Menu Speed X100s (compared to X-Pro1)
  • Since my lovely X-Pro1 received firmware 2.0 (currently 3.01) overall speed has been drastically increased. (focus, menus, writing, etc.) As I am now quite used to using my X-Pro1 almost every day I am finding my relatively new X100s slow compared to the X-Pro1.

    Not in regards to Focus, here both are good.
    Not in regards to writing, with good sd cares, both are good.
    But menu-wise, I find the X100s extremely slow. looking forward to your comments..


  • basharbashar
    Posts: 587
    !! strange, X-100s is zappy, what kind of SD card are you using?!
  • K1W1_Mk2K1W1_Mk2
    Posts: 3,419
    What firmware is in the X100s?
  • jacjac
    Posts: 675
    Ok re-read OP. He meant the menus. I'm Not confused anymore :-)
  • basharbashar
    Posts: 587
    Ok if you hold the menu the x-100s cycles slow,that is probably some software implemented delay for the user to see the menu, maybe the delay factor is shorter on the x-pro1, but if you cycle by hitting the menu for every item, the response of the x-100s is instantaneous , probably faster than the shutter click delay....
  • I am always clicking and not holding the button.. doing this nowhere, not even on my receiver..

    X-Pro1 is instantaneous, its even faster reacting than showing it (I mean you can press ok already, even if the cursor hasn´t moved) if you know what you´re doing :-)

    X-100s is slower, just my opinion.. why? newer, new processor, etc..

  • basharbashar
    Posts: 587
    could be a delay in software, most OS have mini delays implemented in menus.I dont think this is has anything to do with camera speed...emmm! i cant believe i am typing and thinking about this :-S
  • it´s complaining on a high comfort level anyway. just saying..
    I think fuji has done an excellent job by improving the x-pro1 over the last.. 18 months?

  • basharbashar
    Posts: 587
    Got ya:) yes they are awesome, to the point that people think they will release an x-100 firmware with x-100s functions, time will tell :)>-

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