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    • Nice image overall. The flower buds in the background and the traversing leaf are a little distracting , but not by much because they are somewhat out of focus and, on the other hand, one can say that they add context to me main flower. I particularly like the rendition of the out of focus background. What lens did you use?
    • Thank you both for your nice welcome to this forum and for your comments re my shot of Lyvden, not too shabby for a kit lens what? So glad I jumped ship and went down the Fuji route. Looking forward to finding my way around the site and getting to know some of you better. All the best, Ian.
    • I know what you mean.  I actually didn't really like the velvia film simulation in camera, and it never seemed much like velvia film.  However, for some pictures, a vibrant saturated colour palette can suit them, and I think this is one - although I might be tempted to reduce the saturation or the vibrance a little just to bring back some "realism" whilst still keeping the nice blue sky and the yellow green of the grass.  It's odd that some people get very snobby about saturated colours, then tell you they like the velvia film simulation etc!  Some photos suit subtlety, others vibrancy... it's your creative decision.
    • Welcome to the community @Bettys Dad!
      It is quite vivid, but I think that is what makes it so stunning. The composition as well, the water provides a leading line right to the old home, which is interesting all on its own, but then it is framed perfectly parallel and centered. Quite nice indeed!
    • Thanks for the kind comment, only joined this forum yesterday so still finding my way around but I think I am going to enjoy it. As for the picture in some ways I feel its slightly OTT, a bit Velviaish to my mind, a film I never liked, and I much prefer the B&W version but that's just my opinion. Thanks again for the nice feedback, regards, Ian.
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