What next? X200, X-Pro2, X-E2
  • So rumours of an X200 are already floating round. The X-E1 has just been launched as a lower priced way to get the into the X series but with X-Pro1 IQ. More X lenses are on the way, the cameras are named in such a way that updates are clearly planned in the future and Sony have just launched a FF, fixed lens, manual controls camera (RX1). Interesting times.

    What do folks think the X200, X-Pro2 and X-E2 will bring?
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    I think its too early for any of these.
    and whose floating these rumours around? Surely theres better things to do.
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    I read a lot of Fuji stuff on the net so I forget where I read certain interviews. But Fuji said they'll respect those that have purchased an Xpro1 and not release an update anytime soon. The Xpro1 has only been available for less than a year. It's still new. I wouldn't expect an Xpro1 at least until the end of 2013. But if Fuji decides to release a full frame camera, that might be the next interchangeable Fuji camera.

    Fuji said they're exploring the possibilities of a full frame camera, but it might not happen. If it does happen, the wider lenses would not work with the FF camera. The longer focal length lenses would.

    I've heard nothing about an X200. And if it does happen, it won't be for a while! The X100 is better now than when it was first released and it's going strong. And it's a great competitor to the newly released Leica X2. So imo, Fuji doesn't need to release an update anytime soon.

    With the release of the XE1, and the soon to be released 23mm, I wonder if Fuji will even release an X200 at all. Maybe Fuji will instead create a camera to compete with Sony's RX1 at a lower price.

    XE2 imo won't be released for at least 1.5 years.

    The best thing for Fuji at this point imo would be to focus on their future lens releases.
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  • to first post in one thread and both people know all about Fuji future plans. It will be good to have such knowledge on this forum now on. Welcome.
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    Hi Roger. Since i'm new here I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not?


    At the above link, this is what was originally posted on the 20th of September
    "Kawahara confirmed that the covering circle of Fuji's current X-series lenses is large enough to accommodate full frame.

    But he accepted that some current, wider, focal-length lenses would not be fully compatible with full-frame and that this risks alienating existing users.

    Asked if full-frame would be possible in an X-Pro1-style body, with the same lens mount, he replied: ‘No, it is different lens by lens. The long zoom lens fits but a wide lens cannot.

    ‘So, if we introduce a full-size mount we would have to limit the amount [of compatible lenses].'"

    It seems the above quote has been retracted in the "[Update 25 September includes Fuji clarification on the compatibility of current XF lenses]"

    If you don't want to believe me, it was already posted on this site before I became a member (thank you google) http://www.fujixseries.com/discussion/2575/fujifilm-denies-xf-lenses-allow-full-frame/p1

    And this morning I read an interview in Amateur Photographer magazine 10-13-12 where Kawahara is saying no XF lenses will work with full frame. So it's a good thing I felt the need to supply a source for you so I could discover Kawahara retracted his earlier statement.

    I'm still trying to find the source to my comments regarding the xpro1 not being replaced anytime soon.

    The rest of my post was opinion and speculation.
    “In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject. The little, human detail can become a Leitmotiv.” -- Henri Cartier-Bresson
    “Photos are everywhere. You just have to know how to look.” -- Chris Weeks
    "A camera is just an instrument to help people see without a camera." -- Dorothea Lange
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    Thanks to support your last post with links and citations. This is rather unusual. I would say no one is sarcastic, but rather pleased, for the usual behaviour is not yours, so welcome and thanks for all the info. And of course, you're most welcome also to simply give your opinion too :-).

    Best Regards,
  • The reason for raising this is that I have been watching Fuji over the last year and really admire what they have been doing. From the introduction of the X100 through to the X-E1 has all seen some really fantastic ideas introduced. They have been extremely innovative with the hybrid VF, new sensors, fixed lens and 'Rangerfinder' styleie cams they have put out.

    I am not interested in spreading rumours but more about discussion where they will go next since it seems (to me) that the technology that they are introducing is not mature yet. Don't get me wrong I think it is very very good (I use and love the X100) but I can't help feeling that they have a lot more to offer. (Up their sleeves.)

    Clearly the designer/engineers know and love photography and understand what the cams of old were and how great they were to use - hence X100, X-Pro1 etc... I am interested in what the next X-Pro/X-E/Xx00 will offer. Perhaps even faster AF and MF, weather sealing and better sensors. Full frame has been discussed elsewhere and my view is that if you stick to the Fuji lenses then this is irrelevant since it is IQ that is important but if you want to go outside Fuji and use FF lenses then it may be relevant. Sony's foray into this area with the RX-1 is interesting, - since by definition you cannot change the lens so really all that is important is the IQ not the fact that it is FF.
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    I just did some Flamenco (authentic one, not the comercial one) concert, very intimate. I had the X100 for digital and 35mm equivalent, and M6TTL with 90mm mounted, B&W film. I have to finish the film and develop. X100 must still be imported into LR and checked and treated. The AF was speedy enough, as speedy as my ability to correct all the time focus with the M. What I would like to see is 800 or 1600 ISO (DRAuto used) without noise or grainy artifact. But my 400ISO film will not be better I guess. That will simply be film technology, that I love. I hope the timing will be there, I hope the pics will have snapped the moment I wanted to.

    If something can be bettered, it is speed and timing when shooting. not sure I couldn't do better all by myself. Current digital cameras are amazing and will be better time passing. What I hope is to still be able to simply use aperture ring and speed dial, simple modes of photography. I like 'real' cameras, that lead you to the simple settings, and hence lead you to conscious photography, not all auto, that in the end disconnect me from the real thing. I like optical viewfinder for the same reasons, simplicity, quickness, reality.

    The X100 is a true old-freshness in the digital world, palely mimicked by others (good digital cameras, naming the OM-D) that simply try to surf the vintage lookalike vogue. I'm a little bit disappointed by the evf of the X-e1, but the ability to use M mounted lenses is a plus. Think about Voigtlander offer and you can have a very nice combo, even if a manual focus one. I find sometimes more easy to pre-set the distance, and adjust when needed, this is usually quicker than waiting and hoping for the autofocus to find its way through phase detection. But I'm ready to recognize I'm an old fart about that.

    So basically, IQ up is a good thing, speed is another, as long as the interface stays compatible with a true photographic approach. Sometimes I dream about a Rolleiflex TLR, just simply equipped with a digital sensor...
  • If we talk about logical think, X-Pro1 with high price right now had it's descent, Fujifilm X-E1 with lower price (less HMFV and replaced by OLED HF) with some modification (less PC-Sync but have Microphone Input for Movie).

    For many companies, this shows there's new product will be launched. And for this case, I suspicious that there will be the next generation of X-Pro1. X-Pro2 maybe? With new Bio-Sensor? *I wish :p

    to be better and better in photograph

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