David Hobby has a pre production X100s
  • K1W1K1W1
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    For those on G+ if you follow David Hobby he is currently posting limited info about his pre production X100s experiences

    "I love my original X100, but this thing's volume dial goes to 11, as Spinal Tap would say. The chip is much improved (from an already very good chip) and the focus is damn-near instantaneous."

    "I do not see myself lugging a DSLR again anytime soon."
  • poppa_dpoppa_d
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    David is a LEGEND!
  • sweezesweeze
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    (obligatory link to his g+ page) thanks a lot, k1w1 for making me google for it ;)
  • pjoycepjoyce
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    It's not surprising he has one and I expect Zack Arias has one too as both him and David are speaking about them at Gulf Photo Plus soon (event info). Looking forward to hearing what they have to say, hopefully via a blog post somewhere.
  • mattmabermattmaber
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    how has David Hobby got that special G+ url?
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  • I notice this in the comments which is fairly positive - he does have clout!

    Jazel BagsicYesterday 22:10
    "Damn! I was hoping they would release a another firmware upgrade for the x100 before the x100s came out! "

    David Hobby02:57
    "+Jazel Bagsic I'll see them this week and suggest they not forget the X100 users."
  • sweezesweeze
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    mattmaber said:

    how has David Hobby got that special G+ url?

    Anyone with a verified name can have one.
  • K1W1K1W1
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    Well it looks like he loved the loan camera so much he brought himself a X100s

    Story here
  • pcgpcg
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    Reid Reviews has already posted Part 1 of an extensive X100s review.
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  • Shipment arrived in Dubai :-) click here for full review and image samples

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