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    • Of course. I forgot that the zoom was available. I tend to think of what lenses I use or would be likely to use. 
    • Thank you for your comment, Rob.  I have the 10-24mm F/4 lens that was used for this shot.
    • Very sharp and well balanced composition with the bushes either side of the pinetree. Light just right to highlight the depth of the rim. 
      BTW, what was the lens you have used as it shows a 13.8 mm and not the XF 14 mm?
    • Hi Rob!  Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.  The sad reality of the Angels Landing trail is that many people fall to their death trying to hike it.  Zion Canyon has many other beautiful hikes including one where you hike in the creek flowing through so called Narrows.  I have done this hike several times and it has always been fantastic experience!  As for the Grand Canyon - it is MASSIVE compared to Zion.
    • That is one very 'challenging' day walk. The weather would want to be settled with no big cross winds. I've never been to the USA, but I think I'd rate that better than visiting the Grand Canyon. How many walkers do they loose each year???
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