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ACROS in Philadelphia

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Photo Information for ACROS in Philadelphia


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    • By Aurora
      Hi everybody!
      I'm new to the community, I signed up because I've been having some problems with my brand new Fujifilm x100F which I bought only a couple of months ago.
      It has already happened several times that while shooting RAW on continuous mode (8.0 fps) the camera would suddenly stop recording.
      I'll try to be as clear as possible: I focus, start shooting continuously (keeping the shutter button down), after a couple of seconds the camera stops shooting and shuts down completely (the LCD goes black). I try switch it off and back on but nothing happens. It only starts working again after I take out the battery and put it back in.
      The strange thing is that this doesn't happen all the time! Only sometimes, every now and then, completely out of the blue. And it's very annoying, especially because it caused me to miss out on some great shots.
      Does anyone have a clue of what the problem might be?
      Thank you!
    • By ishrios
      Hey Everyone...
      Im sure im not the only one who is debating this, But I just happened to sell my X100t this weekend
      Ive been trying to figure out which camera to upgrade to because I really love the Xtrans 3 sensor as I already own a XT2 and considered it was worth it enough to sell my 100t for the sensor upgrade.
      The XE3 is being offered up at a great value with the 23mmf2 wr lens, so it makes it very comparable to the 100F..
      I know the XE3 is still on pre-sale so I know not many have had a hands-on with it but most of you know what to expect. 
      So with that being said, I want to know what camera you guys would choose and why.
      Thanks in Advance.
    • By Dismason
      When I picked my next camera purchase, I got a few advices: "Do not buy a camera with a fixed lens!" "The X100F is made for street photography, not for sports." "Buy a weather sealed camera, X100F cannot be used in bad weather."
      I do not agree and bought Fujifilm X100F, and it works really well :-)

      Have a nice weekend!
      Here in Finland it's still rain