Xpro1 + Nikon 50 F1.8D
  • BdoneganBdonegan
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    Xpro1 with a Nifty-Fifty - Marriage made in heaven

    Got my Kipon Nikon F to Xpro1 lens adapter today in the mail. Just stuck the 50mm 1.8 on this bad boy and had a bit of a play around the house.

    The good:

    Manual focus is as it should be with the lens ring tracking your every flinch. Feels a bit alien though after using the Xpro1's Focus by wire over the last couple of days. The focus Zoom assist is working wonders though.

    The questions I have:

    I reckon that I'll only be able to use non-gelded versions of Nikon's glass as I'd need manual aperture rings. I dont think theres a way to shoot with the G versions. Will wait for all your feedback on this one but my suggestion for all as of now is that if you dont have older D versions lying around this may not be a smart buy.

    The Bad:

    Can't think of anything yet. Will have to shoot some more to let you'll know.
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  • ChristopherChristopher
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    That's a nice setup for portraits! You are correct about needing manual aperture control on adapted lenses, there's no way to control it on later electronic lenses.
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  • shootershooter
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    it will be nice to see the pics with the Nikon 50mm 1.8.
    Do you have any other Nikon lens that you will be trying with the X Pro 1?
  • mattmabermattmaber
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    +1 on seeing some pics =D
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  • cosinaphilecosinaphile
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    this makes me drool

    the x pro for legacy glass , a powerful proposition
    i shoot with the ricoh gxr and m mount module with adapted glass
    i shoot with the samsung ex1 and the ricoh gx 200
    i shoot with the ep1 and gf1 with adapted slr and rf glass
    i shoot with the x100 and the x10
  • donpdonp
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    I have the same adapter with a Nikon 50mm F2.0 AI lens. Works great and awesome sharp.
  • copperbeecopperbee
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    So, I should be able to use my Nikkor 105 AI micro as well as my 50 1.8D? How about my 85 1.4?
  • donpdonp
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    Any Nikon lens with an Aperture ring will fit the standard Kipon adapter and will work in manual focus mode. Here is an adapter supposed to work with Nikon G lenses.
  • rdelbarrdelbar
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    All Nikon lenses (including some pre-AI models) with an aperture ring can be used with the Kipon F-to-FX adapter.

    A Nikon G-type lens (including all DX lenses) will stay at its minimum (fully closed) aperture when mounted on the 'basic' Kipon adapter. Not very practical...

    For the daring: it is possible to wedge a little something (cardboard, foam...) into the back mount of a G-lens to block the aperture control lever at its maximum (wide open) aperture position.

    Kipon just started shipping a more elaborate version of their Nikon F adapter with an extra ring, allowing you to manually control the aperture. This should do the trick for G-lenses, still with full manual aperture setting (and old-style step-down metering) of course. See this link.

  • shangrishangri
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    Rayqual has also released a whole variety of adapters for the X-Pro1, though they are much more expensive than the Kipon. So this would be probably more interesting for photographers with lenses other than Nikon.
  • Hi Guys,

    This website have a lot information about XP1 and Nikon Lenses.
  • Nikon lenses (with the aperture rings) are really great with the X-Pro1. I got a cheap 50mm/1.8 Series E lens and it's gorgeous with the Fuji. You can see some pictures on my blog. Look for my X-Pro1 review.
  • I got chromatic aberrations: large green and purple color fringes with my Nikkor MF 4.5/300, some green fringes with the Nikkor 2.5/105. The 105mm lens is nevertheless wonderful. I also tried my old 1.8/50 lens, but prefer to use Fuji 60 mm lens.
    I also like to use my old 35-105 Zoom. It is so much better to have a mechanical focus

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