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Selling X-PRO2 + 23mm "Fujicron" set

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Selling my beloved X-Pro2 kit since need a little lighter set-up. Would be interested in a trade to X100F.

X-PRO2 body + metal grip (improves ergonomics)
Bought in EU, should still have a valid warranty. Light usage marks, but nothing significant. Box and all the regular stuff included. 

Fujicron XF23 F2
Bought in Japan. There is a warranty card, not sure if warranty works in EU. Box, covers, and all the regular stuff included. The lens is in perfect condition, a few scuffs on the hood. I'll add an extra metal screw-on lens hood.

I'm asking for 1490€ for the set.
Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, but it's pretty cheap shipping anywhere in the world from there.

I also have an XF14 for sale for 550€, if someone would be interested.


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49 minutes ago, Toomas said:

Hi, I am interested. Would like to talk about details. 

Hi Toomas,

Sure, let's discuss all the details by private message, by email (zilvinas.kuprenas@gmail.com) or in Facebook (Žilvinas Kuprėnas).

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