a couple of quid, which is probably a 99% profit margin, and they would show, once again, that they are an honourable company, which supports it's products etc
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  4. Thank you.
  5. Thanks Vic. The upgrade from my XT1 is a bit too much for me at the moment.
  6. For some reason Fujifilm doesn't seem to sell a cover kit for the X-Pro1 or 2, but they do for the X-T1 and X-T2. The kit model numbers are CVR-XT and CVR-XT2 respectively. They each include a PC Sync cover that should work on the X-Pro line, although it does not seem to be the same slim design that the X-Pro2 uses
  7. XT2 yes. Check the Fuji website.
  8. Sounds like you have an ILC X camera rather than X100 which is how this thread was headed. Whenever you ask a question make sure you say what camera lens etc and if it is image related then include an image with full exif too. The advice to check and clean the contacts would probably have been the very first given.
  9. Amazon has little kits of synch cover, hot shoe cover etc for previous X bodies that should fit.
  10. so apparently this is a rare issue since I didn't get any replies in one year... just in case anyone's interested - I took my camera to the local (romanian) Fuji authorised repair shop; they fixed it without replacing anything. They said they simply cleaned the contacts. They charged me about 40 EUR and offered a warranty of 3 months. Since then, the camera worked just fine.
  11. I've followed some of the past threads on tethered capture for X series cameras from which it looks as though tethered capture isn't yet available for us. Can anyone confirm or correct this? Regards Chris
  12. Christopher, I purchased a hand grip with an L bracket. When attaching it to the camera, the bracket knocked the pc cap off. I didn't notice at the time, and it was lost. Elsewhere I read that Ebay had caps for a Nikon camera, that would fit. I am not one of these, "it's just a tool, it's supposed to have a few dings" types.I want my beautiful camera, to remain beautiful, so not only is it compromising the WR, but it should have a cap! I want a cap! I waited for weeks, for two caps, and they are both too big. Are these caps obtainable? Please say they are. :-) I also posted about this issue on the L Shaped bracket thread, but that's an old thread, so I don't suppose anyone will see my post, but they will know to disassemble the bracket, or take care when first attaching it. Cheers, John
  13. A good objective review that tells me to stay with my X100T rather than invest in the F model. I too would like to see Fuji add a tilt screen. Thanks
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  15. as said above, printing in general, and photographic paper doesn't have the dynamic range of most photos seen on screen. As a result, brighter areas tend to white and darker areas tend to black - the highlight clip and the shadows get crushed. It depends on the print medium though and the print type. Generally, I would open shadows more than I want on screen, and make an image maybe 1/3-1/2 ev brighter than I might want, because when printed it will closer to what I wanted - but that's me, my screen, the print companies I use... As above you can profile you monitor and them use appropriate software to show a "proof" of output, but that requires the right knowledge and skill and may only benefit home printing - unless you get a colour profile for the company you will print with, or do test prints and use them to calibrate your output. If all of this sounds like incomprehensible nonsense, maybe find a pro print lab or photo finisher who will optimise your files for you. I would caution against canvas type prints or rough textured or matte papers as they can make images a little dark and also look grainy (my experience, yours may vary) - gloss photo paper is probably a safer choice at this stage, at least as a test.
  16. The CMYK printing process is actually quite a bit more limited than your screen is, as far as dynamic range and number of colors that can actually be reproduced goes. Using the proofing setup tools in your editing software can help, but only if your screen is well calibrated. You can still use them in a limited way without investing in a piece of professional calibration equipment - but you'll need to go into it with an understanding that your results won't be as finely tuned as they could be, and realize that the prints won't look exactly like your screen image so adjust your mental image accordingly when making changes (like know that your prints always run a hint magenta and adjust for it even if the screen image looks fine).... I probably wouldn't be any better at explaining the step by step process than the hundreds of tutorials already out there... so I won't go into specifics, but you can find tons of information already on the web about how to prepare an image for printing.
  17. I'm not sure if anybody's going to read this on an old thread, but it doesn't seem worth starting another for. When attaching the above mentioned grip and L plate, I accidently, knocked out the PC Sync cap, and lost it I read elsewhere, that a specific Nikon pc sync cap, could be obtained from Ebay. I ordered this Nikon cap set, for a couple of quid. It came today, and there are two caps, both of them too large to fit in an X-Pro 2 pc sync socket. Can anybody suggest where I can get one, that will fit.? Cheers all, John
  18. artuk, these are interesting suggestions, I hadn't considered such detailed points. I am not quite sure I understand your tip #2 prints won't handle highlights and shadows the same way as your screen, so you need to move your white and black points away from 0 and 255 - maybe 5 and 250 or even 10 and 245 - so that there is detail in your highlights and shadows and they don't clip completely that is, why does it clip on print if it looks fine on screen? or better yet, how do I know if it will clip in print or not? I have been looking at a number of options for prints, and some guys offer printing even on canvas. That in itself is interesting, though I don't know what to expect there in terms of quality. Thanks again for your suggestions and clarifications.
  19. some lovely tones there
  20. Oh my gosh, that did it. Thank you morpheme!
  21. There are a number of things that this could be... try taking the lens off and reseating it. If the camera thinks there is no lens mounted (and it's not set to "shoot without lens") it won't fire but this is only the first thing that comes to mind.. you could also take the battery out or reset all the settings to default and see what happens
  22. Hi Everyone, I just got my X-T2 yesterday and I was enjoying it mightily, messing with the settings, when suddenly the Shutter Button just stopped taking photos. Everything else seems to be working fine. The battery is charged and the screens are working well. But when I hit the shutter button, nothing. Can anyone assist me in troubleshooting? I'm in DC to take pics of all the activities, and I'm dying with this $2,000 black brick in my hands!
  23. Nice thing...
  24. Go service center and check out your camera display.
  25. Well as an X-T10 owner, I am excited for this. I can certainly see myself upgrading before the end of the year as by then I will have had my '10' for two and a half years and I could justify a body upgrade to myself. I am in no other hurry to upgrade so will happily let others work out the bugs and wait for the first firmware update before I make the switch.
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