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Discrete but effective grip enhancement

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I placed a little self-adhesive anti-slip pad between the view mode button and the ael/afl button and found it surprisely effective. It provides a tactile "home" location for my thumb, much like a thumb grip, but it doesn't interfere with any operations of the camera or change the form factor of the camera. In addition to proving a more secure grip, having a defined home position for my thumb helps me find other buttons easier. I originally tried placing it between the ael/afl button and the rear command dial, but found that having a smooth surface there is better for operation of the wheel. 


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    • By johnwillyums
      Hi all, I just purchased this aluminium alloy grip enhancer. 
      As you can see it makes for a more substantial hand hold.
      This grip enhancer is mounted on an L shaped frame that acts as a rail bracket, for a 29mm, Arca Swiss style, quick release plate tripod.
      So, in theory, I would have a better hold on my camera, and I could swiftly mount it, in landscape, or portrait, position, on my tripod, or a monopod (a £50 Amazon, Chinese marvel:-) which can be a monopod as well)
      Anyone had experience of these thumb grips? I thought I should have made this post, as soon as I pressed the button. This is distributed by a company called iShoot, but it looks like several under different names. This one, like the official grip, only has only one finger indentation (there seems to be a similar grip with three or four finger indentations)
      . There are several on Ebay, although I have bought this through Amazon Market Place, so I can return it if it's crap
      It's the wrong way round I know, but if I just bought some rubbish, tell me, and I won't be disappointed :-)
    • By FJPearson
      I recently sold my Pro 1 and purchased an X-E2. Some would say this is a downgrade but in my case, it was an upgrade as I use Zeiss manual lens with this camera and needed a better EVF system. What has been a challenge is the fact the E2 go's through battery power at much faster rate than a Pro 1 so I came across a battery grip and am wondering if anyone has purchased or has any knowledge of this product. The name of the grip is OWNUSER MIG-FXE1/2B Mini Battery Grip For Fujifilm X-E1 / X-E2 Cameras. Extending the battery life on this camera would be a big plus for me as I am carrying several batteries with me so I can interchange them when needed. Frank
    • By hdahl100
      Has anyone found a silver thumb rest for the x100T that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and is of the simple "push in" kind?
      I don't really fancy the kind of thumb rests where one has to tighten it with a screw to the flash shoe. 
      (I could of course go with a black one (around 15 or so dollars on *bay), but since I have a silver camera, silver would be... well, nicer ?)