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X-PRO1 Accessory List

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Anybody here started buying stuff for this camera yet? I have......

abrahamsson mini soft release

Gordy's Wrist Strap

Sandisk Extreme Pro card (32MB, 95 mb/s)

Billingham Hadley Pro Black

3 Tiffen digital ht Filters ( Grad, ND, PL)

A wallet for said filters

Manfrotto pocket tripod

I still need to get a cable release and a flash tho!

What have you guys got/want?

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whatever I got for the x100, the XPRO1 can take over.

If I may say so.

32MB SD Card is huge. It is not a 36MP D800 behemoth. 2 x 16GB is more practical and safer. 4 x 4GB even more so.

I got a Cam-n Soft release which is less than USD10.

Bags: the Lowepro Messenger is a great practical bag that don't shout 'expensive camera in it'.

I got Tianya filters for less than USD5 a pop.

Cable release: Less that USD5 in Hong Kong and it was 1 meter long (or a foot and a half)

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got myself the small red concave beep boop soft release button, a phat strap and a 64G class 10 card. I know it's huge but I plan spending weeks away from a computer, I need room for that ;-)

I plan on getting the extra grip and the thumb up when I'll have the camera, as of now, it'll be enough already!

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Still thinking, but as for tripod - Gorillapod from www.joby.com - definitely, because they are compact and extremely stable, relatively cheap for their great qualities.

As for big tripod (that'll be later for me ;/) - I think I would choose Oben tripod

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Abrahamsson mini soft release - black

Cable release by Bower

Lowepro slingshot 200AW (might change to messenger)

Leica strap (or something else)

Hoya HD 52mm CPL

Manfrotto tripod


SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB 95mb/s

Either ef-x20 or ef42 flash or may be both

Off camera shoe cord

Extra battery

Portable tripod

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I read this person's entry and I was convinsed to get the fastest card available:


(It's in Japanese though)

In summary, he found that it's a necessary upgrade if you see yourself using a lot of bracketing feature or burst mode.

He compared it with Transcend class 10 and the SanDisk extreme pro 95mb/s.

Using one of the bracketing modes, he says it took about 5 secs for Transcend to finish saving and about 3 seconds for SanDisk.

In burst mode, both took 13 shots (techniqually 26) in RAW + JPEG, it took 45 seconds for Transcend and 20 seconds for SanDisk to finish recording.

So the difference was very clear.

I could also add it will probably help upload your pictures faster.

I see myself probably using film or exposure bracketing, so fast cards would benefit me.

IMHO, if you want maximum performance from this camera, I wouldn't cheap out on memory card speed.

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