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    XF 14mm; XF 18mm; XF 18-55mm; XF 23mm, f1.4; XF 50-140mm.
  1. Recently I purchased the X-T2. For about a year I wondered about purchasing the X100F. Eventually I felt it was a head verses heart decision: my head said buy the T2; my heart said buy the X100F. I have very fond memories of my first Fujifilm camera - the innovative, quirky and frustrating x100. The X100 was so simple - yet offered so much in the one camera. With a few software updates it was really practical. But . . . it didn't offer the ability to change the lens. I missed the telephoto and a super wide angle which I had enjoyed using a film camera. Due to the limitations of the x100, I then bought the X-E1 with the 18-55 lens. It was going cheap because the X-E2 was coming onto the market and it provided a small body with a similar rangefinder viewer. All good. I quickly bought the 14 mm and it didn't disappoint me. After about a year, I gave the x100 to my daughter who lived interstate. She was very happy to receive it. It looked 'cool'. Her friends were envious, especially the art student men she rubbed shoulders with at uni. And it was used extensively to record her art development for her assignments. Toward the end of her undergraduate university degree, she took it to Indonesia several times. The most recent trip was for whole of 2017 to the outback of West Timor. The environment was rough roads, village living and no reliable electricity. She took great photos of the locals, the giant Komodo dragons and the landscape. It is still working fine. There is even, perhaps to the surprise of many on this forum, no dust in the viewfinder. The picture of the X100 above was taken yesterday before it disappeared into her bag again and went off to a week at the beach house of her boyfriend's family. The decision had to be made. My heart said, "Go the X100F". But the X-T2 beckoned. Common sense said, "Look, you have five great lenses: you need a body to use them on." True. I needed a better viewfinder than what the X-E1 offered, especially on a bright day, with a quicker refresh rate. I am a left eye shooter, and I was getting tired of the squint from my left eye and the mess left on the screen from my nose. The T2 solved all these problems. Its viewfinder is fabulous. I needed a better sensor and I wanted the Across and Chrome etc simulations which the X-E1 lacked. The T2 had them. However, the new camera had to be bigger than the X-T20, especially when the 2.2 pound/1 kg, 50-140 f2.8 zoom was attached, or even the 23mm f1.4. The T2 solved this balance and handling issue too. But I still miss the simplicity, the freedom that limitation ensures when you work with a X100. Every camera is designed with a particular need in mind which it will service. The T2 is, as one reviewer put it, ". . . like a Swiss Army knife or a 'jack-of-all-trades' camera." It certainly is. I know I must read the manual or buy Rico Pfirstinger's book of tips on how to use it. But I still miss the X100 series, the romance of just having that camera available to snap away or stop and frame a serious picture, knowing it is equipped to perform and will get it, I am going on a trip overseas for about 5 - 6 weeks in three months time which will require me to keep everything light and simple. There will be plenty of walking around old European cities, galleries and so on. It might then be the time to buy a used X100F to take with me.
  2. FS: VG condition X100 only $275

    Hi George, It appears you have forgotten to give us a price for it.
  3. You could start taking pictures of your dog or cat. Alternatively, you could grab an umbrella, one camera with one lens and head out for one hour to walk one mile (or 3-4 kms) and see what you can see. Do this several times a week, covering pretty much the same route but at different times of the day for variation. Its noticing the little things in the area that you live in. You live in a part of the world I'll probably never get to visit, let along live in. What's unique about living where you do? Drop in and befriend a few of the local shop keepers and after several weeks, ask to take their pictures for the local paper . . . The guy below provided the inspiration for me. Worth a look. Regards, Rob
  4. Daughter

    Still learning how the combination of the new T2 + 50-140 zoom work in together. Daughter was obliging and acted as my model.
  5. whoosy

    It is considered a fashion faux pas to be seen wearing socks and sandals together in Australia.
  6. Fujifilm XT-2 Digital Camera

    31 Pounds, a Mars bar and a sheep station in far western New South Wales. (Australia)
  7. Fujifilm XT-2 Digital Camera

  8. I see on the National Geographic website that they rated three Fujifilm cameras in their top twelve pics for travel cameras. (They say it is the top 10 but 12 cameras are rated.) The T2 was rated first, the x100F fifth and the Xt20 eleventh. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/lists/travel-gear/top-10-compact-cameras-travel/ Rob
  9. 23mm F1.4 or 23MM F2 (if price is the same)

    I have the 23 f1.4 and bought it for its clarity and fast speed (ie: f1.4). It is of course heavier and bigger and slower to focus. This raises the question: what camera do you want to use it on? If the X-Pro and X-T20 series, I'd probably for the 23 f2 due to the size of the f1.4 which might get in the viewfinder of the XPro and be a bit big or unbalanced for the T20 series. I am about to buy a T2 which will handle its size and weight quite well. (I've been using a E1 for the past 4 or so years). But . . . if I was doing a fair bit of travelling, I'd prefer the lighter lens. At the end of the day, after walking around for hours in the heat with the 23 f1.4 and a few other lenses, it could be the straw which breaks the camel's back. (Which is why the X100F has been developed. My problem is that I still need the inter-changeablility which the T2 provides and this is why I've decided to purchase one.)