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X-Pro 2 halfcase for X-Pro 1?

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I am still hanging on to my X-Pro 1 but existing case needs to be replaced and I have spotted a few halfcases – nothing on the back, little on the sides and mounted with a screw in the tripod mount. But nowadays most of these are for X-Pro2; is the tripod mount in the exact same location? The AF switch?

Surely, someone will be quick and point that I should just move on to X-Pro 2 - and I might at some point. Maybe I should just buy a case, and if doesn’t fit, buy the X-Pro 2… ;)

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Should never have asked! Must. Resist. Urge. To. Buy. X-Pro 2. :unsure:

But @veejaycee you are right, the X-Pro 2 has grown slightly, about 1 mm wider and 1 mm taller (not relevant for a halfcase). Some 3,5 mm deeper, primarily because of changed viewfinder design and possibly grip:

  • X-Pro 1 - 81.8×139.5×42.5 mm [H×W×D]
  • X-Pro 2 - 82.8×140.5×45.9 mm [H×W×D]

But again my concern would be location of tripod mount and AF switch.

An example of a (dirtcheap) X-Pro 2 case, that could maybe do it for a X-Pro 1:


s-l1600 (1).jpg

s-l1600 (2).jpg

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