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    May 16
  • petera
    I do not know what you are trying to achieve but I would be grateful if you would refrain from mentioning me on this forum as clearly you have some problem with me so in the nicest possible way .......
    May 15
  • pominpocket
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    April 11
  • Eisho
    Made the police report in minutes , there might be a bank video of the person stealing it, called Fuji gave them serial number, insurance company has no restrictions on how it was stolen, I made sure of that when I bought the insurance. Waiting for police report in hand to call insurance company.
    June 2013
  • EternalHope
    pominpocket, I was reading your posts and looks like you've been agonizing back and forth about your cameras for a while now. Got rid of the D600 and everything. I was actually considering the D600 because I was craving that full frame look, but in the end I just couldn't part with that kind of money, and I didn't want to look like a big dork when I pulled it out to take photos. I'd say go ahead and take the plunge, if it's size you are concerned with, then Id hit up the XE-1 with the 35. It's a killer lens, and I have seen some down right STUNNING results of everything from nature to portraiture. Keep the X10 too if you'd like, for when you need the reach, but in the end the IQ can't even touch the X-Pro1. Plus the Bokeh effect is stellar. I'd stick with the 35mm to start, and wait for the 56mm. Then you'll be in great shape. Also, if it's bokeh you want, ditch the zoom, stick with primes.
    November 2012
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