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  2. Fuji X-T20 or X-T2 (from what I hear) can't handle variations in lighting during Video without abrupt noticeable changes in exposure. Either using Auto ISO or Auto Iris. It also makes a noticeable noise at every jump, especially with F-stops. Here's my X-T20. No variations in Photometry settings changes this effect: Here is the same video done with a Canon EOS-M in Full Auto Movie mode - much better: Here's the EOS-M in Auto ISO only (f/13. SS 1/60, 30fps 1080p converted to 720p) - even better: Here's the Sony A6000, SS 1/125, in Multi Metering mode, Auto ISO - So smooth, and quiet too!. So, has anyone seen this as well, or know any trick, other than setting everything to manual and staying with the same lighting throughout the video?
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  4. Thank you, MarcoDebiasi :-)
  5. I am finding the position of the Q button, on the X100F, is the only irritating design flaw on the camera. The same is true, though to a lesser extent, of the Q button on the X-Pro 2. I'm wondering a/ Is everyone else irritated by this?, and b/ Does anybody use the Q menu? As far as I'm concerned it is unnecessary, and if it is used by some, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if the button was somewhere else.
  6. I just bought my XT-20, I am loving it.
  7. Hi, thanks for the answer, but no. I turned that option off, tried in different focus and metering options and still cannot move my focus point/area after I lock exposure with AE-L button.
  8. Maybe you have spot meter and AF enabled? AF menu #2 - Interlock spot metering and AF to off.
  9. The Shutter speed not displaying in Aperture priority mode is normal on mirrorless cameras and fully explainable. The shutter speed appears when you half press the shutter not before. The reason for this is the the camera does not meter the scene until you half press the shutter so it can't display information it does not have.
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  11. Hi, just bought my XT2 and have been trying to shift the focus point/area after I lock exposure with the AE-L button, but it simply locks where it was. Is it not possible? I first lock the exposure with the specific button and then try to move the focus point with the focus leer, but it s locked until I press the AE-L again to cancel the lock. Is there a way to deal that? Thank you!
  12. Wish he'd been a relative.
  13. By all reviews I've read, your experience is consistent with others. I have no interest in that FL for my use but I'm glad it's on the short end of the 18-55 if rarely needed.
  14. Good one for people who don't believe in coincidence. BTW, isn't John Chapman the name of the founder of Lotus Cars?
  15. The 18mm seems to be like Marmite (Vegemite). You either love it or hate it. In my case it was the latter - well not hate - I maybe had a poor copy but it answered the description given by all other Fuji 18mm f2 dislikers and then some. Soft for 15% - 20% from either side of frame until f4 and sharp across frame until f5.6. Maybe I'd have accepted that had the 18mm end of the 18-55 zoom not been plainly better (not perfect) at wider apertures. It's a shame because the 18mm f2 has everything going for it in other ways. Uncomplicated to use like all primes, fast AF, compact and discrete, especially when attached to an XE1/2 b ut comments such as good for street don't wash if you use it for anything else and for that matter, even in street photography (maybe especially in street photography), one doesn't always want the subject dead center and a soft main subject is not ideal. I was also spoiled by owing the 14mm and 23mm, both of which found more favour with me. Above should read "not sharp across frame until f5.6"
  16. My XT1 was delivered by DHL - no payment necessary but it was delivered to a street 2 streets away to a different house number. As it happens the guy wasn't in so they asked he next door neighbour take sign for it. By pure chance this neighbour has the same surname as me - by even more strange chance he knows me and is a builder working at the time on the house next to mine. I couldn't believe it as I was on the phone to DHL (after contacting Digirev) who said they had the signature Chapman when my doorbell rang and John Chapman handed me the package saying "here Vic, are you expecting this!" Apart from that I never paid extra on any Digirev items. I bought a legacy lens from Japan and had to pay almost £100 duty, VAT and post office charges before it was delivered. The final delivery company has to notify the recipient that duty needs to be paid before release and how much and for this service there is a handling charge (in my case) almost 50% of the duty owed on top, totaling £100. There is nothing you can do to avoid that handling charge but you can dispute the amount of duty with local customs and excise - I wouldn't advise that since you got off lightly.
  17. The vendor shipped my X100S by Fedex, whose national US terminal is at Memphis International Airport, only about 300 miles from me.
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  19. The $30 is not duty of any sort It is a DHL rip off. If you have been stung by them complain to Digital Rev and next time insist they use a courier other than DHL who doesn't charge the unnecessary fee.
  20. Still a great buy it seems to me.
  21. Canon FD adapters are the same price as others. My K&F Concept Canon FD to Fuji adapter was under £14 and they are the best I've used.
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