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  2. For sale my B+W KSM C-POL MRC 39mm. This is one of the top circular polarizer filters by B+W. I have used if on my 27mm f2.8 fujinon with exceptional results in color saturation and controlling reflections. Selling as I don't own the lens anymore. Comes with plastic case as shown in pictures. Price is 70 Euros. Selling within the EU ith Paypal or bank transfer. Buyer pays shipping and paypal/bank fees
  3. I had another thought today: I'd like to see it with a lens that focused manually like the old ones and not by wire like they are now. Even on the 14mm f2.8 and 23mm f1.4 which both have a manual clutch mechanism, it isn't as good as the old manual ones.
  4. Yesterday
  5. What is the process to set up Zone Focusing with the X70 please?
  6. Arizona landscape

    Around Canyon Lake, east of Phoenix.
  7. Greetings. For anyone who is a member of Facebook, I created a new FB group called "Pimped-out Fujifilm-X" because I thought it would be a great place for us Fuji lovers to post images of how we have accessorized our beloved Fuji gear. Since my switch to Fuji about 4 years ago, I am always looking at ways to improve the usability (and looks) of my gear. I have found sporadic posts all over the internet that depict how others have done just that. Thought it would be a great idea to create this centralized group where its sole purpose is for members of the Fuji communities to post images of their gear. I think over time this can become a valuable resource for sharing our experiences with accessories that either worked out as expected or didn't live up to expectations. I am inviting anyone interested in joining to please swing by, sign up and participate. I hope this will grow into something that will add some value to the on-line Fuji community. The link is below. Thanks for your consideration. https://www.facebook.com/groups/206059773312634
  8. Last week
  9. X-H1

    I am sure some members will become very annoyed with what I am about to say, but its the "truth" from my perspective. I agree. When The X-T1 was released, I still had my X Pro 1and lenses, but had mostly given up on it as it was so slow and frustrating to use, with too many limitations and issues (aperture dance, shutter lag, slow af, control issues / bugs etc). I looked at the XT1, but like the XPro had been, it was very expensive, only 16mp again when other makers had moved to 24mp, and the sensor limited the pdaf focusing to the centre of the frame, not a wide area like new rivals. Comparisons seemed to show the af still wasn't as good as its latest rivals, and it still had some of the issues of previous cameras (aperture dance, shutter lag, control issues etc). The competition seemed more capable, and was cheaper, and seemed to offer "more" capability and features. I'm glad I didn't get an XT1 as I think I would have remained frustrated and disappointed. It seems like the XT2 was a significant improvement. History seems to show that every first generation model has issues and became better on a second or third attempt. My X Pro 1 ownership (£1500 for a "professional" apsc camera with so many issues , when I could have got a new FF slr for the same money) created such a bad feeling and the XT1 wasn't enough to overcome it. Fuji are generally conservative and bring models and features late to the market, but often this doesn't seem to reflect in a greater operational maturity. I've used IBIS cameras since 2005. It is a valuable feature for high resolution stills, particularly in less than ideal light. I don't think I would pay nearly £2000 for an aps camera, nor a m43rds model. I don't know much about the new cameras video quality; I think the current generation of apsc sensors have issues with data throughput which limits quality, but I think that will be resolved in the next generation. Fuji make it hard for themselves due to the processing demands of the sensor layout, which must make the data pipeline for video feed even more technically problematic.
  10. Lake Mead

