Naked-eye magnification of X-E1 EVF with 90mm lens
  • MarcoDebiasiMarcoDebiasi
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    While taking casual street snaps of people yesterday, I just noticed that my Tokina 90mm lens mounted on the X-E1 gives a magnification in the EVF which is very close to that of the naked eye. So, I can comfortably shoot with both my eyes open and use the "free" eye to anticipate the movement of people (or other events) in and out of the frame. Great! I believe that lenses of similar focal length (in the 80mm to 105mm range) should produce an analogous EVF magnification. This may help some of you in discussing and choosing tele lenses for the X-E1.

    Have a nice light!
  • mguffinmguffin
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    Interesting... on a crop sensor camera, like the X-E1, around 30mm should be close to the human eye. Maybe you have Telephoto eyes... ;-)
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  • PetrusPetrus
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    mguffin said:

    Interesting... on a crop sensor camera, like the X-E1, around 30mm should be close to the human eye. Maybe you have Telephoto eyes... ;-)

    Viewfinder magnifications are different. In some cameras a "normal" lens gives the same angle as the eye, but with most cameras something longer (around 70-85 in my Nikon DSLRs).

    There really is no rule what is "should" be.

    We are talking about the viewfinder angle, not what a "normal lens" for each sensor size is, just to clarify.
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  • MarcoDebiasiMarcoDebiasi
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    Mike, I agree with you that in theory 30mm should produce a field (angle) of view close to that of the human eye on a crop sensor camera. In fact I was myself a little perplexed when I observed this. However I am not referring to the field of view but rather, like Petrus notes, to how big something seen in the EVF appears to be compared to how we see it with our naked eye. It looks like the magnification of the EVF in conjunction with a 90mm (or so) lens renders things in the EVF at about the same size as we see them with our eyes (or in my case the eyes with -2 diopter glasses). Since you have the 18-55mm zoom, you can do yourself a little experiment by looking at how an object changes its size when you vary the focal length while keeping the other eye open. I would expect that at 30mm things look smaller than those seen by the naked eye whereas as you zoom to 55mm they get bigger and closer (but not yet quite there) to as they are seen by the naked eye.
  • MarcoDebiasiMarcoDebiasi
    Posts: 202
    Actually I should clarify that what I observed holds true for objects that are 3 meters or more away from the camera (like in taking not too close portraits). Closer objects from a 90mm lens appear in the EVF to be bigger than seen by the naked eye.

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