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X70. Greyed out menus ??

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Please can anyone help me , I have just purchased an X 70 to learn and enjoy in my retirement and after 2 days of frustration I am beginning to wish I had never bothered .

Lastnight I managed to access the night mode and was very pleased with the results , now I cannot find that anywhere or more to the point I cannot access the Film Simulation modes which I was so looking forward to using .

realise this is probably my lack of experience , BUT ,, I have tried fairly tirelessly today going through various options with no success .


Thanks in advance for any help 

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If a menu item is greyed out it means something else is switched on that conflicts with that item and you can't use it. I suggest that you get the manual and follow the procedure to reset the camera to its default settings. That way you are at a known starting point.

You are not the first to be frustrated with Fuji menu options but once you get the hang of things it will become easier, very much easier in fact.

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