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What bags or camera bags are you using ?

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Blowing a bit of life into an old thread. Two things that most camera bags share, is that they are butt ugly and that they look just like what they are, camera bags filled with expensive gear, ready to be stolen. 

Like most photographers, I have several bags. I mostly prefer backpacks, since I usually haul around a bit of gear while shooting portraits or landscapes. I have both the F-stop Loka for when I need all my stuff, and the F-stop Guru when I need a little bit less. While these are the best backpacks to be found, they're mostly angled towards being used in the outdoors, and they are awesome while hiking and doing landscapes/seascapes and things like that, but they're not always the most practical in the city. 

And while I don't see either cameras or bags as fashion accessories, I do have the Wotancraft Scout, which easily is the best and coolest looking shoulder bag available. And Wotancraft's bags are handmade and really expensive, but the quality is second to none. While the Scout is awesome for a day in the city doing street photography with my X100T, batteries, memory cards and some other stuff, or my X-T2 without the battery grip, and with two lenses (one attached), it's a bit small since the battery grip actually never leaves the X-T2. So unfortunately I end up hardly ever using this bag.

But none of these mentioned bags look like typical camera bags, which I really like.

But i needed something bigger. Not to walk around a whole day in the city shooting street photography, but while doing urban styled model/portrait shoots when I walk some, and work some and need something that I can quickly access to swap lenses and things like that. So I bought the Think Tank Retrospective 30. It's pretty big, but I usually have my X-T2 with 16mm f/1.4, 23mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, 56mm f/1.2 and 90mm f/2 with my and I hate when I have to dig through my bag while working, so this seems perfect though I haven't really had the time to do any shoots the last month, so I haven't really tried it out that much yet, but it seems great. And while most Think Tank bags are like most other camera bags, boxy, bulky, ugly and screams "steal me", the Retrospective line does not. Especially not the Pinestone version. I've also recently bought the Think Tank Airport Roller Derby for use when travelling and it'll be nice to try it out next time I'll travel.

Sorry for a long kinda meaningless add to this thread. :blink:

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I have just bee through this excessive. I wanted something smart that would accomodate what I would need in a days shoot, not all my kit at once. I wanted a smart leather case and I wanted to keep it as small and light so that I woudl use it. I know habing owned a Contax 645 that if a camera is too heavy it stays at home. 


So first up The Breaus bag





I really like this bag but I wonder if it is too big. It is a lot of money to spend and find it is not what you want. I think that the quality is amazing and there are a range of finishes. See here:-




Then the next bag I found was The Richmond



This is a lovely bag but I am looking to carry a X-Pro 2 with one lens attached + 2 more and I am not sure if they will fit, they probably will but I have decided to pass, but there are a lot more poto's here.



Then I found this "Womens" bag, I have no idea why they call it that but it is a nice bag for one camera and a lens, I thought maybe I could get this for touristing and get the Breus for serious photography




more photo's here 



Howeve I then found The Carva 10




With fuji Cameras see here:-







I love this bag, and so this is the bag I have ordered. The fully body shot gives a really good idea of the size and I thnk it is the right compromise between carring too much and enough.




They have a large range of camera bags but all seem to be on a long lead time.



I am not connected with any of these companies I just think that smart cameras need smart bags.






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