X-Pro1 & The Dark Side of My Country
  • Just some other shot of the BEAUTIFUL ITALY
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  • weisgrauweisgrau
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    For me your photos do not depict a "Dark Side." They portray the old and abandoned, a condition found in all countries. You have made an aesthetic representation of the theme by making the neglected properties into artistic images. Isn't it amazing how the artist's eye can convert a stark reality into an aesthetic fantasy? I think so.

  • pominpocketpominpocket
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    I thought the photos were atmospheric and I liked the ragged edges .

    If they are artistic images why not the dark side? Do we need to read so much into a title ?
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  • Unfortunately, the degradation of the place is evident. Italy is a country full of contradictions.
    Thanks weisgrau and pominpocket for the comment!
    Peter :)
  • K1W1K1W1
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    Thanks this is a really great set. I could see some of these also looking great in black and white.
    I also would not call them the dark side I think they fall into the urbex category better.
    Jusy out of interest do you know what used to be manufactured in the factory?
  • This location was a coal power station with enormous fan. I have no more information about the production process but you can read something here
    Your text to link...
    The dark side means that this is a shame for the complete dereliction.
    I have a short number (6 or 7 shots) in B/W too :-)
    Thanks for post K1W1
  • Thanks biscuit
  • K1W1K1W1
    Posts: 916

    This location was a coal power station with enormous fan.

    Thanks. That makes sense with the shape of the building and the fans.

  • triton3ktriton3k
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    pretty cool shots.
    They call me Denn-Ice
  • PeterPrismPeterPrism
    Posts: 71
    triton3k said:

    pretty cool shots.

    Thanks triton3k !

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