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  2. Fujixpro1

    Many thanks for your help much appreciated
  3. Fujixpro1

    @Frankleegiddings http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/fw_table.html
  4. Fujixpro1

    Every firmware update completely replaces the existing camera firmware so there is no need to do incremental updates. Just download and install the latest version from Fujis site which is 3.80.
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  6. Fujixpro1

    I have never bothered updating my firmware currently my fujixpro1 has 2.1 what firmware update do I now need to download ??
  7. My X-T1 is being used less and less and I have gone back to my X100s way more frequently. To me the X100 series is more satisfying to use, I’m not interested in having the complication of carrying the perfect lens for every situation that is what I disliked about the DSLR days so why get suckered back onto the treadmill. Being a Photokina year it is highly likely that there will be a new X100 type camera later this year so I have put my X-T2 thoughts on hold and will see what happens to the X100 come September.
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    In my neighbor’s courtyard.
  9. XA10 camera flash wont work

    Check the menu item "Sound and flash off" Turn it on. Here's the rest of the flash faults. The flash can not be used at current settings: See the list of the settings that can be used with the flash. The flash is lowered: Raise the flash. The battery is exhausted: Charge the battery or insert a fully-charged spare battery. The camera is in bracketing or continuous mode: Select single frame mode. OFF is selected for SOUND & FLASH: Select ON.
  10. XA10 camera flash wont work

    Does the camera have a macro mode? If it does make sure it is off. Some of the early Fuji X cameras will not use flash in macro mode. Also make sure you are not is some sort of special effects mode or even AFS-C. Try to make the camera set up as basic as possible. If you can't find the issue try resetting the camera to factory default. How to do it is in the user manual and if you don't have that the manual can be downloaded from Fuji. Note that it says this in the user manual "The flash modes available vary with the shooting mode."
  11. XA10 camera flash wont work

    Hi All! So my XA10 flash does not work. I tried searching it on forums for any possibility of solution for this but unfortunately it wont work. One of the possibilities is it might be on silent mode stuff like that... I tried but not. Also on Q part, flash is not highlighted. Thanks! Hoping some could help me with this!
  12. I enjoyed reading about your progression with the X series Rob. Mine was similar. I started with an XPro1 (which I still have), moved on to an XT1and eventually to an XT2 which I find to be exactly right for my needs, performs brilliantly and handles so well even with a heavy lens attached. Like you somewhere along the way I fell for an X100 (a T). Which now goes just about everywhere with me. For a lengthy trip to Malta a couple of years ago I took the XT2 and the X100T. Dont remember which lenses. Attached image I see was with the 60mm. I probably had the 16-55 and the 50-140 too. The kit was light enough and compact enough to fit in hand luggage and did everything I wanted in Malta.
  13. I don't think the camera will recognise earlier FW. Also, you'd need to find someone who still had a copy on their computer because only the latest are kept on the Fuji websites.
  14. Fuji Vertical Grip for XT-1 Camera. Perfect condition. Gives you comfort and another shutter button for when you hold the camera vertically. Instructions and CD are included, no box. Only $7 shipping to USA addresses. Product Highlights More Confident Vertical Grip Duplicate Set of Controls Supports an Auxiliary Battery Weather and Dust Resistant
  15. I have always used my X100F with the OVF and 0.5 second image previews that pop up on the EVF after I take a picture. For some reason, this just... stopped happening. Works fine if I use the EVF or LCD. Figured it out just as I posted this... it seems like it was because continuous 5FPS shooting was on. Leaving this here for other people.
  16. FS: X100 VG condition how about $250 shipped?!

