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Roger B

off camera flash trigger compatibility

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Newbie to X100F here...

Coming over from Canon I was wondering if my off camera Pocket Wizard Flex5/Flex3/AC3 Zone controller with Canon speedlites will work on the X100F?

I don't need TTL, but it would be nice to use gear that I already have...and I don't really want to run back and forth doing things manually (yeah...lazy Canon user)

My plan B would be an Odin II with three Lumopro 180R. TIA


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Welcome to the community @Roger B!

You should give it a try, there are good odds it will work fine. Many Canon compatible triggers worked with Fujifilm before the X-T2 and X100F came out, however with the release of those models, Fujifilm started to use one of the hot shoe pins that some Canon compatible triggers use for TTL, this may cause your triggers to not fire on shutter release. If that is the case, you might be able to still use all your other gear with a different manual-only trigger.

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