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  2. I am at the moment a Panasonic owner with GH4 & GX8 and various lens etc,so am looking for a compact camera (x100f) springs to mind but what is holding me back are reports on several forums of quality control problems
  3. The price at first place tells you something about the lens, but the price is not about image quality. Fuji made sure all lenses in their XF line have superb imaging quality. So I wouldn't worry about and that to cut the story short, either you need a fast lens at f2.8 all time so you can have nice thin division line. at all lengths. Or you need it only at good light like a travel lens with far reach up to 200mm. I went with 55-200 because I needed the extra reach but honestly I could not afford 50-140mm anyway but I do all my tasks, maybe at poor light, but what is good about it is the IS and in 55-200 works fantastic. You can go hand held even at slow shutter speeds like 1/15 and it still makes perfect sharp images stretched at 200mm. Will I get the 50-140 now? Well, I would If I could afford. And would keep both lenses. A 55-200 is a must for traveling. It gives you extra reach sometimes needed. I would use 50-140 for portraits at f2.8, and other subjects/objects.
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  5. I think there are programs that allow you to extract the jpegs from within the RAW file if you want to see them long term. They are fairly low quality though as they are only really designed to be used on the LCD of the camera.
  6. I intend to give them my custom, thanks for your input. :-)
  7. IIRC they have/ used to have a UK Warehouse to handle some imports. Almost 10 years ago I visited their old store in Star House , Hong Kong so they've been around a while now. I trust them
  8. You are right. I re-imported my photos again. At first they were b/w and then turned to color. 🤔
  9. I just took a heap of shots this morning with my X-T1 in RAW only but with the jpeg set to b&w (Monochrome Y) and when I imported them the files showed as b&w then turned to colour as LR rendered them. Maybe your computer is too fast.
  10. Am also Finding way how to make the bulb mode works.. There's no firmware update yet..
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  12. Correct RAW only. Why do the color film simulations show as preview but not the b/w. Obviously, I can shoot jpg to get around the issue.
  13. That is not the same thing. The OP is shooting RAW only not RAW+jpeg. In LR when you import a RAW file the embedded jpeg shows initially until LR renders all the RAWs. Whilst the embedded jpeg is showing it should be b&w if the OP has a b&w filter set as a jpeg filter even though he is not shooting jpeg.
  14. My X100S was delivered to my US address 29 hours after I ordered. I also received a multi-page customs invoice for 0.0 USD.
  15. If you have the camera set to RAW only and the jpeg setting at black and white you should see black and white in the camera viewfinder and afaik the embedded jpeg within the .RAF file should also be black and white. If you are not seeing that black and white preview in LR it might be that your computer processor is so fast you re not seeing the preview image and are only getting the final .RAF image appearing in screen.
  16. Thanks. Unfortunately the X-T1 / 55-200 just can't quite keep up with the action the way that DSLRs can so I used black and white to mask the fact it's a touch out of focus but the final result came up well so I'm happy with it.
  17. It looks like a complex solution for a relatively simple problem. I'm sure that the majority of photographers in situations that the blurb talks about probably run two camera bodies each with a different lens attached anyway. Surely if you really can't afford to miss the shot you would not put yourself in a situation where you maybe had to change lenses to get the shot.
  18. Thanks K1W1_Mk1, veejaycee, and malboni, for their input. That's very reassuring, thank you :-)
  19. All files (RAW) imported fine to hard drive from XT-2 camera. Lightroom, however, will not show previews of the B/W Film Simulation files. Shows the ones in color though. Is it a MacOS or Lightroom issue? I thought that this was fixed in the the latest updates. Am I missing something? Is there a work around?
  20. I have used Digitalrev on numerous occasions and always had excellent service from them. On their website, they state in terms and conditions that all duty is paid by the seller (Digitalrev) and the price you pay on checkout has everything included. They have very speedy postage which is traceable, and will even post to a work address. On one occasion, the courier notified me that they had my parcel but required import duty to be paid prior to delivery. When I called them, I simply explained that the company (Digitalrev) paid the import duty prior to posting, they delivered to me the following day. They even apologised for the mistake. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future, in fact I am doing within the next couple of days.
  21. Interesting concept, but I'll stick with my ThinkTank belt pack system for actual protection.
  22. Perfectly captured. From the position, lighting, trail of dust and leaning attitude of the subject, the viewer gets the feeling of the bike/sidecar side-slipping all the way around the dirt track curve.
  23. I've bought cameras, lenses and speedlights from Digital Rev and the only problem I had was with the delivery company at this end who delivered my camera to a wrong address 3 streets away - as it happened there was no-one to sign at that address so they took it next door to a neighbour who by sheer luck and coincidence not only happens to be a friend of mine but who also shares my surname - otherwise I would not have got my camera. If your package (very rare) gets stopped by customs and has extra tax applied Digi rev will pay it. You won't have a makers warranty but Digirev retain a number of repairers in various countries to do any work necessary or if the unit is not repairable they will replace it. Because they have a good reputation and supply a good service they have to charge a little more than some less trustworthy HK companies. It will take a couple of weeks at least to arrive.
  24. Digital Rev are a very good, very ethical, very reliable supplier. They have been around for years. The only issue I have with them is that they tend to be rather expensive compared to other HK based suppliers. You could always hop on the cheapest flight you can to Melbourne and pick up a X100F ex stock from a store for 939 pounds (todays exchange rate) after you get the GST back when you leave the country an hour later.
  25. An early poster, maybe the OP, talks of DigitalRev, as a UK company. It's not, it's based in Hong Kong, I believe. I'm just thinking about the X100F. None of the UK retailers have it in stock, and when it is (not sure if it has been) is over 12 hundred pounds. Meanwhile, I can buy it from DigitalRev for two hundred pounds less than I would have to pay to pre-order it from Amazon, or other retailer. That's too good to be true. Is it straight?, or are you relying on the unlikeliness of HMRC opening a small package like that. I'd like to know if any of you have made purchases from DigitalRev, and are they ok? Cheers, J :-)
  26. great pic, really got movement
  27. I don't view duct tape as a cure but a work-around for a design/execution failure.
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