    My Apologies Sir! I could've sworn I put it in the title. I just added it. Thanks for the heads up. George
  17. Recently I purchased the X-T2. For about a year I wondered about purchasing the X100F. Eventually I felt it was a head verses heart decision: my head said buy the T2; my heart said buy the X100F. I have very fond memories of my first Fujifilm camera - the innovative, quirky and frustrating x100. The X100 was so simple - yet offered so much in the one camera. With a few software updates it was really practical. But . . . it didn't offer the ability to change the lens. I missed the telephoto and a super wide angle which I had enjoyed using a film camera. Due to the limitations of the x100, I then bought the X-E1 with the 18-55 lens. It was going cheap because the X-E2 was coming onto the market and it provided a small body with a similar rangefinder viewer. All good. I quickly bought the 14 mm and it didn't disappoint me. After about a year, I gave the x100 to my daughter who lived interstate. She was very happy to receive it. It looked 'cool'. Her friends were envious, especially the art student men she rubbed shoulders with at uni. And it was used extensively to record her art development for her assignments. Toward the end of her undergraduate university degree, she took it to Indonesia several times. The most recent trip was for whole of 2017 to the outback of West Timor. The environment was rough roads, village living and no reliable electricity. She took great photos of the locals, the giant Komodo dragons and the landscape. It is still working fine. There is even, perhaps to the surprise of many on this forum, no dust in the viewfinder. The picture of the X100 above was taken yesterday before it disappeared into her bag again and went off to a week at the beach house of her boyfriend's family. The decision had to be made. My heart said, "Go the X100F". But the X-T2 beckoned. Common sense said, "Look, you have five great lenses: you need a body to use them on." True. I needed a better viewfinder than what the X-E1 offered, especially on a bright day, with a quicker refresh rate. I am a left eye shooter, and I was getting tired of the squint from my left eye and the mess left on the screen from my nose. The T2 solved all these problems. Its viewfinder is fabulous. I needed a better sensor and I wanted the Across and Chrome etc simulations which the X-E1 lacked. The T2 had them. However, the new camera had to be bigger than the X-T20, especially when the 2.2 pound/1 kg, 50-140 f2.8 zoom was attached, or even the 23mm f1.4. The T2 solved this balance and handling issue too. But I still miss the simplicity, the freedom that limitation ensures when you work with a X100. Every camera is designed with a particular need in mind which it will service. The T2 is, as one reviewer put it, ". . . like a Swiss Army knife or a 'jack-of-all-trades' camera." It certainly is. I know I must read the manual or buy Rico Pfirstinger's book of tips on how to use it. But I still miss the X100 series, the romance of just having that camera available to snap away or stop and frame a serious picture, knowing it is equipped to perform and will get it, I am going on a trip overseas for about 5 - 6 weeks in three months time which will require me to keep everything light and simple. There will be plenty of walking around old European cities, galleries and so on. It might then be the time to buy a used X100F to take with me.
  18. Memory Card Size

    Why on earth do you need to take between 1000-3000 images at a wedding, how many duffs do you take?
  19. FS: X100 VG condition how about $250 shipped?!

    Hi George, It appears you have forgotten to give us a price for it.
  20. Hi, Any Idea how to revert to previous firmware on an XT-2 eg. 3.0 to 2.12 ? Regards
  21. Hi everyone, It's been a while. I received the camera from Fuji this summer. I did test the camera again but was a bit tired of testing it that the camera stayed in a drawer for the summer until a new firmware version came out this autumn (v 2.11). And worst firmware 3.0 (more about that at the end of this post). So my test results. But first a few words about Fuji Canada. This is the message I got from them: "We've only received an SD card with your X-T2 repair xxxx which our technician finds the X-T2 to be functioning normally. After inspecting your XF55-200mm lens, our technician also finds that it too is functioning normally. At this time we will not be contacting Fujifilm Japan since both units are functioning correctly. Your unit will be return to you today." Respectfully, xxx So it was functionning within specifications. I tried without luck to ask them to contact Fuji Japan because maybe something was wrong either with firmware or their specifications. So my tests: I redid the test with two xt-2 bodies (firmware 2.1) with the exact same results as before with parameters described previously (first entry in this post) and the same target. It performed better in outdoor condition with a negligible tendency to move the focus point backward so results were acceptable in full sunlight. Tests recently made with firmware 3.0 are non conclusive since the autofocus selector was moved from S to C probably causing the focus to chase constantly with most of my pictures at wrong focus. So I'll restest this weekend. Regards,
  22. Hi all. My original plan was to own two X100 cameras to keep at separate addresses. After buying two, I started getting hooked on Fuji and bought an X-T1 kit. So one X100 is for sale. It is in 100% working order. It does have many very light signs of use but no dents or dings. I spoke at length with the original owner, it was never dropped or abused. A couple of light marks on the LCD, certainly nothing severe, and the marks disappear as soon as the camera is switched on. Comes with battery, international charger, CD, original case and box. $250 with free shipping to U.S. addresses. Would like to keep it a USA sale and payment through PayPal.
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  24. Hi all, I had the x70 and one of my favorite features was the digital teleconverter. I know the x100f has it but I was curious to know if the x100t has it? Thanks! .dan.
  25. x100 cleaning

    If you can't reach it to clean yourself and it is not too much of a problem then leave it. It will cost almost as much as buying another X100 to have it cleaned. It will not affect your pictures.
  26. Dear fellow photogs, I have been (hardly) using an original Fuji x100 and I recently noticed some (minimal) dust in viewfinder, after nearly 5 years of use. Is there some general cleaning that I can perform on it? Can I send it in to Fuji to get it cleaned? Any other pointers on cleaning this camera in general? I'm sure this has been discussed in other forum topics, but I can't seem to find one related to cameras (I saw sensor cleaning etc). Thanks !
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