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  2. Prints

    Sorry ton insist but I posted a picture as you asked me. I was thinking: maybe i do no export the jpeg with good settings in lightroom ? What are the best settings to export a photo for printing ? Thank you !
  3. I have had my XT10 since Jan2017 and recently the playback button has stopped working. The small arrow icon has rotated too. It is still under the retailers warranty so it will be going back. Wondered if this was a known problem or an isolated incident? Anthony
  4. Yesterday
  5. Bat woman 🦇

    Ok my wife loves bats (go figure) any way I’ve booked her in at Chester zoo to get up close and personal and feed the bats in there bat house. I’d like to video it using my xt2 but I’ve never used the video function yet, the bat house is nearly pitch black, has anyone got any advise on how I should set the xt2 up to be able to film her and the bats. Cheers
  6. update XT-2 firmware to 3.0 problems

    Also, do not expect Lightroom/Photoshop capabilities out of the X RAW Converter.
  7. Neighbor’s Rose

    Image processed with FujiFilm X RAW Studio in Classic Chrome. Originally shot in RAW, in Provia/Standard film simulation.
  8. Report post Posted 1 minute ago I drink Vodka! I can't send either over the border, Trump's northern wall is in the way...lol
  9. update XT-2 firmware to 3.0 problems

    I drink Vodka! With the XT2 still attached and after you have found your photo folder, you can choose you film simulation…etc and save it as your custom profile. You can apply the custom profile to the photos of your choosing.
  10. OMG, I need some medicinal help. I did not transfer any files to my computer. First a trip to the garage for some inspiration, then back to try this again. I owe you a beer! Thanks!!!
  11. update XT-2 firmware to 3.0 problems

    Did you transfer the photos onto your computer? You should see “SOURCE IMAGE FOLDER”. Expand it and look for the photos. See screenshot below. Hope this helps
  12. when I open X RAW Studio, I see my camera listed at the top right as X-T2 3.0 but there no files below to edit or even see. I just don't get it but then again, today has been a complete f up and it's probably me.
  13. update XT-2 firmware to 3.0 problems

    Alrighty then. It is actually not bad to use. Read my reply above.
  14. Just deleted the whole mess. If they can't make it user friendly why bother at all. Had that set up properly from the get go. Feel like I wasted my time and money for something Fuji put out half baked. Thanks for the suggestion though, appreciate your taking the time.
  15. update XT-2 firmware to 3.0 problems

    Go to the Menu on your XT2 -> Setup (looks like a wrench) ->Connection Settings->PC Connection Mode->USB RAW Conv. / Backup Restore. It should work.
  16. Unreal, installed latest firmware on my X-T2, downloaded latest Fuji X Raw studio(1.1), bought a cable to connect to my USB3 port, running latest Mac OF High Sierra, and NOTHING. The program opens but does not see my camera and/or files. Yes, my X-T2 is on, all that happens is a winking green light on the body. Bah Humbug I say
  17. Last week
  18. I don't have a compatible camera and probably wouldn't use the software anyway but is it a case of the software not running or is it crashing after you start it? If you get the message about the software being downloaded from an unknown source and the world will end if you use it just click the "bugger off I am using it anyway" button (can't remember what the real name is). You can go into your privacy settings on your Mac and tell it that this program is okay and you won't get the message any more. If the program is crashing if could be a good idea to try another USB cable. USB cables can be somewhat dodgy at times. I am assuming that you had restarted the Mac between installing the program and trying to run it. That is always a good idea to make sure all changes made underneath the hood have been applied. Lastly Google something like "My Max OS (insert your OS version) Fuji Raw Studio". You may come up with others who have had issues or workarounds.
  19. Thank you, K1W1.......got the firmware updated, downloaded Fuji Stuiod, simply will not work, what a bummer.
  20. Prints

    Post a full size picture here or upload it to Dropbox and leave us a link so we can advise you. Of course you should be able to print BIG from your X100F. I have great prints 24 X16 inches from a 6 mp camera! The X100F is 24MP.
  21. Prints

    Thank you for your help ! So... must I sold it ? Because I don't want to lose a contest or to be desapointed because of that... I try to win a contest organized by the RATP, the Paris subway. They will published the pictures in all the stations. In very big size... If it s blurry or unsharped it will be bad for me !
  22. Prints

    My disappointing experience with an X100F may or may not be relevant to yours. If you don't have the experience to confidently evaluate your X100F, a friend might be helpful. Sight unseen, it would be irresponsible to opine as to your camera's capabitiies. I have an X100S that clearly showed what an utter and complete dog my eagerly awaited X100F was.
  23. Prints

    Ouch... So there's no way to print pictures from it ? I would be a shame ! I hope it's not only an Instagram camera !!
  24. Prints

    My X100S is OMG-sharp. I bought an X100F and returned it because it was unsharp.
  25. Hello ! I'm thinking about beginning to print my pictures taken with the X100F. Is the quality of this camera enough to do it ? I noticed, when I zoom a lot on a raw or jpeg file, some kind of blurry ugly effect. Like it seems the sharpness isn't really good. Did you have the same problem ? Thank you ! Have a good day !
  26. Fujinon XF 18-135 R LM OIS WR Lens Price: $635.00 Payment method: PayPal Item condition: 9+ Shows little or no signs of wear Shipping instructions: USPS I've had this lens for about 3 months. I have too many other Fuji lenses that cover the same focal length, so decided to put it for sale. This is a great tack-sharp travel lens. It comes with box, front/rear caps and everything that was included in the box from manufacturer. Smoke-free home. No cosmetic flaws, blemishes, or scratches. Ring turns smoothly. Please PM me with any questions. Price includes PP fee an shipping to lower 48. More pictures here: https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-KgfC2g/
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