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  1. p3t3or added a post in a topic What bags or camera bags are you using ?   

    I've been using:

    with camera padding inserts. It is perfect.
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  2. p3t3or added a post in a topic Photography School   

    I think there is a general movement against higher education. While it can help those who want to be highly specialized, it can also be a massive waste of time and money for others. I feel my English degree is simply a piece of paper that will allow a prospective employer to actually look at my resume but I feel that it doesn't help after the initial look. College helped make me a well-rounded person but was it worth it and would I have become one anyway? I'll never know. I see his video as him sharing his experience and advising to proceed with caution when it comes to the subject of photography school.
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  3. p3t3or added a post in a topic Chicago X photo Walk...   

    I could get down for this
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  4. p3t3or added a post in a topic Hallowen with X100s   

    Grabbed this guy before I got too drunk and couldn't work my flash (but x100).

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  5. p3t3or added a post in a topic How to take HDR, no visible difference?   

    HDR should never ever be used that is where the problem is
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  6. p3t3or added a post in a topic After the latest firmware update, X100 vs X100s?   

    I'm a little surprised at how content I am with keeping my x100 until either something as "revolutionary" like it comes along, or they finally decide to go Full Frame with it. Even if they go FF, there will have to be vast improvements otherwise for any serious consideration of upgrading.
    Plus, I think that "s" is pretty hideous
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  7. p3t3or added a post in a topic The (Nearly) Perfect Street Photography Camera   

    I'm pretty sure they'd reach for the lego camera.
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  8. p3t3or added a post in a topic "The Photographer's Camera" - our thoughts about the industry   

    You lost me after you said "Whilst".
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  9. p3t3or added a post in a topic Street-photography attempt   

    Truthfully I can tell by your images that you are just starting out. That isn't a bad thing because you are just starting out, but I think you should spend more time looking at quality images. Look at the greats. Keep looking at the greats. Your images (or mine) will never compare, but just maybe we will come close. Regardless of my critiques or others, keep shooting. Find happiness in it. I do. I rarely post images anymore, but I shoot everyday and absolutely love it. Welcome aboard.
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  10. p3t3or added a post in a topic X100 Firmware 2.0 Available   

    I love this camera. I have no complaints about it. A couple days with this new firmware and I've honestly seen a quality improvement, especially with auto focus. I'm actually using the auto focus with my family and on the street and getting quality results. My only let down is that from day one, I, and many others, have wanted an easy switch between AutoISO / ISO (make it assignable from the custom buttons!). I suspect this is the last x100 firmware update, and I suppose I'm ok without it, but I do have to say it is a small disappointment as it has been on my wishlist since day one.
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  11. p3t3or added a post in a topic Just discovered Photo Ninja   

    love that portrait.
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  12. p3t3or added a post in a topic Settings for street photography with 35mm lens   

    If I'm going for people up close and personal, manual pre-focus around 4 feet, f8, 1/500, adjust ISO to the light or autoISO (depending if I'm in and out of building shadows).

    Although my style is changing over time and I'm getting less intense and less up-close and personal, in which case I sit back and wait and let the camera do the work.
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  13. p3t3or added a post in a topic 100 of my x100 shots in a new high res gallery- NSFW   

    lol, thank you for saying NSFW, I almost clicked on it at work. Bless you!
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  14. p3t3or added a post in a topic X100S - Full Wedding   

    Really enjoyed your photos. Terrific job.
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  15. p3t3or added a post in a topic Natural Light Portraits with X-Pro1 + 35mm f/1.4   

    Really like your photos - a lot. I've been moving my style over to most of what you are showing on your site, and I really appreciate what you're doing. Keep up the good work.
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