Adobe Lightroom 3.4 Update Now Available With Native Fujifilm X100 RAW File Support
  • ChristopherChristopher
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    Adobe has just released Lightroom 3.4 and Camera Raw 6.4, complete with native RAW file support for the Fujifilm FinePix X100. Photographers who prefer to work with RAW files now have an alternative option to Fujifilm's bundled Silkypix software. Current Lightroom users can update their software by selecting "Check for Updates..." in the Help menu.

    Adobe Lightroom has long provided top quality RAW editing features, I'll be on the lookout for X100 JPG vs RAW comparisons as photographers start working with the new software.

    Adobe Updates Announcement
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  • ChristopherChristopher
    Posts: 2,584
    This update appears to also come bundled with a lens correction profile for the X100, which can correct lens distortion, remove vignetting, and minimize chromatic aberrations with the click of a button.
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  • taylortaylor
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    I found a nice comparison on Krzysztof Jankowski's blog that shows 100% crops from JPGs, default RAW processing in LR, and a custom optimized RAW file. Check it out!

    It looks pretty good, the RAW definitely has more detail. Since Fuji's film modes are applied to the JPG, there's no way to keep those coloring options with RAW, I hope someone figures out how to make a settings profile to match them.
  • That's great news for those who can afford Lightroom, the rest have to use Elements or other software like me. If you are anything other than a Pro why would you need such an extensive program?
    With camera sensors doing such a excellent job i cant see the point unless you wish to publish your images for gain. The idea for me is to capture an image as natural as possible, if you wish to make a special affect this can be done without expencive programs.
  • ChristopherChristopher
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    The X100 RAW support was also added to Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 :) Hopefully programs like Picasa and iPhoto add support soon!

    I've always shot RAW files, but I must admit I've never been more impressed with out of camera JPG files than I have been with what I've seen from the X100. I particularly like the style of the film modes. I do sell my images though, so I need to have non destructive editing.
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  • Christopher
    As great beleiver in Raw when using my DP2 or X100, pleased with results so far from the X100, as you have seen some pleasing jpg files will give it a try.

    Pleased to here that Elements 9 has X100 raw support, planning to treat myself in May (spending to much), upgrading from 6.

    Thank you for the info.

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