X20. 6MP or 12MP?
  • The more I read about the X20 the more I think I will upgrade when they reach an acceptable price. I was very near buying an X100 limited edition refurb but suspect the new X20 will suit me more. Some great improvements. A question, with the new sensor and processor will this mean that the L (12MP) format will be usable now? instead of the oddity whereby you get equal if not better results using the M (6MP) setting on the x10 at the moment?
  • Jimbo70Jimbo70
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    Yes it is a 12mp X-Trans sensor the EXR 6mp is not a feature of the X20.
  • Great, thanks. Be nice to use the full size MP capability.
  • MadDogMadDog
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    When the X20 reaches an acceptable price? How much is that? Usually, tech prices don't drop dramatically until a newer model comes to market.
  • timotimo
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    A question, with the new sensor and processor will this mean that the L (12MP) format will be usable now? instead of the oddity whereby you get equal if not better results using the M (6MP) setting on the x10 at the moment?

    That issue really only applies to raw files. The X10's full-resolution jpegs are excellent. You just have to be careful with blown highlights.

  • Aren't the RAW files all full size anyway, as they are RAW, it was my understanding that the 6MP v 12MP quandary affected the jpeg conversion, and to get the best result from the sensor/processor 6MP was preferred. Confused now. Someone clear this up please?
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    Yes, RAW files are by definition the (substantially unmodified) raw output of the sensor, and in the X10 they should be 12 MP in size. However, under certain conditions when DR > 100%, the X10 will generate "pre-binned" files that, while "raw" in the sense that white balance, highlight recovery, and other adjustments/modifications/changes possible only with RAW files can be made, are built from combining the two 6 MP halves of the sensor "in-camera" using a predetermined blending of the two exposures. It can be argued that although this behaves like a RAW file, it is not "really" the unmodified output of the sensor. But, you can manipulate it like a RAW file, unlike the JPEG output ....... but it's already been substantially modified .......

    Clear as mud, right? Yeah, I know. It's part of the "fun" with the split EXR sensor design.
  • sweezesweeze
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    Long story short, you can wade through literally dozens of explanations of the EXR RAW file and how various software processors handle it, and the difference between EXR DR and EXR SN modes that rely on ISO-to-DR%, image size, and whether you are set to RAW only, or RAW+JPEG, or you can just shoot JPEG and get your life back.

    I'd love to shoot entirely in RAW and fix exposure mistakes later, but for me it doesn't make any sense to do it with the X10 except in very rare circumstances where I have a specific need (and time to set it up).

  • Gotta say, I haven't seen the point to the whole 6mp business, ever. I suppose that it could be argued that the 6mp images are better as 6mp images than the 12mp ones are as 12mp ones -- and so what?

    So it is delightful that this issue will now, one hopes, cease to be.
  • sweezesweeze
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    …at least for non-EXR cameras, right? :)
  • steve1401steve1401
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    Are you saying the raw uses 2 half's of the physical sensor for >100% DR?

    I thought it just underexposed by, say, 1 stop to save the highlights in raw (using the whole sensor), knowing that there would be plenty of information left in the dark areas to do a kind of in camera HDR when converting to jpeg...
  • I for one am overjoyed at how Fujifilm is dropping EXR in their X10 camera. Overjoyed!
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    Clearly someone who hates Fujifilm and their products.

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    Yeah I do not like the EXR sends my photos yellow and unreal looking. Then steals 6 pixels from them.
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  • I did some test shots on this uninspiring subject, P Mode with ISO 100 , at 12 & 6 MP - the blown hightlights are pretty obvious.img src="001" alt="" />

    img src="003" alt="" />
  • i for one am a big fan of EXR DR mode. i'm also a fuji fanboy so there's that fact.

    in general I like the results of the M size ISO100 DR400 RAW processed images best. the color of DR400 JPEG get distorted in extreme situations (like direct shots of sun), but RAW preserves colors very well.

    here are a few favorites of EXR DR mode for me. I think it's a fun and very unique feature of this camera. i'm stupidly hoping they can make an EXR X-trans hybrid phase sensor in the future.

    perhaps L-size ISO400 DR400 can be made to look just as good or better, so there's nothing really special about this. but i do enjoy the results.




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