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  1. Refurbished 35mm f2 IQ issue?

    Agreed, it's definitely noticeable in your examples, you should follow @dem's suggestion and photograph a consistently colored brick or block wall to verify. Just get as parallel to the wall as you can try to line up your frame lines with the grid of the mortar lines. If there's any funny business with the lens it will be instantly apparent in your shots. Take test shots at different apertures as well. You might also try inspecting the lens while it's attached to your camera, to make sure there's nothing strange happening with the aperture blades. Set different apertures on the lens and then half press the shutter button while looking through the front element, you should see the aperture blades move into position. You will see right away if something is out of place. Welcome to the community @NOTLU!
  2. X-T2 Freaking out

    Yeah, the only time I've ever had trouble with my X-T2's it was in full sun and I was rapid focusing/tracking and shooting in bursts during a long event. It started skipping frames and recorded a few blacked out images. Thankfully the moment was still captured and no real loss, but it was alarming. The camera behaved as expected after resting for a 60 seconds or so. I think in the end it will be a rare occurrence, so far it's only been once over tens of thousands of frames. The X-T2 definitely seems to warm up a lot more than the X-T1, but it's a performance beast.
  3. X-T2 Freaking out

    That sucks! Definitely a worst case scenario. Did it seem like the camera was overheating?
  4. Wow @jackdaws impressive work! A fine rendering of one of my favorite cameras ever
  5. Lug Covers

    Reminds me of the silicone skin I put on my iPod back in 2005 I like how trim they are compared to a half-case. Do you feel like it wants to collect dust or lint though?
  6. Lug Covers

    Sounds interesting @Ianmac, can you share of photo of one fitted to your camera?
  7. Firmware updates 8 August

    Welcome to the community @Jeff Davies! You can safely install a firmware update that is multiple versions ahead of the firmware your camera is currently running.
  8. Thanks for the update @grick! Let us know how the repair goes, I'm curious what their turn around time is these days.
  9. Perhaps you can share a few examples here? I find the X Series camera's default jpeg noise reduction to be a bit too heavy handed, I suggest setting that to -1 or -2 in the Q menu and retesting. It's possible to have the camera apply 'grain' to jpgs as well, verify your settings in the menu.
  10. Migrating from DSLR to X-Series - advice?

    Sounds like a perfect choice! Let us know how you like it once it arrives!
  11. Migrating from DSLR to X-Series - advice?

    Welcome to the community @Kroogle! I have no doubt that you will admire the image quality, not just because of the sharpness or the colors, but the insane dynamic range and lowlight performance. Are you into RAW processing? You'll basically never need to worry about under or overexposing anything ever again, all the data is there, even if you screw up your settings. DSLR's suck for all the reasons you already mentioned, so we don't have to convince you of the benefits of mirrorless, you already know you hate lugging a DSLR around. Having traveled extensively with an X-T1 and X100T by my side, sometimes at the same time, I will always reach for my X100 camera over any of my other X Series bodies, because it's so perfectly compact that it never gets in the way, and I adore how its 23mm f/2 lens renders things. Did you know it also has a built in ND filter available at the touch of a function button? I use it all the time, I love to shoot at bright apertures. I also love to shoot things backlit, and the ND filter adds this dreamy effect. Oh, it also focuses really close to things, nearly macro level compared to other lenses. You cannot go wrong with the X-T2, I use one and also carry it often. If you limit yourself to just 2 or maybe 3 lenses (check out the f/2 primes, they're crazy compact and lovely), you can still fit the camera, lenses, and batteries, in an otherwise anonymous shoulder bag, messenger, or backpack, they take up very little room. Don't underestimate the performance of the 'kit' 18-55mm lens either, you might be inclined to take it as your extra lens, it has great IS and overall sharpness, and it is so tiny compared to another zoom. If you like shooting with primes the 23mm f/2, 35mm f/2 and 50mm f/2 would all be a wise investment, and for travel they are again insanely small. Since you're already open to the taking an X100F with a fixed lens, with a hugely versatile focal length, I think you should embrace the simplicity of it. You will be on your dream vacation after all, you can enjoy the moments instead of worrying about your camera gear or which lens you pick. It's very freeing to travel with just 1 focal length!
  12. Welcome to the community @Joe_L! @dem know's what's up, thanks for helping!
  13. X-T2 autofocus problems

    Thank you for sharing your experience @Olibaer! Reading through all this again, it just occurred to me that the 18-55mm 'kit lens' has been manufactured in different factories in, I believe, 3 different countries over the last few years. Perhaps the later copies are not as sharp, or quality control has changed somehow? Cost cutting measures, perhaps? Hopefully it's just an isolated issue and a bad batch. My XF 18-55mm lens is a 1st generation that was bundled with an X-E1 (Early 2013), it was made in Japan. The bundle price was a bargain, and I fully expected to sell it quickly because I prefer primes, but I'll be damned if it didn't win me over. I love this lens, and it has never let me down. I will admit I haven't used it much for landscapes though, I use mine mostly for event coverage.
  14. Pounced on 50/2

    Let us know how you like it, that's one I have my eye on. I adore the other f/2 primes!
  15. X-T2 autofocus problems

    Welcome @razibus Sorry to hear about your trouble. Does this happen when using your camera on a tripod, or handheld as well? @huck222 Were you ever able to find a solution?