Any compact tripod recommendations for X10?
  • richheathrichheath
    Posts: 163
    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a seriously small and light tripod for use with the X10 (and also possibly the Panasonic G3 from time to time). I already have a Manfrotto 190, but this is just overkill when there's only a small chance I'll need it. I also have a gorillapod SLR, but I rarely find anything I can secure it to (majority of my photography is landscape).

    I was looking at the Vanguard Nivelo 204BK as one possibility as it seems pretty useful for the size/weight. I'm not too bothered about the minimum extension of 100cm - if it's very likely I'll need a tripod (or very windy), I'll just take the Manfrotto.

    Any thoughts or recommendations very much appreciated!
  • WilzWorkz7WilzWorkz7
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    Hi Richheath

    For a small camera, I kinda like this

    the gun handle, ball head also have a good video panning feature so it allows a bit of resistance for panning. Very useful for the motion pano feature on the x10.


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  • richheathrichheath
    Posts: 163
    Ah thanks, that looks like a good prospect (and surprisingly cheap!). It's twice the weight, and a bit longer, but would certainly be a bit more useful (and probably more solid) than the Vanguard.

    Anyone else have a suggestion?
  • KnudKnud
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    This has been recommended on another site: SIRUI T-1204X CARBON traveler
  • richheathrichheath
    Posts: 163
    Thanks Knud, looks great, but a little on the expensive side for my situation.
  • I would say that the Manfrotto 190 with a small panning ballhead suits that size of camera great. I have the larger 055Pro that I used with my DSLR and now X-Pro1 and don't want anything less stable.
  • richheathrichheath
    Posts: 163
    Thanks kindanatural, but as I say, the 190 is a bit much for me when there is only a small chance of needing a tripod (particularly when out on my bike), so I'm looking for something small and stashable, just in case I want to use my big stopper or do some lower grain IR. I agree, the 190 is just about right when my only intention is photography.
  • poppa_dpoppa_d
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    My "go-to" tripod when I am out hiking is the Trek-Tech T-Pod. The head kinda sucks but the versatility, size, and weight make it a winner. I always have it with me.

    Good luck.
  • Try the Giottos Vitruvian

    I used it for my recent European trip and it worked a treat. Fits into carry-on luggage, light, good ball-head, carry bag and nice height extension. It stays in my car, my 190 stays at home.

    Here's a review.
  • francofranco
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    I agree on the Giottos Vitruvian too...amazing value. I have their monopod also.
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  • TitusXIIITitusXIII
    Posts: 103
    I just ordered this for my upcoming trip to Mexico.
    Not bad for under 25 bucks.
  • richheathrichheath
    Posts: 163
    Hi guys, thanks for the suggestions. The Vitruvian looks really nice, but is not quite a fit for my needs (size/weight/cost wise). The Vanguard I originally linked to is only 600g complete, and about 35cm long. The manfrotto linked to by WilzWorks also looks like a good option. I've seen the Slik Sprint Mini II GM which might fit the bill (35cm, 780g) - anyone have any experience of this tripod?
  • DennyDenny
    Posts: 11
    I have a Velbon Mini-f, works great on the X10.
  • I carry Velbon Cube when I go on trip. It is strong enough to support Canon Digital Rebel with kit lens. All 3 legs can be extended and short togather.
  • AlexxAlexx
    Posts: 70
    Had one (small) SIRIU 3pod yesterday in my hands, what a wonderful piece ..
  • I have th sirui T005 - works great, super light, small folded but reaches a usable height.
  • I've used a Leica mini tripod for several years. It's rock steady and breaks down to fit in a pocket or small bag. Not cheap but I got mine on ebay ages ago. Keep a lookout for a bargainDSCF1161.jpgDSCF1162.jpg
  • K1W1K1W1
    Posts: 916
    I use a GorillaPod and never have an issue with it.


    Obviously it's no good for panoramas (why bother with the in camera sweep function) or if you need a photo taken at head height on flat ground but for general use it's flexibility and ease of use far outweigh carrying around a real tripod with such a small camera.
  • That looks like a clever device ... may just have to go find me one of those. Thanks!
  • I bought a Benro A0685F, good price and great size. Comes in its own bag you can sling on your shoulder. Good height to it, not too heavy
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  • pjcamera said:

    I've used a Leica mini tripod for several years. It's rock steady and breaks down to fit in a pocket or small bag. Not cheap but I got mine on ebay ages ago. Keep a lookout for a bargainDSCF1161.jpgDSCF1162.jpg

    Definitely not cheap...

  • I like the Gorilla too.
  • pominpocketpominpocket
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    I have purchased many tripods over the years and have never used one of them.

    Sometimes I use a wall but otherwise hand held.

    Maybe I am missing something ?
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  • K1W1K1W1
    Posts: 916
    pjcamera said:

    I've used a Leica mini tripod for several years. It's rock steady and breaks down to fit in a pocket or small bag. Not cheap but I got mine on ebay ages ago.

    There is one on ebay at the moment (located in California) for US$176.00

  • K1W1K1W1
    Posts: 916

    I have purchased many tripods over the years and have never used one of them.

    Sometimes I use a wall but otherwise hand held.

    Maybe I am missing something ?

    If you don't take long exposure shots, use filters, need accurate panorama shots, take time lapses or multiple exposures, take macro photos or do serious HDR there is no need for a tripod.

  • I think a ROWI clamp could be a good solution, I have an original (not for sale!) but you should be able to find one on Ebay or buy a modern version, the original looks like this

    You will find a link on the site that shows a modern version, can't say anything about the quality though, the original ROWI is a very solid construction.
  • veejayceeveejaycee
    Posts: 2,415

    I have purchased many tripods over the years and have never used one of them.

    Sometimes I use a wall but otherwise hand held.

