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    • Jeffrey, this and the following (ranunculus) images are nice, but I particularly like this because of the contrast between the bright yellow of the flowers and the darker and subdued background. I also like the diagonal composition of the flowers and buds. These would stand out even more if the background was a little more blurred. I guess you made a compromise by using f/3.6 to have enough DOF on the flowers while trying to keep the background soft. Maybe another time you can try to use photo stacking at the largest aperture to maintain the subject sharp from front to back while maximizing the softness of the background.
    • Good use of long exposure. I wonder how it would change with an even longer exposure.
    • Thanks so much! I will try next time.
    • I like the graphic nature of the picture (straight lines and dark areas).
      Unfortunately, I think the women walking through the picture would be better if they were more to the right hand side of the photo of the model, rather than slightly in front of her.
      I appreciate timing can be difficult and it's an interesting photo, well exposed and a neat idea.
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