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Rapid battery drain/no Playback

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Hello, I'm new here, having just acquired a used x100s. I love the camera and have been thrilled to begin using it and learning about it as I go. That said, I've run into a couple of problems that seem to have started concurrently and I'm in need of advice. 

 --Recently the camera Playback button stopped calling up images and the only way to see images saved on the disk is to turn the camera off and then back on, when the screen comes up with the last image taken. Once I depress the shutter, the live view appears and the Playback button does nothing. 

--After a few weeks of problem free use, my battery life dipped to mere minutes on both batteries. I was confounded and thought, well, maybe they just have a shelf life and when they go, they go.  So, I ordered a new set of batteries, charged 'em up and bam! The same problem persists. I can take images fine, but only for about 10-15 minutes before the battery dies. 

Are these issues linked? Is this a pattern that anyone is familiar with? I've thought my next step is to reinstall (update if needed) firmware. Any other ideas or suggestions? 

Many thanks!


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Welcome to the community @DaveC!

You could try a firmware update if it's not yet on the latest version, that is essentially a full reset on the X100S.

The power draw on your batteries is concerning though, it's possible there is an internal fault of some sort with the camera's electronics. :( The X100S has a higher performance mode in the power settings of the menu, but it wouldn't drain a battery in 10 or 15 minutes.

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