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    • No offence taken Marco. Had another quick go at it so let me know what you think of this effort, might still be overdone but hey I liked the first one so what do I know. BTW It was me that was being offensive previously. I am sure your images are not dull to look at. Please accept my apologies, regards, BD.
    • It is not a problem of my understanding or less HDR. Regardless of the specific processing behind this image, to me (and I would like to emphasize to me) the contrast and particularly the colors of this image look unnatural. The green, blue, and white look much more "electric" than those I normally see with my eyes when taking a walk in nature. Just my honest feedback with no intention to offend.
    • Sorry but what part of HDR don't you understand. Its not over-processed or fake as you imply and it has been praised by other sites I have shown it on. If this is OTT by your standards, your images must make very dull viewing. BD.
    • Thanks!  We couldn’t figure out where they came from but, apparently, they “escaped” from Arizona State University research facility, I found out.  I am glad they found home in our backyard.  Very vocal bunch, too!
    • A lovebird apartment block. Lovely sight.
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