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I am far from an expert but this is how that increase was explained to me in the past.

When you convert a 60mb RAW file to Tiff there are 3 color channels for each pixel. If you use 8 bit conversion you will end up with approximate a 60mb Tiff file (20 x 3). If you use 16 bit per channel you will end up with a 120 mb (20 x 3 x 2) tiff file. You are probably getting 70mb instead of 60mb due other factors, that is data, accompanying or in the image file.

Maybe we have a tech guru here who can confirm what I wrote or correct it.

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It's along the line that @weisgrau explained. I'd like to expand on his answer.

Contrary to the common belief, RAW files do not contain colors. Camera sensor only sees and records intensities of light on its sensor. Imagine a black and white image, so to speak. That's the the 24MB in the case of X-Pro1 RAF file. Colors are interpreted afterwards through software algorithm. The extra data is not extra at all. It's in fact another set of data generated by the said algorithm rendering image into full color. That's 96MB for 16-bit TIFF in the case of X-Pro1's RAF file.

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