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Fuji XT2 with Cactus V6 II & Canon 600EXRT

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Fuji XT2 with Cactus V6 II & Canon 600EXRT

Does anyone know if I can have the Cactus V6 II trigger on the XT2 and then a Cactus V6 II trigger on a Canon 600EXRT flash and they will work in all modes including HSS.


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Yes it should work. I can do HSS with cactus vii to rf60 and v6ii to RL600B (with another v6ii attached) HSS no problem. I even went as far as updating to the latest firmware for the xt2 and it works with no issues.

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    • By LazarouINC
      If you or any of your friends are Fuji XT2 users please share this information as I have solved the big problem you are having with continuous AF and metering in this mode.
      So your shooting in continuous AF with continuous burst mode and your XT2 is only getting the 1st few shots exposed correctly and the rest are under or over exposed.
      This is what's happening: 
      You press down the shutter to start tracking AF and the camera starts to track the subject. But as soon as you full press the shutter button to take the 1st shot the camera enters exposure lock.
      This means that the moment the 1st picture is taken the exposure is locked and will be throughout entire the subject tacking.
      So every shot taken will be at the same shutter speed and lens F stop. So all is well if the lighting doesn't change during that burst mode. But if the subject moves into lighting that is different from that of the 1st frame your subject will be over or under exposed.
      Fuji hasn't managed to provide any answers to XT2 user because I believe they haven't noticed the problem yet with the new 1.10 firmware update. 
      The answer to this problem isn't easily noticed within the menus system of the XT2 as it's in a place that doesn't make any sense.
      So here you go please follow these instructions.
      Go to
      2- Settings
      3-Button/Dial setting 
      Then go down to shutter AE and turn it off it's on by default.
      This will now enable metering while the camera is in continuous AF mode.
      I can't understand why it's here in this menu and it's not even explained in any way by Fuji or what this does to continuous AF tracking mode.
      But within here lies another bug that Fuji needs to fix in a firmware update ASAP. 
      When AE lock is switched to off the camera will no longer display the shutter speed in the viewfinder or rear screen.
      The shutter speed will only show in Manual mode or in Shutter priority mode for some reason.
      You need to know the shutter speed for obvious reasons but you can't see them ahhh Fuji.
      You can see the shutter speed if you press the AE lock button on the back of the camera but this will lock the exposure so don't forget to press it again to unlock it again.
      The AE button still functions as it should now but without locking exposure in tracking mode.
      Hope this help you XT2 users out there who haven't worked this one out yet and that includes Fujifilm.
      So share this with everyone who you think needs this and Fuji fix this ASAP with a new firmware.
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