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  1. Color rendition

    that orange netting is probably pretty orange in reality. I do notice my X100 has a habit of slightly over cooking reds, but I don t mind to be honest.
  2. I have an original X100 too, and an X-Pro1 and I believe the sensor in the X-Pro is the same (tech wise atleast) as the later X100's? I MUCH prefer the rendering of the X100, but then Im a JPEG shooter for personal stuff.
  3. Publicly coming out curmudgeonly

    Fisheyes can be appropriate (or atleast very wide angle) - close up BMX, skateboard for example. Tilted horizontals can work if done appriatly again, but rarely. HDR. NEVER! burn it all! Burn it with fire!
  4. Ive always thought it ver unlikely they'd go FF. And whilst it would be nice for those with legacy lenses (Like my m mount voigtlander 35mm) to have the native focal length - its a very small market really and Fuji are better served promoting their own kit.
  5. Dead LCD on x-pro1

    Sounds like it needs returning to Fuji, @fujifilm_UK on twitter are pretty responsive, or give em a call.
  6. New Community Website

    Looks good, been a bit busy but Im keeping an eye in. Quite surprised you've not swapped the venerable X-Pro1 on the banner image out for an X-T1
  7. Camera straps - What do you use?

    Just got myself a Remmen leather strap, its the first one Ive had thats adjustable and I like it.
  8. New Non Fuji Announcements

    A fuji DIgital MF RF like the Pentax 645 would be awesome. But unlikely to happen and probably quite expensive.
  9. New Non Fuji Announcements

    Imust admit, whilst its hugely out of my price range, and i prefer 35mm focal, I do want one. =D Theres some very neat little touches with the AF switch, macro mode etc.
  10. Im still rocking an X100 vanilla =D
  11. Capture One Pro and Yosemite

    Couldn't care less about HDR in all honesty.
  12. Capture One Pro and Yosemite

    For my photos I use aperture and haven't use photoshop for them for years. Photoshop is strictly for the details imho.
  13. X100T + Car Show

    The whole of cars can be a bit boring unless you're able to get a specific set up and lighting. After all you can just google to see the whole car if you really want. Much better imho in these situations to go for a semi-abstract look and get some nice details.
  14. Capture One Pro and Yosemite

    Yeah apple removed Aperture, they did say.