X100 does foodblogging
  • You can see the blog at the following:


    X100 is quite handy at foodblogging. Switch on macro and it can be quite discrete. These pictures were (except for the duck) all RAW and processed in LR4 via VSCO 1 - Fuji setting of all things. Slight adjustments for cropping, colour enhancement and vibrancy.

    The duck was jpeg straight from camera. I thought it was just right except for the bluish tinge. It was a big white plate so no cropping was required.
  • lolololo
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    Thanks for sharing. Definetely will try this. Did you use additional lighting?
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  • It was sunset and there was enough natutal light.
  • K1W1K1W1
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    Nice, the photos and the location. Must try it next time I am in Sydney.
    There is nothing worse than a person pulling out a DSLR, popping the flash on top and proceeding to take photos of all the plates on a table in a restaurant imo. I can see the X100 from the size and quietness point of view being a great tool for a food blogger.

    Were the New York shots taken with the X100?
  • Nice images thanks, I'll be trying this with my x100!
  • YOu can also skip the viewfinder and use the backscreen like a Point and Shoot too.

    @ K1W1, Nooo, NY was 5D MkII and Canon s90. Wish I had the Fuji back then. Our setup is now x100 and 5D MkII 50mm. This was the setp for Bali.

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