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  3. B + W UV MRC coated clear haze Filter ( 62 mm ) Purchased May 2017 B + W Circular Polariser MRC F - Pro ( 62 mm ) Purchased May 2017 Battery for Fuji XT2 - Ansmann - Purchased May 2017 Manfrotto Advanced camera holster - Top opening Price - £55 for all items plus postage
  4. B + W UV MRC coated Haze Filter ( 62 mm )
  5. B + W UV MRC coated Haze Filter ( 62 mm )
  6. Down the Chimney Again

    A marvelous and awe-inspiring off-trail hike in the Eldorado Nature Preserve today. Strenuous, especially in terms of loose footing and avoiding large cacti, but definitely worth the effort. We skirted the cliffs and a few ravines, climbed to the mesa top, and then went down the rock chimney we explored a few months back. The magnificence of the rock cliffs, boulders, and vast vistas is breath-taking. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.
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  8. X10 failure to save photos

    Select copy form the playback menu Choose to copy from Internal memory to SD card Select All frames To delete the images in the internal memory. Take the card out of the camera Select Erase from the playback menu Select all frames
  9. This evening after coming back from a day out I noticed when I was cleaning lenses etc that I had a hot pixel on my lcd. After checking taking pics with lens cap on and in a dark room the pixel was not on the image. I noticed it wasn’t on the lcd either. I reset all settings and it disappeared. After changing all settings back to my custom prefs I noticed it came back when using high performance mode. I’m on the latest firmware 1.02 so cant go higher. Anyone else experienced this? I did send an X-T1 in for pixel mapping but they were clearly visible when looking at the shots on a screen after processing the card. Did anyone ever experience this ?
  10. Reformatting the camera seems to have fixed the problem. I took another trial photo and yes, the memory LED now blinks. it seems to be alternating between orange and green, but it is recording the images to the card. I have attempted to clear the internal memory, which says it is full if the card is out of the camera. There are seven old photos from before I received the camera. I poked around the forum to see how to clear the internal memory and followed the directions, but the images were still there. I'm not good at reading manuals (too impatient!) but I forced myself to do it and did find out how to removed those old photos. Maybe all will be well now. Thank you!
  11. Indicator light

    To be sure that we are talking about the same indicator lamp, I will send the relevant section of the manual below. The indicator lamp is on the top right. When the viewfinder is not in use, the indicator lamp shows camera status. Glows green Focus locked. Blinks green Blur, focus, or exposure warning. Picture can be taken. Blinks green and orange Recording pictures. Additional pictures can be taken. Glows orange Recording pictures. No additional pictures can be taken at this time. Blinks orange Flash charging; flash will not fire when picture is taken. Blinks red Lens or memory error. Warnings may also appear in the display.
  12. Indicator light

    My personal code is sounds off. Why have a discrete camera - especially with E shutter and then allow beeps to attract attention. Back to your problem - The focus light - if the same as other models - is lower left of evf. If sounds are on and volume set you should hear a beep at the same time as the focus lamp flashes. There are many colour blind users but I've not heard of this particular problem before.
  13. Indicator light

    Thanks for your reply. However I do'nt understand what you mean with "Against my personal code". The sound is on in the menu.
  14. X10 failure to save photos

    Is the write to memory LED blinking after you take a photos? It is just to the right of the viewfinder on the rear of the camera and blinks or is solid in different colours to give different warnings. Solid orange means it is recording to the memory (or card). Is the memory card locked? I know you should get an error message if it is but its worth checking. I don't believe that there is any setting in the camera that allows you to take pretend pictures (not recorded in other words) so either the picture is not being taken in the first place or there is likely to be an issue with the camera hardware.
  15. I"m not sure what reformatting the card would do. The card is fine. I can do the factory reset, though. Thanks. I reset the camera and yay! That did the trick! Thank you.
  16. I recently sent in my X100F to Fuji for repair. I asked about the XT-1 door and they said that its a free fix so I sent it in.. If you guys can spare the downtime its a free fix from Fuji even if you are out of warranty.
  17. Indicator light

    Against my personal code but perhaps you should switch on sounds (in the menus). The focus beep should coincide with the green focus light. After pressing the shutter the light may flash (on the rear of the camera) to show it saving images.
  18. X10 failure to save photos

    Reformat the card in the camera. If that doesn't work then try a full factory reset of the camera. When downloading - copy the files from card to PC(rather than moving them) then reformat each time in the camera.
  19. I was given a used X10 as a gift recently, and have been playing with it just fine. It took photos, I downloaded photos to my PC. However yesterday it suddenly decided to stop saving photos to its internal memory or to the memory card. I have been poking around the manual + forums + Googling the problem but haven't even come up with anyone else having it. Did I accidentally press some button that prevents images from being stored anywhere? Note that I retrieved some old photos from the former owner from the internal memory (nothing overly incriminating!) so I know my photos are not there. I also tested the memory card and it is fine, too. It accepts new files, but of course if the camera's not creating new files there's nothing to save to the card. I hope this has a simple solution because I was liking the X10 very much!
  20. Since I am color blind, I do not see the difference between green, red and orange. If I want to take a photo with my X-T10 camera and look at the LCD screen, the indicator light will blink and I do not know what color this has and what is the result. After all, page 7 of the manual states that the colors have different meanings. The strange thing is that when I look through the viewfinder I do not see a light on which would mean that I can just take the picture. So the conclusion is that when I look through the LCD screen and the light flashes green, for example, I do not see it, then the photos become blurred, while when I look at the same situation with the same settings by the viewfinder, there is no question from a blurry photo. All this is in conflict with each other. Where does my reasoning go wrong?
  21. A day to surrender to the season and elements — thermal top and long pants. But doing so offered an opportunity for a wonderful hike in a very magical place. Abundant water, still some autumn colors, amazing rocks and boulders, stillness, and solitude. We are so fortunate to have these wondrous places so close to home. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  22. Want to buy an X-T20 Body for my son. Preferably in Silver. Is anyone selling or spotted any used bargains or great deals?
  23. If you are using the OEM Fuji battery charger do not discount the charger itself as a possible source of the problem.
  24. Welcome to the community @DaveC! You could try a firmware update if it's not yet on the latest version, that is essentially a full reset on the X100S. The power draw on your batteries is concerning though, it's possible there is an internal fault of some sort with the camera's electronics. The X100S has a higher performance mode in the power settings of the menu, but it wouldn't drain a battery in 10 or 15 minutes.
  25. Thanks for sharing @Jackthestreet, great solution!
  26. For those not wanting to mess with glue and sizing paper clips, I managed to pierce the raised rubber supports on the back side of the door with several sewing needles. Next I closed the HDMI door until it snapped into place and then applied heat with a hairdryer pushing the door flat then immediately applying a cold pack to "set" the door's flat shape, not sure if the last part of heating then cooling is necessary but now my door fits snug and flat and if I need to I can stitch something on the fly like MacGuyver when out shooting!
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