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  1. You're going to love it @George S.! Be sure to double check that the firmware is up to date on both cameras, the latest firmware introduced way way way faster auto focus, particularly on the original X100.
  2. Great tip @LynnwoodRick, thanks for sharing!
  3. Hi @Kons, welcome to the community! That sounds essentially the same as my X100T and original X100. The lens design and motor really hasn't changed over the years, even though the rest of the camera has. It does have a little whine to it during focusing.
  4. Welcome to the community @DaveC! You could try a firmware update if it's not yet on the latest version, that is essentially a full reset on the X100S. The power draw on your batteries is concerning though, it's possible there is an internal fault of some sort with the camera's electronics. The X100S has a higher performance mode in the power settings of the menu, but it wouldn't drain a battery in 10 or 15 minutes.
  5. Thanks for sharing @Jackthestreet, great solution!
  6. xt1 d pad

    I believe you press and hold the DISP/BACK button to set function buttons on the X-T1. It's possible to set the function buttons through the main menu as well.
  7. Welcome to the community @Aurora! In the menu you may be able to reduce the 8fps shoot rate to a slightly slower 7 or 5 frames per second to get more shots, 8 may be overkill anyhow. You should also invest in a faster writing SD card, that can make a huge difference as well, the faster the camera can write from its buffer the sooner it can make room for more shots.
  8. Kingfisher Landish

    I love this one!
  9. Refurbished 35mm f2 IQ issue?

    Agreed, it's definitely noticeable in your examples, you should follow @dem's suggestion and photograph a consistently colored brick or block wall to verify. Just get as parallel to the wall as you can try to line up your frame lines with the grid of the mortar lines. If there's any funny business with the lens it will be instantly apparent in your shots. Take test shots at different apertures as well. You might also try inspecting the lens while it's attached to your camera, to make sure there's nothing strange happening with the aperture blades. Set different apertures on the lens and then half press the shutter button while looking through the front element, you should see the aperture blades move into position. You will see right away if something is out of place. Welcome to the community @NOTLU!
  10. X-T2 Freaking out

    Yeah, the only time I've ever had trouble with my X-T2's it was in full sun and I was rapid focusing/tracking and shooting in bursts during a long event. It started skipping frames and recorded a few blacked out images. Thankfully the moment was still captured and no real loss, but it was alarming. The camera behaved as expected after resting for a 60 seconds or so. I think in the end it will be a rare occurrence, so far it's only been once over tens of thousands of frames. The X-T2 definitely seems to warm up a lot more than the X-T1, but it's a performance beast.
  11. X-T2 Freaking out

    That sucks! Definitely a worst case scenario. Did it seem like the camera was overheating?
  12. Wow @jackdaws impressive work! A fine rendering of one of my favorite cameras ever
  13. Lug Covers

    Reminds me of the silicone skin I put on my iPod back in 2005 I like how trim they are compared to a half-case. Do you feel like it wants to collect dust or lint though?
  14. Lug Covers

    Sounds interesting @Ianmac, can you share of photo of one fitted to your camera?
  15. Firmware updates 8 August

    Welcome to the community @Jeff Davies! You can safely install a firmware update that is multiple versions ahead of the firmware your camera is currently running.