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    • Very nice - it's a Tiger Swallowtail though - monarch butterflies are orange
    • I think it was a result of the "democratising" nature of the Internet - everyone can make a video about something, even if they don't have the knowledge, skill or experience to make anything meaningful.  He definitely meant composite as he zoomed in to take a photo of a particular focal point as he wanted lots of detail of that part.... errrr... yeah.  Of course he didn't show that either someone else's software sorted out his mess, or he had to spend hours sorting it out himself, when a bit of rigour and care at the time of capture would have made the  whole process rather easier in the end.
      Not suggesting you work this way, just reminded me...
    • Lol- it's amazing how forgiving digital can be... but that does sound haphazard. Perhaps he meant collage and not composite?
      I will say - while you *can* do this without mounting the camera on a tripod, you do need a steady hand and an idea of the concept... just snapping away won't yield good results unless you are really lucky...
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