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  2. So as bit of fun I've bought the K&F concepts Canon FD to Fuji adapter and a cheap Vivitar macro off of ebay. And this got me thinking, Is there any old FD mount lenses that I should look at? More toward macro and portrait lengths? Cheers Mark.
  3. I have an XT20 and an X100S and an XM1. My XE1 is still my standard unswapped platform for the 18-55. At some time I might look for a deal on an XE2 because of more advanced firmware I've read about here.
  4. Gorgeous stuff. I like the look a lot, as well.
  5. My used XE-1 was my first (and to date only) foray into interchangeable lens Fujis. I'm very impressed with it but I'm primarily a landscape shooter who used 4x5 back in the day so I've got all day for slow refresh rates and/or focusing. :-) That said, I got a lot of excellent shots at my nephew's wedding a couple of weeks ago using the XE-1 and the 18-55 with an EF-20 flash and a fill card. Like several here, I've got the 14 and the 18-55 and find it a nice system. I may follow Dan's lead (that's a good idea...) and get a second one so I can walk around and not change lenses but I've also considered getting an XT-1 and the 55-200 so I've got some longer - if less frequently used - glass. Just in case, you know. As you can see, I'm done being on the bleeding edge of technology.
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  7. The cosmetic concerns are understandable even if nobody cares about the shaft drive and the small radiator to cool the SOHC heads. For me the greatest appeal of the type, which I never owned, is the seat height. I have short legs and could never put both feet down when stopped.
  8. For those who do not know, this is protected land and wilderness that trump and his running dogs plan to give away to extractive industries! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  9. You may have an icon called Tips on one of your screens. Click on this and you will get some help.
  10. And I'm sure they will be more than happy to spend some time with Grandad showing him how to work them. If you want to get a jump start on them so you can ask some really difficult questions try here first.
  11. Thanks for the post. Good to get opinion from someone who owns the XT20.
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  13. Maybe I should be encouraged that my 6-year-old twin grandsons have ipad minis.
  14. The MAC OS and iOS differed from Windows in that they are largely intuitive rather than the old structured DOS based legacy. The good thing with this approach is that unlike Windows it is almost impossible to stuff things as a user. The best thing to do is clear your head, channel your inner child and simply play. Touch things on the screen, tap on them drag them and low and behold after a pretty short period you will be a convert. iIf there are Apple stores near you they run free basic training courses in store several times a day. If there are no Apple stores near you then YouTube will no doubt have instructional videos available in both the operating system operation and also how various apps work. BTW I started using Macs after staring in PCs in the DOS days and survived. I did have withdrawal symptoms for a while with things like file management but got over them pretty quick.
  15. My workplace's system ran Windows 3.1 before 95 and EX. My own pc ran Windows because the IBM platform as well as the Windows OS was dirt cheap compared to the Macintosh system. Not being satisfied with a lollipop after visiting a doktor recently after 10 years as a fugitive from medicine in America, I paid 600.00 US for a new ipad Pro 12.9 and rushed home and opened the package,looking for instructions. There were no instructions! If there is an Apple University out there, I know I can't afford it on my retirement income, so I'm appealing to Mac users to recommend suitable study materials like maybe Mac for Dummies. I ultimately want to get a Mac Pro "certificate".
  16. I've had my new XT20 for 2-3 weeks. It is a very nice little camera that can write really big files with very impressive IQ. I paid 837.00 US for mine with free 2-day shipping from Adorama, a big US dealer I've bought from for many years. I haven't really researched the matter, but the XT1 is probably available for a very good price now that the XT2 is here and apparently quite popular. I'm going to tell you what I think most people here would. 24 vs 16 mpx? Forget about it. That from a guy who is considering replacing his excellent X100S with an X100F! My personal non-pro shooting policy is to shoot big JPEGS(+RAW) and resize if needed for email or other size-limited uses like posting the occasional image here without Flickr. It might be worth considering also that the XT1 is not small enough to offend most people.
  17. I am trying to decide on whether to buy the FjuiXT20 or the XT1. Advise and suggestions on this decision. I am leaning toward the XT20 because the 24.3 pixels.
  18. I agree, and I always bought the factory service manuals for my bikes and always believed the air filter maintenance for Honda street bikes to be overly maintenance-intensive(disassemble the ductwork, wash the foam filter element in gasoline, dry it, re-oil and re-install it.
  19. You can change the file name on your Fuji. It is under the set up menu, the wrench. I have set my 3 Fuji cameras to different file names so I can know immediately which photo came from which camera. Check your owner's book as the instructions are there.
  20. I actually owned a X-pro2 I bought it for a trip to Japan, and while it was nice I didn't like the size of the ovf/evf. I felt that the one on the x100t/Xt1 was heaps bigger and more comfortable than the x pro 2. Luckily I also took my XT1 and used that for the remainder of my trip. When I got back I sold the Xpro 2. Wow sounds amazing!!👍👍 Thankfully I have not had to return anything. But from what it sounds like hopefully it's no biggie.
  21. I think its a fashion thing more than anything else. In the carburettor days that is where HD and Indian had their filters and buyers just like the idea of them being there. If Honda put that same engine on a different style of bike I bet the filter would not be there.
  22. You're correct;I reported it correctly to my ex-workmates and then changed it. My inline and V4 Hondas years ago had much more elaborate air filter systems. (ducted oiled foam element, etc).
  23. On most V Twin Cruisers that is the air filter. The horn would usually be either above the radiator or under the headlight.
  24. Original file size about 15Mb That's me reflected in the horn of this bike as I shot.
  25. Thanks for the link, Christopher. I haven't seen an XT2 EVF., but so far the micro-tv concept is not very appealing to me. I use the OVF of my X100S and the SLR is also an OVF system, which for this old guy is faster to acquire and compose with. i don't know if I want an XPro2.
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