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Will the new 27 have an aperture ring?

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Unless I'm mistaken,  I'm the first or among the first here to order the 27.

Vigorously defending its perceived "lack" of an aperture ring has never been

been a chore.

I have enjoyed it.

I see much emphasis on ergonomics here.

Having to disrupt one's grip on the camera to control aperture is

Flintstone ergonomics.

i wish all my X lenses had the 27's aperture control. 

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Don't forget that the controls of the first bodies and lenses with their analogue controls were the reason many came to Fuji and they still are. Flintstone's Ergonomics is what sold Fuji X Trans. I'm at a loss as to why you even shoot Fuji if you like DSLR type ergonomics.

I simply don't like the non-ring and the focal length which is neither one thing or the other. It is useful (but limited) as a compact setup along with 18mm and one of the small bodies but that's the best I can say about it.

The lack of aperture ring is one reason many won't buy this lens while for some it's part of the reason they do. If I wanted that I could have stayed with DSLRs

I hate having so many forms of aperture control on Fuji lenses. All should have aperture rings with marked apertures and definite click stops and end stops. That's why I like the 14,16, 23mm all with distance and DoF markings too. I can look down at my camera and see all the settings - without even switching on the camera..

How does having an aperture ring "disrupt your grip on the camera"? With anything but a pancake lens your left hand would be supporting the setup by holding the lens anyway.

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I don't sell Fuji or other lenses;I like the 27's aperture control system.

I didn't buy it because it did or didn't have an aperture ring. I haven't stopped using

my D7100 and D810 and my many old Nikkor lenses with ring aperture control,

especially the Micro-Nikkors

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