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  2. Not FW-related;the lens itself is clearly defective. It is on its way back to the vendor. I don't think I'll try another one. My X100S is SO good and my XT20 has 24mpx, like I need that.
  3. Lovebirds making a home in one of our datepalms.

    Thanks! We couldn’t figure out where they came from but, apparently, they “escaped” from Arizona State University research facility, I found out. I am glad they found home in our backyard. Very vocal bunch, too!
  4. Check the FW is up to date and if that doesn'r fix all the problems you should return it and stick with the 100S.
  5. Lovebirds making a home in one of our datepalms.

    A lovebird apartment block. Lovely sight.
  6. Artemus

    Definitely. Thanks!
  7. Artemus

    Clearly born to be a model.
  8. X-T2 autofocus problems

    Hello @veejaycee! I have been using the back button for one month now and I am loving it! For many situations it is very convenient! When high contrast or when I am waiting for my subject to come, this back button is very clever. I could not say whether it is quicker or not.
  9. Last week
  10. sounds as if you have pre focus enabled. when you zoom,the camera attempted to focus ( our of focus because you are zooming) when you stop zooming, camera is able to focus again
  11. X-T2 autofocus problems

    Hi Artuk, May be I should explain more in detail, first I manually focus on the subject, while I zooming in or out in the fast manner, the image turned completely out of focus while zooming, when I stopped zooming, the image become sharp again (without touching on the focus). Thank you:)
  12. Blowing a bit of life into an old thread. Two things that most camera bags share, is that they are butt ugly and that they look just like what they are, camera bags filled with expensive gear, ready to be stolen. Like most photographers, I have several bags. I mostly prefer backpacks, since I usually haul around a bit of gear while shooting portraits or landscapes. I have both the F-stop Loka for when I need all my stuff, and the F-stop Guru when I need a little bit less. While these are the best backpacks to be found, they're mostly angled towards being used in the outdoors, and they are awesome while hiking and doing landscapes/seascapes and things like that, but they're not always the most practical in the city. And while I don't see either cameras or bags as fashion accessories, I do have the Wotancraft Scout, which easily is the best and coolest looking shoulder bag available. And Wotancraft's bags are handmade and really expensive, but the quality is second to none. While the Scout is awesome for a day in the city doing street photography with my X100T, batteries, memory cards and some other stuff, or my X-T2 without the battery grip, and with two lenses (one attached), it's a bit small since the battery grip actually never leaves the X-T2. So unfortunately I end up hardly ever using this bag. But none of these mentioned bags look like typical camera bags, which I really like. But i needed something bigger. Not to walk around a whole day in the city shooting street photography, but while doing urban styled model/portrait shoots when I walk some, and work some and need something that I can quickly access to swap lenses and things like that. So I bought the Think Tank Retrospective 30. It's pretty big, but I usually have my X-T2 with 16mm f/1.4, 23mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, 56mm f/1.2 and 90mm f/2 with my and I hate when I have to dig through my bag while working, so this seems perfect though I haven't really had the time to do any shoots the last month, so I haven't really tried it out that much yet, but it seems great. And while most Think Tank bags are like most other camera bags, boxy, bulky, ugly and screams "steal me", the Retrospective line does not. Especially not the Pinestone version. I've also recently bought the Think Tank Airport Roller Derby for use when travelling and it'll be nice to try it out next time I'll travel. Sorry for a long kinda meaningless add to this thread.
  13. A magical day filled with tall trees, amazing rock formations, wonderful fall colors, and abundant water burbling in the creek. The stillness and deep connections with nature were, as always, inspiring and uplifting. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.
  14. Sounds like the camera has some problems with lens alignment (if the images do not show equivalent sharpness left to right). I hope you bought it from an understanding dealer who will refund or replace it?
  15. Generally, you cannot manually focus and then zoom - only lenses made specifically for video work ("par focal" lenses) will maintain a consistent focus ring position when zooming. Most stills photo lenses will shift their focus whilst zooming ("vari focal" lenses) when manually focused - you should zoom to your required focal length and THEN focus manually. The speed of zooming should make no difference. Or use AF - but when you zoom, the camera will need to re-focus, so continuous focus mode is required - in single focus mode, if you have already pre-focused with a half press of the shutter and THEN zoom, you will get the same problem as with manual focusing: out of focus images.
  16. The shouldn't really be driving ISO very high, with a high-ish shutter speed, and producing "correct" exposures. If spot metering was biasing the exposure incorrectly, I would expect the results to be dramatically over exposed (due to dark spot meter area making the exposure very bright by using high ISO).
  17. Do you perhaps have spot metering selected and in the menus another setting to combine AE spot metering with the focus point?
  18. Selling X-PRO2 + 23mm "Fujicron" set

    Hi Toomas, Sure, let's discuss all the details by private message, by email (zilvinas.kuprenas@gmail.com) or in Facebook (Žilvinas Kuprėnas).
  19. Selling X-PRO2 + 23mm "Fujicron" set

    Hi, I am interested. Would like to talk about details.
  20. Programming API

    An SDK seems to be available by contacting the local Fuji Camera representatives. Policy seems to be limit access to corporate entities, though. For an implementation of the protocol see https://github.com/hkr/fuji-cam-wifi-tool The TCP/IP Protocol can be dissected in Wireshark with https://github.com/tengelmeier/mtp-tools
  21. jpeg only. They are only useful when shooting in camera jpegs. by all means shoot raw and adjust the camera settings to give a good view of the file - for example brightest shadows and darkest highlights may help you see the final potential of the raw file, but aren't included in its data. even though I mostly work from raw, I will still set up the camera to simulate the final look I may want. Fuji software may apply the same settings used from the raw, I don't know. dr settings affect raw file contents.
  22. You have confirmed my understanding of how it works. mode of the button should in no way affect the results - press and hold and press once to lock should give the same exposure on the same scene. if one mode drives up ISO then indeed it is yet another bug. there is already an issue with ev lock (Pres to lock, when the button is configured to lock exposure only, not af too) - it disabled the ability to move the af point around the frame. I reported it to Fuji over 4 years ago but rumour was that a firmware architecture issue prevented their ability to fix. I hope for your sake ev lock single doesn't have this bizarre effect on iso
  23. Ascot House Pond

    Sorry, but quite frankly I think this image looks over-processed. The colors in particular are screaming "fake !".
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