"advanced anti blur"
  • dimitri_bdimitri_b
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    Did anyone actually see the "advanced anti blur" in action? I have it switched on, but never saw any signs of it doing anything.
    Here is what manual says:
    advanced anti blur manual excerpt
  • anweanwe
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    hi dimitri,

    i think i have kicked off the anti-blur at a few occasions while using EXR Auto. What happened was that when i fully press the shutter, the camera to 2 or 3 pictures, but gave me just one JPEG result. since i wasn't keeping a lookout for the special symbol i was quite surprised. don't remember on what photos, so i can't tell you if i liked the result. i guess frame coverage is reduced so that the camera can adjust some if it was moved a bit during the series of pictures.

  • dimitri_bdimitri_b
    Posts: 75
    I just came across the news that this eBook is now available: "Photographer's Guide to Fujifilm X10" and had a look at the sample chapter, where I found this passage:
    "Finally, it’s worth noting that the Pro Low-Light setting is actually the functional equivalent of the Advanced Anti Blur option, which can be used only in the EXR Auto shooting mode. However, if you turn on Advanced Anti Blur, the camera will decide whether or not to use it. If you want to make sure the camera uses this sort of multiple-shot processing in low-light conditions, you should use the Pro Low-Light setting."
    I tried for myself and managed to consistently get the camera to go into advanced anti blur mode by pointing it at a darkish place. Beats me what the algorithm is, but looks like the book is right - I could not spot any significant differences between two modes.
    My Fuji S6500fd has no stabiliser but instead has this "anti-shake" mode were it just bumps up the ISO to keep shutter speed fast enough to avoid blur. I suspect something similar is happening here with X10.
  • VictorZVictorZ
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    Pro light takes several underexposed images, applies appropriate curves and combines/stacks them to generate a single image with the appropriate exposure value. Shutter speeds on the individual images are faster than they would otherwise be so camera motion blur is reduced, and since there's a bit of noise averaging going on, the images are indeed a bit cleaner despite high ISO values. Doesn't work so well if there's movement in the frame as ghosting occurs. It can also result in some odd softening since the camera is shifting images to make them match up and, handheld, this can be slightly imperfect due to parallax. Still, it's a useful function and works amazingly well despite all the caveats. Since this is what Advanced Anti Blur, I would agree that the two are equivalent - the difference being control.

    I don't like Auto-EXR personally since the camera is taking over too much control for my taste - it chooses what scene mode to use, what size image, etc. etc. I prefer to pick one of the EXR or ADV modes to suit the situation, or even better, to use PASM modes. Personal preference.
  • cosinaphilecosinaphile
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    thanks all, thats useful info for my x10 to know
    i shoot with the ricoh gxr and m mount module with adapted glass
    i shoot with the samsung ex1 and the ricoh gx 200
    i shoot with the ep1 and gf1 with adapted slr and rf glass
    i shoot with the x100 and the x10
  • X10LeicaX10Leica
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    Very interesting thread here .. I tried Pro Low Light was was quite disappointed in direct comparison to my EXR setting for the following

    1. Frame is cropped .. The 28mm becomes something like 30 mm at least
    2. The colors get very odd shift / bleach / decolor of sorts, which is not present in the vibrant EXR with Velvia i use
    3. Shot to shot performance

    So i decided to continue with my EXR (Auto) and foret about the advanced features ..
  • LindsayDLindsayD
    Posts: 310
    I think the advanced blur thing is a gimmick and worth ignoring. Ditto Pro Low Light mode - unnecessary and silly in my opinion. I never use any of the auto/EXR modes, the camera cannot possibly know what is in my mind and I prefer to be the one making the decisions!
  • VictorZVictorZ
    Posts: 105
    @LindsayD --- Agreed on all counts.

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