X-Pro 2 + few primes in Malta/ Sicily

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Another interesting article Matt. Especially since my wife and I have been discussing a visit to Malta for a couple of years. I feel an Autumn midweek break might be on the cards (since I'm now retired and can go when I wish). :)

Also interesting that your main street armament is the 12mm. For a few years now mine has been the Fuji XP1 + 14mm f2.8, I set manual focus f5.6/f8 @ five feet and everything sharp front to back. I hang it on a cross body strap at my right hip and steady the camera with thumb casually on the shutter and simply turn my whole body to aim. I love not having my subjects look into the lens but continue to act naturally. I'm also with you on the primes. I use the zoom when I'm with a non photographer but otherwise I'd rather take my time and use primes, 14, 23, 35 + 60 or 90mm. The 18mm sits outclassed between the 14 and 23 and doesn't leave the drawer so I may sell that to offset the cost of an X-Pro2.

Good to hear from you again Matt.


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