    On the Arizona/Nevada border, shot from the Hoover Dam.
  11. X-H1

    artuk, I only said, in jest of course, you should buy it because you said in a previous conversation thread somewhere that you'd seriously reconsider Fuji if it had IBIS. Just trying to encourage you in that regard. But in all seriousness, I think the X-H1, which was initially being positioned as a video centric camera, was reviewed as not meeting certain functions for video professionals (when compared to the Panasonic offering). To me it seems like a beefier iteration of the X-T2 line, with IBIS. Given that this is version 1 of their IBIS, I think there may be issues that need to be resolved. I have learned in my many years of owning gadgets that v.1 of anything has issues (remember the Sticky aperture blades on the original X100, etc.). Another issue for an apparently video centric camera is battery life. My X-T2 can run through a good chunk of the battery's life if I'm recording (with interspersed photos, reviewing photos/footage etc.) a 60 minute event. I don't know if they have tweaked this for the XH1, to prolong it, but if the T2 is anything to go by, then I wouldn't think it has improved substantially. There is not enough with respect to the sensor and processing (IMO) to consider the XH1 if one already has a T2 or Pro 2. And personally, I don't think technology improves significantly in 1 year (unless the company is trickling and staggering their previous R&D over many years to maximize profit). I don't mean to dissuade anyone from purchasing the H1, just stating my reasons for skepticism in upgrading to an H1, which I consider a beta version 1 product of IBIS. I'd argue that the XT1 (I own an XT10) was a similar beta-like product (even if it was a success due to marketing), where their competitors had surpassed them in AF and other features. In my mind, the XT2 was the polished camera that the XT1 should've been. My 0.02 $.
  12. Lonely Pine

    Of course. I forgot that the zoom was available. I tend to think of what lenses I use or would be likely to use. Rob
  13. The Cosmo

    Las Vegas Strip
  14. Morning light

    Zion National Park, Utah, USA.
  15. Lonely Pine

    Thank you for your comment, Rob. I have the 10-24mm F/4 lens that was used for this shot.
  16. Lonely Pine

    Very sharp and well balanced composition with the bushes either side of the pinetree. Light just right to highlight the depth of the rim. BTW, what was the lens you have used as it shows a 13.8 mm and not the XF 14 mm? Rob
  17. Grand Canyon

    South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.
  18. Lonely Pine

    South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.
  19. Angels Landing.

    Hi Rob! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The sad reality of the Angels Landing trail is that many people fall to their death trying to hike it. Zion Canyon has many other beautiful hikes including one where you hike in the creek flowing through so called Narrows. I have done this hike several times and it has always been fantastic experience! As for the Grand Canyon - it is MASSIVE compared to Zion.
  20. X-H1

    No, it's not just you. It's me too, and quite a few others as they have also posted on sites. I'm still loving my XT-1 and it will serve my needs for a while. I'm not against technological advancement at all, but just because a new camera model come out today, that fact doesn't make the previous model any less capable of a platform than it was just yesterday.
  21. Angels Landing.

    That is one very 'challenging' day walk. The weather would want to be settled with no big cross winds. I've never been to the USA, but I think I'd rate that better than visiting the Grand Canyon. How many walkers do they loose each year???
  22. RawTherapee

    How do you find it? I tried the Windows Beta, and it was dreadful, barely beta, and very slow. Worse, I didn't think the features and usability were particularly good. Even after full release, I was staggered to find that it couldn't save the edits to a raw file in a way that you could return to - you could only export the result - as this was a feature that was "coming later" (I would have thought it was a basic feature that such software should have).
  23. RawTherapee

    At 76, like to think of it as an enhanced sense of what to disregard.
  24. X-H1

    what do you think are the reasons why the XH1 is "half baked"? (just curious as previously you were encouraging me to buy it!)
  25. X-H1

    VJC, the X-H1 is just like the X-T1, half baked (IMO). The T2 IMO was what the T1 should've been, in terms of both video (even if you don't shoot it) and in terms of AF. Wait for the X-H2, you won't regret it, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a monster, but you can defeat it
  26. X-H1

    Help me - I'm weakening.
  27. Angels Landing.

    Zion National Park on a gloomy winter day. Angels Landing is one the strenuous hikes in the park, with 500+ drop-offs on each side of the trail. I never completed that hike but I wish I had - the views from the top are quite stunning, I heard. Video courtesy of SoCal Attractions (I have no association with them).
  28. Tree fallen

    I love the sharpness and depth of field by the Fujinon 14 mm for shots like these.
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