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FS Black X100T with TCL-X100 and WCL-X100

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yes and that would be 55 USD for shipping (customs and taxes on you). 

Hope that help. 


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    • By MikeBras
      I've had my X100T for about 15 months now and I love it. However, today the on/off switch decided to stop working. The battery is fully charged and the camera did switch on once after I discovered the problem but I have not been able to switch on again since. Has anyone else had any similar problems, or any ideas on how to remedy this?
      And to complicate matters I'm in Brazil at the moment where Fuji cameras are not common at all - and all electronic equipment is extremely expensive.
    • By Christopher
      A nice misty morning walk on the beach. Wishing I was there right now.
    • By ishrios
      Hey guys I just got back from a quick trip to the Bigapple
      I settled on my Fujifilm X100T which has a fixed 23mm f/2 lens(35mm equiv) along with the Wide angle conversation lens Wcl-X100 and the Tele photo conversation lens Tcl-X100. This simple kit not only inspired me to see things differently but also made it a lot more exciting trying to capture the essence of the city. 
      Would love for you guys to check out my shots in my blog link below.  thanks for looking!