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  3. Hi all, I had the x70 and one of my favorite features was the digital teleconverter. I know the x100f has it but I was curious to know if the x100t has it? Thanks! .dan.
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  5. x100 cleaning

    If you can't reach it to clean yourself and it is not too much of a problem then leave it. It will cost almost as much as buying another X100 to have it cleaned. It will not affect your pictures.
  6. Dear fellow photogs, I have been (hardly) using an original Fuji x100 and I recently noticed some (minimal) dust in viewfinder, after nearly 5 years of use. Is there some general cleaning that I can perform on it? Can I send it in to Fuji to get it cleaned? Any other pointers on cleaning this camera in general? I'm sure this has been discussed in other forum topics, but I can't seem to find one related to cameras (I saw sensor cleaning etc). Thanks !
  7. I'm using the Nissin i60a with my X-T2. I'm wondering how metering modes, and focus point affect the flash metering. If I understand correctly, the Nissin uses a preflash to determine the correct amount of flash (ETTL). But does it use the metering mode (Spot, Average, Center Weighted) that the X-T2 is set to and the focus point that the camera is set to (single or multi). Any explanation or pointers to resources on this greatly appreciated.
  8. Bermuda trip lens recommendations...

    Take the 16 and the 35, or just the 18-55, and have a great time!
  9. Windermere In The Late Afternoon

    Really hard to choose , for me the colour version just wins
  10. X-Pro2 viewfinder blob

    Hi John, I'm new here for this very thing. My brand new, boxfresh X-Pro2 has exactly the same issue. Did you ever get to an outcome/solution?
  11. What bags or camera bags are you using ?

    I have just bee through this excessive. I wanted something smart that would accomodate what I would need in a days shoot, not all my kit at once. I wanted a smart leather case and I wanted to keep it as small and light so that I woudl use it. I know habing owned a Contax 645 that if a camera is too heavy it stays at home. So first up The Breaus bag I really like this bag but I wonder if it is too big. It is a lot of money to spend and find it is not what you want. I thihk that the quality is amazon and there are a range of finishes. See here:- http://www.angelo-pelle.com/breus-bag.html Then the next bag I founf was The Richmond This is a lovely bag but I am looking to carry a X-Pro 2 with ne lens attached + 2 more and I am not sure if they will fit, they probably will but I have decised to pass but there are a lot more poto's here. https://www.montgobags.com/product/richmond-leather-dslr-camera-bag/ Then I found this "Womens" bag, I have no idea why they call it that but it is a nice bag for one camera and a lens, I thought maybe I could get this for touristing and get the Breus for serious photography more photo's here https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/197460307/travel-set-the-weekender-brandy-leather?ref=related-1 Howeve then I found The Carva 10 With fuji Cameras see here:- http://findingrange.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Cravar-Rana-10-Camera-Bag-Review-Fuji-X-Series-795x530.jpg I love this bag and so this is the bag I have ordered. The fully body shot gives a really good idea of the size and I thnk it is the right compromise between carring too much and enough. They have a large range of camera bags but all seem to be on a long lead time. Link;- https://www.cravar.com/collections/bags-rana I am not connected with any of these companies I just think that smart cameras need smart bags.
  12. Bermuda trip lens recommendations...

    Thanks much veejaycee - I think the 18-55 and 55-200 are a given, I just love the 35mm f2 (and could see me using that a lot instead of the 18-55 (for example)). Probably best would be your suggestions - although I guess I might swap out the 12mm f2 for the 35mm f2 - it's overlap w/ the 18-55, but I think it will have uses too. Appreciate the feedback! Regards, Alan
  13. Bermuda trip lens recommendations...

    Just the same, I think your 16mm f1.4 is the answer to your needs and if not, then the 12mm Samyang. Whatever the 16mm can't handle, the OIS and wide end of the 18-55mm will. The 35mm is really too long for interiors. My personal choice from your gear list for the whole holiday would be 12mm f2, 16mm f1.4, 18-55mm OIS, 55-200mm OIS. Not much you can;t handle with that kit and you won't spend much time swapping lenses - or sweating too much! Have a great time both of you.
  14. My wife and I are setting up a trip to Bermuda in April and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for which lenses to take on a typical trip - I've been shooting Nikon equipment for years and only recently (late October 2017) switched over to the X-T2. These are the lenses I have - Samyang 8mm & 12mm, Fujifilm 16mmf1.4, 35mmf2, 10-24f4, 18-55mm, 55-200, and 50-140mm. I don't want to carry the bigger zooms (10-24 and 50-140), so I was thinking: 18-55 + 55-200 (walk around, day time outdoors type of shots) and then 35mm prime (for interior shots). I do believe I'll need something fast&wider for certain interiors (forts, crystal caves, churches) so I could take the 16mm but that is kind of big/heavy. My main question revolves around whether or not there are recommendations to use the 18mm (smaller, lighter than that 16mmf1.4) -or- the 23mm f2 (small, light, but maybe not all that much wider than the 35mm) -or- use the Samyang 12mm (small, light, but maybe too wide?). Best regards, Alan
  15. Windermere In The Late Afternoon

    Here is the colour version of the previous shot. I much prefer the B&W edit but what do others think. Regards to all, Bettys Dad.
  16. Lake Serena, Scottsdale Ranch, AZ, with some clouds rolling in.

