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Zone Focus with XPro2, XT1 or XT2

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I've previously owned a X-Pro 1 and x100, but ultimately ditched them for film, and eventually Leica.  

I've really enjoyed using zone focusing and taking autofocus out of the equation.

I'm currently saving my pennies for a Leica 21 Super-Elmar, but geeeeeeeezzzz it's expensive.

With prices on the used market, I'm being tempted by an x-series camera 14 f2.8 and 23 f2.  

in my previous experience, zone focusing on an X had two big drawbacks:

the INCREDIBLY conservative DoF scale

shutter lag in manual mode, it appeared that the aperture would stop down and the camera would meter after the release was pressed and before the shutter would fire.

Have these issues been addressed through firmware updates or the new cameras?

Anyone out there with both Leicas and X Series that can comment on zone focusing with both?

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These are just a few of my street pictures. All these and indeed most of my street photos are taken using my X-Pro1 and 14mm f2.8 - if I had a 16mm I might use that too. By setting the 14mm to f8/f5.6 and turning the inf mark to the f8/5.6 on the lens barrel distance scale I have a sharp image from less than a metre to inf. Most of these are taken with the camera on a cross body strap with the camera at my hip/waist and shot blind. I could do the same with XT1 and tilt screen but many of the subjects would be aware enough to change the candid nature of the images. Both the 14mm and the 23mm have focus rings and aperture rings that are a little too easily moved so they need checking now and then. Hopefully, the other manual clutch Fuji lens, the 16mm f1.4 is not so easily moved.

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52 minutes ago, jdsegra said:

Do you notice any shutter delay, or does it feel instaneous?

No delay. Switch to OVF - manual focus, so no screen lag, no focus lag, no shutter lag.

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