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  1. This gives a good example of what the teleconverters with do when combined with the digital teleconverter of the X100F.
  2. I want to buy an X100F

    Farrell - I Just love the way you highlight why the full frame brick cameras don't enable aging backs to cope with the gentle task of taking pictures. I am also interested in the X100 F for its inbuilt cropping telephoto ability, especially when combined with the TCL lens added to it and the ability to put the WCL lens on making it 18 mm. When the 18 mm focal length is achieved, one could turn the pano drive on, put it on portrait orientation and using the 120 degree wide angle, take great panos which I currently achieve by using the 18-55 f2.8-4.0 zoom on my X-E1.
  3. The new X-E3 manual

    For those interested in the capability of the new X-E3, the online manual gives you an idea of what it offers. The link is http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en-int/manual/x-e3/
  4. For those lacking a bit of inspiration and a great example video production to promote a camera, the Fujifilm x100F video is great. The link is
  5. X100F non leather grip/case

    I bought a half leather case from Kenji about 5 years ago for my x100. My daughter has the camera now and the case has worn really well. She does a lot of travelling in Indonesia with its tropical climate, then 'throws' it into her luggage when she returns home and continues to upload her pics to Instagram. The case and camera have performed wonderfully in fairly trying circumstances. The cases aren't cheap, but they are good and provide a good way of holding the camera. The website is here: http://kenjileather.com/
  6. A proper retailer-Use it or lose it.

    Agreed. If the only difference between retailers is the price, then the quality of the service becomes critical, especially when you are exploring a new product or need specialised service from someone who knows their gear. Another difference I have begun to take note is how inclusive the retailer is of those who have female staff and those from a different ethnic background. The retailers in my area of Melbourne, Australia, have a reasonable mix of women and people from different backgrounds. It could be better (here), in some regards I admit, but at least I see something happening. Apparently one of the large USA retailers in New York has been taken to court on many occasions and fined for their exclusion and racist policies.
  7. House 1

  8. Jamberoo water - sort of

    Unusually dry winter in southern highlands of New South Wales, Australia resulted in this very small waterfall.
  9. Suede

    Very few people understand how difficult it is to photograph a black dog. They often become a 'blob' with no ability to see the details. I have such a dog, so well done.
  10. Chris

  11. Kirsten

    All three of my children were at home at once - a rarity as they come and go overseas at the moment.
  12. Elizabeth