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Pentax/Asahi Optics - Takumar thread

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I don't believe there is a thread for the Pentax/Asahi Optics Takumar line of lenses.

I have created a page on my website to summarize my experience with the 55mm f1.8 Super-Takumar (~ 1970) while mounted on my XT2.


I have read online that many of the old Takumar focal lengths are great performers, well built and quite affordable.  Thought this forum could use a thread for people to share the Takumar line.



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My preference is for Minolta Rokkor, Olympus Zuiko and Canon FD lenses and we have some threads on the subject but more info on all 3rd party lenses is always welcome.

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I believe the Takumar 55mm is well known from some research I did many years ago when looking at old film Cameras.

I must declare a personal interest in Minolta, as a Minolta AF user for many years, but I do concur with VJC that many of the old Minolta MF lenses have very good reputations.  In fact, Minolta were so good at making lenses that copied the characteristics of some of German lenses (micro contrast and colour) that Leitz contracted them to make some lenses and cameras for them, including the M mount CL and later the CLE.  I don't have first hand experience with them, but know that a number of their lenses from the 1970s were very well regarded, as were their first generation AF lenses - which were all matched for colour and contrast, a rarity of the time and something companies like Canon simply didn't understand.

I remember seeing some lovely examples of photos taken with the Takumar 55mm on film by an early Japanese blogger who experimented with many different cameras and lenses, including the somewhat ignored Ricoh R10 (aka "Elle").

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