    Love big skies, this is a very fine shot, well done, BD.
  17. That's a great suggestion, Rob. Many thanks. It's spot on on at least to levels: cranking up the creativity and getting in some much needed walking. Without going into too many gory details, I survived a ruptured aortic aneurysm last October and I'm using 2018 to try to change my attitude and habits a bit. I've started walking around campus now that I'm back at work full-time, but carrying the camera will stretch another part of me. I'll be curious to see what I can capture.
  18. Oh yeah, I have a Canon FD 50mm f1.4. One of my favourites. Mine cost £55.
  19. Friday on the Trail

    Ice on the car at the start of my solo hike. Frigid winds and some leftover snow might have deterred others, but the wonders of nature awaited. I was not disappointed. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.
  20. I've used all the M. Rokkors listed on Fuji X and all were excellent with wonderful bokeh. Ultra sharpest was the 50mm f1.7 by a mere fraction. Best bokeh the 58 f1.4 but best all rounder was the the 50mm f1.4. Very little between them. The 58 has a few more mm for (IMO) a better portrait FL. The 50mm lenses are still great for portraits of course. Sample variance might move the list around entirely, that's how close they are. I think I'd go for the 50mm f1.4 now as it's a little cheaper and less likely to have been "over-cleaned" than the 58mm. Unfortunately the trade in old M. Rokkor lenses particularly has resulted in many having been disassembled and cleaned of dust and fungus and often of multi coating (such as it was then). Fungus is likely to return. I'd take one with a speck or two of dust in the hope it hasn't been pulled apart. Canon FD 50mm f1.2(L) and f1.4 are great lenses and used by many Fujistas - I'm keeping an eye out for a cheap one myself.
  21. Lens Advice

    Hi @Arthur 666 and Happy New Year to you too. The reason I was considering alternatives to Fuji lenses is cost. The XF lenses are great but are up to ten times the cost of a vintage prime lens. And I didn't know the answer to my question, which was actually, to rephrase it, does the 16-55 duplicate the 18-55, what else do you get for the extra cost. Happily, Vic answered that question for me with a mini review of the lens in question. So I have loaned my son my Helios 44-2 58mm f2..8, my XF18-55 and he has a Carl Zeiss Jena 28mm lens I got him for Christmas, giving him a walk around prime, a portrait and a zoom setup. This leaves me without my main zoom. And that is my challenge. Do I do without or do I replace it, and if I replace it, what with. Right now, I carry my Canon G5X travel zoom camera for when I would have used the 18-55 and take primes with me to use on the Fuji. I am definitely up for selling/trading my XF27 and XF55-200 as I hardly ever use these two. I have a modified (by me) Industar 28mm f2.8 prime on a tiny M39 adapter and I really don't do much telephoto work at all.
  22. The below picture of me was taken on my X-T10 by the proprietor of my local second hand camera shop in Leeds a while back when I was choosing my Helios 44-2 58mm f2 M42 screw fit lens. The lens was bought together with a camera for the princely sum of £30, around $40. These lenses are rock solid, but go cheap because they are old, quite basic and often full of specks - but you can't see the specks in most situations. My son has his own X-T20 and this lens is one he has chosen to borrow for a while, along with my XF18-55 and I bought him a Carl Zeiss Jena f2.8 28mm OM fit for £40. The Helios lens exhibits good out of focus rendering and often you can get swirly artefacts which are quite attractive. I think this pic might have a little bit of that going on in the upper left, although I had to compress it a little to upload it. Whilst the price is low, the lens is solid and therefore heavy, and by the time you mount it on an M42-FX adapter the whole setup is a little bulky, and this is my only drawback.
  23. You could start taking pictures of your dog or cat. Alternatively, you could grab an umbrella, one camera with one lens and head out for one hour to walk one mile (or 3-4 kms) and see what you can see. Do this several times a week, covering pretty much the same route but at different times of the day for variation. Its noticing the little things in the area that you live in. You live in a part of the world I'll probably never get to visit, let along live in. What's unique about living where you do? Drop in and befriend a few of the local shop keepers and after several weeks, ask to take their pictures for the local paper . . . The guy below provided the inspiration for me. Worth a look. Regards, Rob
  24. My first post and sorry if it's been discussed before. I am after recommendations for a 50-60mm len with really nice bokeh. I will use it on a Fuji XT-1. I know bokeh is subjective so to give you some idea I think the Fuji FX 56mm/1.2 has fantastic bokeh - but I can't afford it. Also, the Minolta MC Rokkor 58mm/1.2 - but I can't afford that either. I currently have an Olympus OM 50mm/1.4 but I think the bokeh is a bit harsh and busy, and a Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 55mm/1.7 which I really like and think has much better (smoother, creamier) bokeh than the Olympus. While I really like using the Rokkor I am also keen to try some a different lens that can perhaps give me even better bokeh or at least equal it while producing a different look. I don’t mind using manual focus legacy lenses (they are challenging but satisfying when it works out) and my major constraint is how much I am willing to pay. I would like recommendations for lenses that I can get for under $250, ideally quite a lot under! I prioritise good bokeh over sharpness (that’s why I am happy with the MC Rokkor-PF 55mm/1.7), but if I could have both that would be great. The lens does not have to be fast, but again that would be a bonus as it would allow me to take photos in a wider range of conditions. I have not used many different types of lenses and am keen to have recommendations that fit my criteria from the experienced photographers and lens collectors on this forum. There are a few lenses that I have read about that might fit my criteria but I would like opinions about them from people who have used them. These lenses include: Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 50mm/1.7 Minolta MC or MD Rokkor 50mm/1.4 Minolta MC Rokkor 58mm/1.4 Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 50mm/1.8 Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm/1.7 Jupiter-3 50mm/1.5 I must admit that I do like the look of photos from the Super Takumar 50mm/1.4 but I am not prepared to have a radioactive lens in my house as I have a young child (no matter how many people say it is not dangerous). Did they produce a non-radioactive version? What other lenses should I consider that I have not mentioned? Thanks for your help.
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