Lenses: 18mm vs 18mm-55mm vs 14mm for travel?
  • MorrieCMorrieC
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    I'm really curious how these lenses compare. 18mm 2.0 vs 18mm-55mm the zoom is 2.8 on the wide end vs the new 14mm lens. How is the image quality comparison? I would imagine the 14mm would be number 1.

    Is there really that much visible difference in the field of view between 14mm and 18mm?

    We are leaving for a trip to Vietnam in a few weeks and I'm trying to get my gear lined up. I will be taking a xe-1 with the 18mm-55mm lens, a 35mm 1.4 and a x100. Is it worth renting or buying a 14mm lens for this trip or am I covered with what I have?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  • PK312PK312
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    I have the 14, 18-55, 35 and 60. For a compact travel kit that suits my style of photography I always reach for the 14 and 35. Just outstanding image quality from those two (okay the 60 as well, but I only take two lenses when travelling). The 14 is much wider than the wide end of the zoom, and that can be both a challenge and a blessing. It really is up to your style of photography and for some the zoom on it's own will be all they need.
  • elithrarelithrar
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    14mm on an X-E1: 80° horizontal FOV
    18mm on an X-E1: 66° horizontal FOV.

    So - a substantial difference at the wide end. But it may not matter if you don't like to shoot wide, and/or you like the convenience of the 18-55.

    (all of this stuff is personal choice)
  • WilzWorkz7WilzWorkz7
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    Ultimately personal choice and personal shooting style. There is no right or wrong. There is no huge differences in terms of Image Quality unless you are anal about it.

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  • karlbownkarlbown
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    With most cameras the 18-55 kit lens is a cheap compromise to allow more cameras to be sold. With the Fuji version it seems they've gone a bit further than most manufacturers to ensure the lens is up to the standards of the primes. In fact some comparison with the 18mm have been in favour of the zoom. It's stuck on my X-Pro1 and I've been discouraged from getting the primes simply because the quality of the zoom is so good already.
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  • pominpocketpominpocket
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    I personally would take the 35mm as it is the only lens I have . In your case I think you are very much covered with 35, zoom and 23 on x100. So I really would not bother with renting a lens .
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  • gryphon1911gryphon1911
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    Honestly, all the lenses that Fuji has put out to date are fantastic. I've seen a lot worse out there than the 18mm, which seems to be picked as one of the worst of the Fuji branded and released lenses.

    Worst, yes, maybe if we are comparing it to other lenses in the Fuji lineup. I can see that argument being made. I've got no complaints from the IQ I get from the 18mm.

    In normal shooting I don't see most people really having an issue with any of the IQ coming out of the Fuji lenses.
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  • PK312PK312
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    elithrar said:

    14mm on an X-E1: 80° horizontal FOV
    18mm on an X-E1: 66° horizontal FOV.

    According to Fuji:

    14mm: 89 degrees

    18mm: 76.5 degrees

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