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Fuji support response time in the UK

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Hi folks,

I recently acquired a second hand X-T1, it's in good overall shape but the rubber grips have stretched and are peeling. I've tried emailing Fuji's UK support email address to inquire about purchasing replacement grips about five days ago and thus far not heard anything back (not even an automated reply). Does anyone else have any experience of dealing with Fuji's UK support people, are they always this slow? Am I better off phoning them? I've seen folks in other countries have managed to get the parts and do the repair themselves, which is what I'd rather do than pay someone else to do it.

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Phone them. Fuji UK (even just after Xmas and new year and in the midst of train/tube strikes) are generally reckoned to give the best service.

BTW. You can get new clothes for your XT1 on ebay/amazon etc.

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