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  1. I love this, great mood.
  2. That's unfortunate news Fujifilm often has great regional service and may even honor the warranty even outside of the US. Contact Fujifilm Brazil and inquire about repair options:
  3. I bet it was just some gunk, that pub being prime suspect!
  4. Yeah, it adjusts the EXIF info and the projected frame lines in the OVF, but I bet you only use the EVF just like me
  5. Thanks for confirming @Khechog! One thing I recently learned about the second generation teleconverter and wide angle adaptors is that they have embedded magnets that tell the new X100F when each lens is attached, so the camera automatically changes the frame lines and exif info now. Optically they are the same, it's just a convenience to no longer have to set it in the menu.
  6. You are correct, the X-T1 uses the previous generation 16 megapixel X-Trans II sensor while the X-T20 uses the new 24 megapixel X-Trans III sensor. Beyond the sensor, the camera processor and AF system is next generation as well, providing faster auto focus and over all system responsiveness.
  7. I think you would prefer the latest generation AF system from the X-T20. The X-T1 is no slouch, but advancements have been made. How often do you shoot a wedding? What DSLR are you looking to replace?
  8. Very eye catching!
  9. An f/4 zoom would be an interesting build for Fujifilm. I am still blown away by the 'kit' 18-55mm f/2.8-4 OIS zoom, I feel more inclined to carry that than the f/2.8 beast, though it has its limitations in low light event coverage. The size disparity between them is unreal, I wish Fuji had found a better middle ground for the 2.8 zoom.
  10. Incredible landscape, I've never seen anything quite like it before.
  11. I'm not aware of any changes in production or a revised design. OIS would be nice, but with even the original primes still being made, a revised design seems a long ways away. It has become my least used and least inspiring lens. It's 'fine' I guess but I hope I never actually need it
  12. My first and second loves, after my X100 of course
  13. Glad to hear it all worked out! That's too bad it took a whole month, but at least you had a backup! I bet it took so long because they're short on parts for the new models. I'm trying to find a window to send in one of my X-T2's, it's working fine but the shutter button has developed a weird subtle 'stickiness' almost as if the weather sealing on the button is out of alignment.
  14. They say it's only really important when shooting 4K video and using the 'boost mode' on the X-T2. The regular batteries will actually work for those situations, but presumably the risk of the camera overheating increases.
  15. Yup, it looks and works the same as the non 'S' version. You can use it in previous models, and vice versa. They say it has 'improved thermal management' so it just doesn't get as warm during use.