My first year with my X10.
  • Hi folks. Been lurking for a while, so here is my first post with some snaps from 2012. Just happy snapping shots, but i love the x10... it's replaced my EOS400 & Contax G2 (sadly). Couple of Dynamic Filter & miniature tests. All the Berlin shots were taken when the x10 was weeks old for me, so mostly EXR & Adv settings. But almost 1 year on, i still love it & not looking to upgrade yet.
    My X10 Flicker Album

  • MadDogMadDog
    Posts: 145
    Thank you for sharing those! I've never been overseas so it's a treat seeing far away lands from my home, especially with the X10. Wonderful work you did! Just love looking at your work. I am also in envy of your ability to go out and make those great pictures. Time is my worst enemy! I agree, the X10 is a solid performer - why upgrade?
  • Thanks from me as well. It's good to see others' images. You have some great ones in there.
    Justin Gould |
  • misty3misty3
    Posts: 58
    Excellent every day shots. Should be more of these non posed/non contrived/non processed efforts posted. This is where the X10 really shines. X10 has to be the best travel camera available from my experiences.
  • mojoheymojohey
    Posts: 2
    Thanks. Still a joy to use.

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