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  1. Fantastic! Thanks for the heads up on the duties, we usually get lucky here in the US. I had to pay $28 on a pair of eyeglasses I imported from the UK just last week, that was a first for me.
  2. The X100F isn't much of a deal, it's the X-T2 that is currently a bargain at $1269 USD: That's compared to the $1599 average price still being asked in the US.
  3. Lovely ambiance!
  4. The focus point joystick is my absolute favorite thing ever! I second shot a wedding last weekend with my X-T1 and X100T, and I missed that damn joystick the whole time. That's the only big change in ergonomics, once you have that quick control you'll be moving your focal points all the time. The X-T2 is also so much more responsive, it's a big leap forward in focus speed, EVF performance, and greatly minimized shutter blackout time. I usually have an X-T2 available for me to use, but it was in already in use that weekend, I missed it dearly. Have you ever had to send anything back to DigitalRev for warranty service? I hope to replace my X100T with an X100F and DigitalRev might be an option when I'm hunting for deals.
  5. Wow that's a pretty nice discount! Let us know how you like it! If you have an X-T1 already, you're going to absolutely adore the X-T2.
  6. Thanks for the tips, I will give it a try! I knew about auto align layers but not auto blend!
  7. I absolutely love this one! I need to learn how to do focus stacking myself. Any suggestions on where to begin? I have a macro tube extension, I presume I need a tripod for focus stacking to work? Do you just layer them in photoshop and carefully mask out the focused portions?
  8. This is quite a find! The cycle of life.
  9. I agree, looking at veejaycee's JPG, the image doesn't seem particularly sharp up close. I tried to find a distinct point of focus but couldn't. Could the shutter speed be an issue? My experience with the 16-55mm f/2.8 has often been the same. Perhaps I also have a bad copy, but I find the lens to focus poorly or seem soft, even when I aim for higher shutter speeds to avoid camera shake. It's not a lens I really use anymore, I just feel like I cannot trust it in my workflow.
  10. With the cameras you'd be moving from, I think you'll find the X-T20 to handle well. Having known the joys of the AF point joystick myself, I just can't live without it anymore, precluding me from owning the X-T20. I really wish they had included one, but then I wouldn't have any reason to buy yet another X-T2 for the studio. I love that damn joystick so much I'm considering replacing my X100T with the F. I'll stay strong and wait for a sale later in the year though.
  11. Ouch, that sucks @larrabee! Thanks for the word of warning, that's always been a fear of mine.
  12. I think you will enjoy the simplicity and minimal gear, you may even forgo the telephoto lens adapter and utilize the in-camera 'telephoto' cropping feature, if you're already shooting JPG anyways. Do you carry the X-Pro2 with only the 23mm f/2 very often? This is my go-to focal length, I found myself choosing my X100T over my X-T1 and 23mm lens almost every time. Now that I have an X-T2 though, my X100T is feeling sluggish by comparison in AF performance and overall responsiveness. The X100F is a real temptation.
  13. Yup, easy firmware update, smooth sailing as always. All settings and customizations just as I left them. The update does take a few minutes, be patient. I love having two separate focal point settings for horizontal and vertical shots! The smaller AF point is also a nice touch, it should really help with close up focusing accuracy. I also tested out the new ISO command dial setting, I'm glad they added the option, though I might not use it myself.
  14. I'm going to update my two X-T2's later today, I'll report back. I anticipate smooth sailing.
  15. I would have figured the X-T2's buffer could handle at least one set, but I wonder if you're using an SD card with too slow of a write speed? Have you formatted the SD card in camera?