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  1. Welcome to the community @ljcarr No doubt the X-T2 is nice, but if you're not unhappy with the X-T10's form factor, I think a new lens will provide you much more enjoyment than a slightly different camera with a few extra dials. The image quality remains the same!
  2. For some reason Fujifilm doesn't seem to sell a cover kit for the X-Pro1 or 2, but they do for the X-T1 and X-T2. The kit model numbers are CVR-XT and CVR-XT2 respectively. They each include a PC Sync cover that should work on the X-Pro line, although it does not seem to be the same slim design that the X-Pro2 uses
  3. I really hope they release a MacOS version to test soon!
  4. I'd argue that the 23mm f/2 lens is the most versatile prime for travel, I generally only travel with my X100T, but I love the Fujinon 23mm f/2 just as well. It's so well priced too! The 50mm f/2 will be announced soon and might be a good option for a longer lens that is compact and well priced too. I like simplicity when I travel though, and I've found the 23mm to be the best all around option without feeling particularly limited. Sometimes it's fun to embrace a single lens for a trip.
  5. Nice work, focus peaking is a godsend! I'd love to see a photo of your X-T1 with the lens adapted along with the teleconverter. I'd make the argument to stick with the X-T form factor over the X-Pro line, if only for the massive EVF on the X-T2. I can't speak to the new X-Pro2's new viewfinder with a diopter, but with the X-Pro1 I found it very difficult to see the full frame while wearing glasses, due to the viewfinder optics. With the X-T1 and X-T2, I'm able to wear my glasses while shooting and still see the whole EVF frame edge to edge.
  6. I have heard of some compatibility issues between Canon flashes with the latest generation of cameras (X-Pro2, X-T2), but not with the X100T, so I don't want to promise that it will work, but I am almost sure that it will. The newest X Series cameras seem to have changed the pins used on the hotshoe, and one may now conflict with Canon compatible triggers, but I've read that Nikon compatible triggers can get around this issue because they use different pins that don't conflict. Personally I use Yongnuo 603C II triggers for all my off camera lighting (used with X100T, X-T2, X-T1), they're only around $30 for a pair and they can both transmit or receive. Since you can only fire the 600EX II-RT flash manually on the X100T, these manual flash triggers are a great solution that will cost far less than Pocket Wizards while accomplishing the same goal.
  7. That is unfortunate I'm surprised it allowed you to update the firmware as normal! It was worth a try. Unfortunately I think you will need to send it in for service with Fujifilm. With the camera otherwise unresponsive, it must be something with the internal electronics. Perhaps your regional office could give you a rough price estimate over the phone, to see if it is worthwhile. With the X100F coming out soon, you should be able to find some deals on the X100T in the near future, should you need to replace your X100S in the end. The X100T is a very nice upgrade in performance, but of course the X100F will be a real temptation! Do let us know what you hear, if you are able to get it repaired. I'd hate to see it go unused, but sometimes these things becoming too costly to justify in this day and age
  8. Welcome to the community @bazancik! Unfortunately you cannot set all of those things with the front and back command dials, only some. If you set the SS dial on the top of the camera to 'T' you will then be able to set your shutter speed using the rear command dial. If you have a lens attached that has no aperture ring (27mm pancake) you will be able to set the aperture with the front command dial, but if your lens has a dedicated aperture ring (almost all do), setting the aperture ring to 'A' will actually set the camera to shutter priority, rather than move control of the aperture setting to the front command dial. A bummer, I know, it would be nice to have both options. If you'd prefer to set your SS using the front dial instead of the rear, you can swap their functions in the X-T2 settings menu under Command/Dials Settings. The ISO can only be set from the physical dial on the top of the camera.
  9. I tend to be a digital hoarder, but I've been trying to be better! I hang on to too many unnecessary shots that are essentially duplicates, and I'm always running out of storage or moving files onto external drives. Lately I've been going through old sessions and clearing out extraneous shots, I find it's easier to do well after the photoshoot has passed and I'm less emotionally attached. It's tough to find the time to clean house though, culling shortly after import really is a good habit.
  10. Sorry to hear @Bjarte, that sucks When you turn the camera on, do you notice the lens making any unusual noise? A lens error seems less unlikely from what you've described, usually it happens if the lens hits a lens filter attached without an adaptor ring, and it makes a terrible noise. I wonder what would happen if you use the battery you know is good, and turn the camera on while holding the DISP/BACK button down. This would normally bring up a firmware update screen, what happens on your camera?
  11. Welcome to the community @TonyObfenda! Canon flashes and pocket wizards will work perfectly with the X100T (and all earlier X100 models), but you will only be able to use the flashes with manual power settings, automatic features like TTL will not work. Do you already own those products, or are you looking to buy new equipment?
  12. I'm looking forward to the release of the MacOS version of Irridient X-Transformer, I think it will be out later this month. I think it's a brilliant solution for Adobe Lightroom users that don't want to switch to a new RAW processor or editing workflow, but who also find Adobe's X-Trans RAW rendering to be less than ideal. With Irridient's new X-Trans to DNG convertor, one can simply convert the Fujifilm RAW files to Adobe DNG, but without losing the fine details that Adobe's own RAW rendering would, then import those into Lightroom for super fast 'bayer sensor style' post processing. The best of both worlds!
  13. There is an updated book by Rico specifically for the X-T2:
  14. You need to set the camera to fire the shutter without a lens attached, it's in the menu. This is because the lens adaptor sends no signals to the camera, and it otherwise assumes no lens is attached at all.
  15. Your forgot to tell us what happened with your other X-Pro2 that died! What's the story there? Have you been able to get it fixed?