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  3. What is meant by "layers" in PS and GIMP?

    i downloaded and installed the trial version of Paintshop Pro 18. Most times Windows Photo Gallery was all I needed for minor edits. For any more serious stuff I used the included products of Fuji and Nikon. When Photo Gallery started jerking me around I learned MS no longer supports it. I miss that Mickey Mouse program(I hate Photos).
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  5. Using an old flash

    Yeah well I've thought I'd be helpful instructing clients as to the notion of universal connector on all flashes worldwide and it just so happens it is false in a plethora of situations. this is not at all a standard anymore. NOT AT ALL! So if someone can turn me on with new data, I'd be happy to shoot with my canon 580exii and this cute fujiX100... Thanks
  6. What is meant by "layers" in PS and GIMP?

    I would not recommend GIMP for first time users, as the user interface and features are not particularly easy to use for people who do not understand image editing. I would probably suggest software such as "Photoshop Elements" as it is aimed at more inexperienced users who want to do simple (and not so simple) photo editing. Corel Paint Shop Pro is another alternative. Imagine layers like tracing paper placed over your picture. You can add many layers of tracing paper, and on each one you can make changes to the picture underneath by overlaying the changes on that sheet of tracing paper above your picture. For inexperienced users, I wouldn't bother with layers - it is far easier to simply directly edit your image. The benefit of layers comes from being able to change and remove them, stack them on top of each other, go back and edit them later.
  7. I have downloaded and am looking at GIMP. I'm seeing that like PS it uses the term "layers". What exactly does layers mean?
  8. Thanks to all;i guess if I want an X100F I'll pay the 1300 US.
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  10. The Internet has leveled prices out world wide. In many countries prices for luxury items like cameras were grossly inflated by local distributors but easy world wide shopping from places like Hong Kong has brought local prices down often to a level where HK based pricing is not any cheaper. Digital Rev also seem to have moved away from being a cheap and cheerful discounter over the last couple of years and there has been a noticeable increase in their price levels. I suspect that the realities of the costs of shipping worldwide and having to pay local warranty support from their own pockets may have contributed to that. There are still several HK based resellers who offer pretty good pricing but nothing like the savings you used to get 10 or even 5 years ago.
  11. Piñon Pine

  12. The site I found here in the US is quite extensive with sales pages, but no "deals" and no ref to HK at all. I got no US warranty but have had no trouble with my X100S. I did later receive a multiple-page customs "bill" for 0.00 US relayed to me by FedEx. I'm going to search digitalrev hong kong and see what I find.
  13. Digital Rev is Hong Kong based. They may have a storage/delivery facility in USA. I have noticed that their deals are not so good now when you take into account that you don't get Fuji warranty but their own one and might just get unlucky and get caught for import and other taxes.
  14. I have a Fuji X20 that I put an old Nikon wc-e68 on it and it's awesome not sure what converter ring size I got I know it was a bitch to find but I'm wondering what ring or rings I need to attach the Wc-e63 on my x20 ????????anyone know of the size???
  15. About three years ago I bought my X100S from DigitalRev, which at the time advertised on Fuji Rumors. The JPEGS from my X100S have a unique property that I cannot describe or define in a meaningful way. My purchase price of 1,049 US included free shipping. I received the camera in 29 hours. Looking up DigitalRev now, I don't see any good deals Their price for the X100F is slightly higher than Adorama or Amazon. Is there perhaps a DigitalRev HK site?
  16. Given the complaints involving the xpro2 and the firmware, I think it is time Fuji publicly addressed the matter of the apparently buggy firmware.
  17. Wednesday on the River

    Another exciting adventure on the river today. Definitely autumn, with the morning chill necessitating warmer clothing. But the sun warmed things up after a bit, and although there were no headwinds, the current was still quite strong in various places. The trip back was a different story, as wind gusts up to 25 knots made paddling very challenging. Waves broke over the bow, and the kayaks were blown sideways at times. The adrenalin rush was helpful, and we made it back safely. Sightings included Canada geese, Ospreys, and a large flock of Blue-winged teal in addition to herons, ravens and turkey vultures. And as always, the stillness, solitude, and deep connections with nature and spirit were inspiring and uplifting. These are photos of the rock cliffs at Cochiti Canyon, where we stopped for lunch. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  18. Received my X-Pro2 back from the Fujifilm Camera Repair Department during the first week of September 2017. They had it for about a month. On the sheet, that came back with the camera, was written: “Replaced main board unit. Inspected and cleaned. Performed firmware upgrade.” The upgrade was to 3.11 which was released as the X-Pro2 was shipping to be repaired. I’ve had a few chances to test it out and all seems to be working with the problems I reported above being gone. Again, if there is anything else to report after it’s repair, I’ll write about it here. I hope you never hear from me again about that problem! I want to enjoy using it again.
  19. Afternoon Visitors

    Thanks very much!
  20. Afternoon Visitors

    Great photos, @merlin!
  21. Several different online downloads of this for use in the field on phone or tablet, also printable charts for prime lenses. http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/dof-calculator.htm
  22. Hi all. I'm new to zone focusing but I think I get the principles with good light. I like to shoot street and would really like to try some dusk/night or only available light images. Say I went wide open @ f2 on my x100t, is my range limited from 22ft onwards, which wouldn't be great, or are there ways of being that open but to have a reasonable range of say 6ft-12ft. Investigation naively on my part says that my DoF would be approx 1ft or maybe slightly less, give or take a few inches but this would make it impossible to get a reasonable shot in some sort of focus. Have I missed something in the forums that would help me or do I have to stick to f4 and crank the iso? I only ask as historically, music photographers must have used manual lens in fairly dark environs so there must be a way of doing this which I have missed or just aren't getting just yet. Thank you in advance for your help. Best, Mark
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