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  • pokekenpokeken
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    Hi everyone

    Just a quick note to anyone thinking of getting the Black Rapid SnapR for holding their X100. There are 2 sizes and labeled as SnapR 20 and 35. The Black Rapid SnapR 20 is too small for a Fujix100 with a Thumbsup, ring adapter, 49mm uv filter and lens cap. Go for the 35 version.

    Its a great little bag for anyone who doesn't yet have a strap as it negates the need for a strap.....unfortunately for me, I have to take off my A&A strap, which is a shame.

  • skunkeingskunkeing
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    Had to do the exact same thing. I have an A+A strap that is now going to sit around collecting dust. I purchased a Gordy wrist strap (beautiful) and put that on the camera instead. I'm finding that to be a great combo. I'm never going to feel confident just having the x100 bouncing around upside down hanging from a strap as they show in the Snapr when I'm in active shooting/hunting mode, I put the Gordy strap on and forget I'm using the Snapr bag. As soon as I'm done shooting...I slide the X back into it's bag. The transition from housing to shooting is so smooth and fast that it's really no time difference between using the SNAPR and just hanging around my neck, plus it protects the camera, carries extra batteries...and cards...and distributes the weight in a far more comfortable way. I love the feel of the X100 body and slapping a half case on it takes away some of that tactile enjoyment. Even the best case I've seen seems to make getting at the small buttons a little more difficult. So...I'm a huge fan of the SNAPR. I find that I'm taking my X100 out with a lot more frequency and confidence now that I've switched.

  • hmanhman
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    awww! i have just ordered an A&A and now im planning to get the snapr. Now I am in dilemma. i might look for some other options for a bag.
  • The 20 will work if you don't have the hood on, just the filter. Really tight fit though, I'll keep this for the G12 and order a 35, thanks.

    The Snapr is a great bag and system.
  • WilzWorkz7WilzWorkz7
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    i may want to look out for this too.

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  • BobDBobD
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    I got the Snapr 35 at Adorama the other day, and had my first day of shooting with it yesterday. I'd gotten used to using the Fuji strap and found it useful for street shooting here in NYC - the right level, and just throw the camera at a shot with nobody noticing - so with the Snapr I missed having the camera hanging at a level I liked. It also seemed odd to have it hanging upside down, the way it attaches through the bottom screw hole.

    My solution? Put the Fuji strap back on but still use the Snapr. As with skunkeing above, I find the Snapr's a fine carry-around case, but I'm using the original strap since it suits my style. Might get a better neck strap someday (or get into a wrist strap?) but now the good thing with the Fuji strap is that it's so small I can squinch it up into the Snapr with the camera and the lens hood.

    So this is a recommendation - caveat only being that you might want to work the snapr in with the ways you like to shoot.
  • Thanks for the post about the sizing!
  • today i tried using the snapr with the camera dangling at my side and was surprised how little bumping of the camera there was. i used the snapr 35 bag with it, so my forearm kind of rested on the bad and my hand easily kept the camera away from my leg.
    so it seems dangling may work without damage. but i may still try to get a shoe maker to cut a hole in my zhou or asahi case for the screw so i can use that also.
    then i may have a hole cut for the battery, and then i would feel the camera was protected and i could easily change my battery.
    of course, i still haven't received my gariz case, which would solve these last problems, but which i had been afraid would afford no protection for the back of the camera, being open. but from my experience today, it may not need the protection.
  • ranhranh
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    How's the SnapR 20 bag for just the X100? CubeMammal mentioned it's a very tight fit with a filter, is it better with an unmodified camera?
  • ducevroducevro
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    It's nice, but probably not for me because a portion of my shots are taken with the camera hanging from the strap. I need the camera to hang upright from the lugs. I use a classic leather neck strap made of soft leather. It also functions as a wrist strap and it tucks away very easily. The snapr is a good design, but would take away the classic feeling of the x100 for me.
  • yeah. although the snapr 35 does allow me to carry my x100 with the hood, eve, it takes away from the old feel of walking with a camera (friend!). it does feel rather industrial. i have recently gone back to the zhou case and a neck strap, with the gordy strap hanging.
    i have looked for a neck strap with hooks so i can remove the neck strap when out shooting, but have not been able to find one in vancouver, yet.
  • cutesealcuteseal
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    I've reviewed the SnapR20 and it is indeed too small for the X100. It can be made to fit but it's very snug. The SnapR35 is a much more comfortable fit...

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  • I looked at the Snapr20 for my X10 but it was a close fit. I ended up purchasing the Snapr35. It also comes with an additional hand strap. So, I can have my camera snapped to the lanyard running up and down on the bag strap or wrist strap if I don't want to be tethered to the bag.

    I agree, it is industrial looking but for my purposes, big enough for the x10 and yet use as a purse for shooting excursions. If I should add a lens hood in future, it should still fit in case.

    Only thing that I'm getting used to is that my camera doesn't sit upright well with the Snapr strap screwed into the bottom of my case.

    new camera bag & strap combo
  • kiwikiwi
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    You could try to do a work around by using a Manfrotto plate (200pl-14) and the Black Rapid FastenR-T1 screw. That's what I have on my DSLR but on a DSLR the Black Rapid strap snaps onto the ring rather than being attached the way it is on the Snapr system.
    Another option
  • I too hate the fact that the camera doesn't sit upright with the SnapR strap screwed into the bottom of the camera. I thought getting the Gariz half-case would solve this, but it's still the same issue. So I attached one of the triangular clips that came with the x10 to one of the metal lugs at the side of the x10, then I took out the SnapR screw and looped the SnapR strap through the triangular clip. The set-up works so far! The SnapR bag is great, especially when I take the x10 with me while trail biking. I'd recommend it to those who intend to use their x10 for the outdoors or for sporty situations.

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