• davidvj
    While Gimp and PhotoShop are capable of processing RAW images this is really not their forte; both are Graphics design applications .. in very simple terms 'advanced paint programs'. Lightroom, Darktable and AftershotPro are specifically designed for the 'non-destructive' processing and the management of large bodies of RAW image data (DAM) and are far more suited to this work.
    December 17
  • petera
    thank you for your comments which I frankly find laughable you clearly have no understanding of what actually happened I notice from comments here you have upset a fair few people Nice job !
    February 1
  • seeingwhatis
    No-it-all, was purposeful and (caught by my spell check by the way) was intentional. Because you KNOW shit about how to treat people. There are NO right question! NO to your bullshit excuse either. I KNOW you didn't address my point- If you can't be nice- SHUT YOUR PIE-HOLE and move on. Use your NOwlege to help. KNOT imply that someone is lazy for asking whatever they may want to ask. Just because you post so much, doesn't give you the right to evaluate what a RIGHT question is- with that attitude you're a shitty teacher too. I post so little because I don't sit in a basement and try to show other forum readers how smart I feel I am. The guy was making conversation, looking for examples of how others set-up their cameras- a perfectly RIGHT question. You are why people feel intimidated on these type of PUBLIC forums. You are more interested in showing your intellect than helping users. If you wanna pick apart my using no-it-all, dig a little deeper and see that I used Knowledgeable
    January 27
  • seeingwhatis
    You ARE rude. Reading your comments about a member asking about settings for street photography were disturbing.. If you can't say something positive move on! The forum is for ANYONE interested in Fuji x- series cameras. Not snide, judgmental oppressive, bitchy no-it alls to decide what should or should not be written by other members. You clearly have way too much time on your hands- with the amount of posting you do. Try positive criticism, language matters. You seem like a knowledgeable member- so teach with kindness, and in the future- shut your pie-HOLE and move on if you have issue with how another member chooses to use the forum. Your pissy attitude reminds me of the A**hole no-it-all behind too many camera stores.
    January 20
  • mrivan
    Really 2,643 Visits and 1,226 postings = amazing, do you live in your mothers basement and or what?!?
    September 2013
  • seagrove01
    I have also been looking for a bag to replace my Tamrac Super Pro 17 which is now overkill for my Fuji X-System stuff. Since you have some knowledge of the Lowepro bags, which one (Event Messenger 100 or 150) do you think would best fit the following: An X-E1, XF 1,4/35mm, X100S, & Nikkor 1,8/85mm with adapter along with a spare battery for each and their associated chargers, SD cards (four spares in a single case, light meter, and some other small associated camera stuff? Thanks in advance for any advice - Rich
    September 2013
  • fiddlergene
    Vic, thanks for your comment
    July 2013
  • pominpocket
    Hi Veejay. Could you tell me the number of the Nikon to Fuji adapter? Not having much luck . I am looking at the kippon one. Then I plan to get my old 50mm 1.4 manual focus only sent over as it has an aperture ring. Or pick up a 50mm 1.8D . I mean I need to manually set the aperture surely? As you know I have the 50 1.4 G here but a bit bulky and how would I change the aperture. ? I hope I have not asked this question before.
    April 2013
  • Beardog
    Hi Vic, Thanks for the recent advice regarding the use of Nikkor and Tokina lenses on the X-series bodies. I have decided to wait it out for the next ten X-Pro to come out before I make the jump (soon I hope). That being said I have worked myself into a frenzy regarding Fujifilm IQ and am considering picking up a X20 to tide myself over in the meantime (need a good P&S anyhow). Do you have any experience with the X20? Thanks. Barry
    March 2013
    • Beardog
      Sorry... I meant "next gen" X-Pro
      March 2013
  • pominpocket
    Hi , First would like to say you are right about some of so called facts I post about good old Blighty so your comments are justified. But I am writing to you concerning the character Squeeze. Recently I made a comment referring to a comment made by some one about the Sony XR1 and how the lens looked like it had a cock ring on it or something. This caused a girl to complain and then he said sorry many times. I then made a comment that it was not so bad and I had heard worse. This has led to Squeeze sending me personal messages of outrage. Then when I saw his comments on the street photography thread I realized this was a them with him. He is abusive and a nasty piece of work and should be banished . Dave
    February 2013
  • veejaycee
    veejaycee joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    October 2012

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