    Maybe I am missing something ?

    Maybe I'm missing something too - if you've never used your many tripods, why do you keep buying them - some sort of compulsion? :)

    Although I bought my XP1 to use handheld I take my Benrow Travel Angel when I travel for multi-exposures and for long exposure night shots.
    On another note - whenever someone says they never use a tripod I always find a significant number of soft shots in their gallery unless they only shoot in bright light - in those cases where their images appear sharp it is only because they are shown at much reduced size. That's okay and although I like my pictures sharp I accept that getting the shot is what matters. However, except for those occasions when a tripod creates difficulties such as in low light street shooting, a gallery full of soft images is nothing to be proud of.
    I take pride in my handholding technique (although it has lessened with age), but if a picture demands it and I have a tripod then I'll use it. Nowadays I usually only take a tripod when I'm using a car or when I actually know I will need one (night shots - long distance event shooting). I was forced to buy the Travel Angel in Venice so as to shoot exposures of 3 - 5 minutes of busy areas with no people showing in the resultant picture even though a great many were constantly passing through the scene in front of the camera.
    Incidentally, I've used heavy tripods most of my life for SLR shooting but the Travel Angel will support my D700 and 24-70 (even with 50-500 but I'd stay close with that setup). The Travel Angel is perfect for the X series, very light and very compact but with a good working height. It weighs little more than my monopod and is more compact and more useful.
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  • I'm looking to pick up one of these in a couple of weeks for an upcoming holiday...

    The link is to a local store I found in Sydney. I have handled it recently, it feels very sturdy and well built for it's size and price.

    Sirui T-025

    If a little extra weight isn't an issue, this one is the same as the T-025, only aluminium instead of carbon fiber (and much cheaper).

    Sirui T-005

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  • Another vote for the Gorillapod here. You wouldn't use it for studio photography, but for travelling you can slip it in your bag and forget about it. It will either stand up on its own, or you can improvise and wrap it around a fence or branch.
  • CDHillCDHill
    Posts: 1
    Several months ago I got a Joby Micro 800. It costs very little, takes nearly zero space and is always there because I keep it on the X10. It is perfect so long as you have a base of proper height and can be held sideways against a wall. Using the 2-sec delay, you can then release the camera completely or concentrate on holding it steady during longer exposures. Pictures are posted here: Fuji X10 Gallery
  • pominpocketpominpocket
    Posts: 2,065
    I travel a lot. I have used cheap tripods but find them a complete hassle. They are bulky and awkward and draw attention to the photographer. Yes for night long exposure shots I am sure they are the right equipment. Every tripod I have purchased I have used about three times and just put to one side. I have been taking photos for thirty years but not as far back as the 60's . Now we have VR and fast ISO, and flash and lenses with a short focal length. My pictures are sharp and just do not need a tripod to lug around.
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  • pominpocketpominpocket
    Posts: 2,065
    But yes for long exposure in Venice I can imagine you would have got a good shot.
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  • Les_HallLes_Hall
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    I think tripods are a bit like bags. I have about six camera bags, not one of them being 'the right one.' The same with tripods, including rinky dink pocket ones, I must have seven or more. Usually I pack an inexpensive Slik travel tripod. They are very handy for long exposures, I can't hold a camera as steady as I used to. My all time favorite is a Benbo, made in the UK. Heavy but wonderfully adept. The design allows you to set it in a stream up to about two feet and no water will enter it.

    I also have a minuscule Manfrotto tripod about the size of a credit card. Lovely bit of engineering but not much more useful than placing camera on a book...
  • franoschfranosch
    Posts: 13
    This [but not the mouse] came with my refurbished X10 from Fuji. Cant' say fairer than that, can you? ;;)

    Other than that, not always wishing wish to carry my big Manfrotto, and it's not really necessary with a small camera such as the X10, the Hama "Traveller Compact Pro" goes with me. A bargain at £35 on Amazon, and it beats the Manfrotto equivalent hands down. Good video here:

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  • I use a Slik PRO 340 DX base (the AMT alloy makes it light yet strong, and you don't have to worry about corrosion) it's so quick and versatile, couldn't ask for more IMHO. This with a #056 head, as it's also small but allows movement in various axis independently.

    I also use a Manfrotto Professional Monopod, the label's worn off but I think it's a #294 Aluminium 3 Section pod. This with a 308RC head (now discontinued, but they have a good selection available anyway), very quick and solid.

    With the quick release mounts on each of these, it's super fast to use them with either my X10 or 645W, and viable to stuff them in a suitcase to travel with.

    But if you really want compact, I've had good results with a beanbag and the self-timer ...
  • artukartuk
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    For a small camera like an X10, and for travel, in my opinion you want something as small and light as possible. The problem with many of the above recommendations is that the suggested tripod weights about 5 times more than the camera.

    You do not say if you want a table top or full height tripod?

    For a table top model, there are many, by Giottos used to make some very good compact tripods for shooting a 30-45cm height.

    For a full height model, I have a Giottos and have seen the same model made by Velbon - it has telescopic legs and a simple head, but weights about 500g and will extend to above waist height. The legs are very thin so are unsuiable for heavy loads, but ideal for lighter cameras - though in fairness it has been used to support a Sony A850 and wude angle zoom with care.

    For me, when I travel and photograph, I am not in a car, and often out all day on foot in temperatures up to 40 degrees celcius. Carrying a 1-2Kg tripod, plus all the issues of ever lower luggage limits for long haul travel, makes it completely unsuitable and unrealistic.
  • M4rkM4rk
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    I have a Gorilla pod (two actually!) and they're the business as long as you have something to secure them to. They're ironically not that easy to get flat or straight without a railing or post, but I have to say I think they're wonderful all of my best long exposure stuff (along with awkward angle ideas) have been born using a Gorilla.

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