XF 14mm discovers the Alhambra
  • rdelbarrdelbar
    Posts: 48
    My Fujinon XF 14mm f/2.8 lens arrived just in time to come along on a mini-trip to a sunny but chilly Granada.

    The 14mm prime is a beautiful lens that is likely to come along on many more trips!
    Images processed from RAW files using Lightroom 4.4RC1.
     More information and images on my blog.
  • philg31philg31
    Posts: 62
    Very nice indeed,thanks for posting.
  • veejayceeveejaycee
    Posts: 2,408
    Excellent series and any distortion appears to have been completely corrected.
    I can't really afford to buy one but the more I see of the results, the more I feel I can't do without one!
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  • SpraeSprae
    Posts: 12
    @rdelbar Great photos. I've got the 14mm recently too and excited to do more with it. But I'm finding that it's used mostly during the day and switch back to my 35mm f/1.4 at nights. How's the 14mm performing at night for you?
  • rdelbarrdelbar
    Posts: 48
    @sprae I have not done much night shooting with the 14mm so far, but i do like what I saw:

    But of course, the 35mm simply excels at it!
  • jacjac
    Posts: 675
    looks like a nice ultra wide
  • ChristopherChristopher
    Posts: 2,582
    These are really lovely, thank you for sharing. The more I see from the 14mm the more tempted I am to buy one!
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  • jacjac
    Posts: 675
    @ rdelbar

    Did you have to do much, if any straightening on these?
  • rdelbarrdelbar
    Posts: 48
    Just a little on the first one above, to compensate for vertical perspective distortion, virtually nothing on the others.

    The most important thing however: there's so little barrel distortion that you can as good as forget about it. The images shown here all start from RAF file, so uncorrected by the camera or Lightroom, and I have never been tempted to try more than a +1 distortion correction value.

    Shooting handheld (no tripod, no bubble level) with a 21mm equivalent wide angle of course forces you to think constantly about camera position and orientation, as perspective distortion lies just around the corner...

    I have a few other shots (perhaps for a future post) where due to the cramped space I had no choice but to point my camera upwards. Lightroom's perspective control tools work excellent to fix those cases. The 14mm has a wide enough filed of view to plan from the start for the unavoidable frame cropping that comes with software correction, and its sharpness and microcontrast are high enough to avoid any visible problems in the final image.
  • jacjac
    Posts: 675
    Thanks. From what I understand the jpegs are automatically corrected. But the RAWs not, -- on opening the RAW files are they quite distorted or minimal? Seems the lens is very well corrected and is nicely balanced. It would rank it right up there with the 35/1.4 which is a superb lens

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