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  1. franco added a post in a topic Fuji loves all you Infrared Junkies   

    Yeah, I saw this earlier - interesting. I'm intrigued with IR, but not to the point of blowing over a thousand bones on it. There are a few companies in the UK that can adapt existing bodies to IR (£230-£300) so its an option for me when the X-Pro 2 comes out. I might convert my original X-Pro....
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  2. franco added a post in a topic The eagle has landed - the 90mm f2 is in UK.   

    My own philosophy! And I 100% concur... 
    These are great Vic. Congrats on your new purchase, and thanks for the kind words! 
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  3. franco added a post in a topic the APD in my hands...   

    Thanks Vic! - yes, something like that! 'Chap' magazine's annual shindig on Bedford Square. £25 to get in, but the money was well spent - really well organised, and a terribly friendly bunch to shoot. Definitely going next year....
    LOADS of hard core camera gear on show too, with a ton of analog shooters - that was cool. Didn't see any X-Series though...
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  4. franco added a post in a topic the APD in my hands...   

    Hi All,
    I posted some pics to the Gallery section just now, but I have no idea how you locate them!
    Just in case, here is a link to my Flickr album featuring the new 56mm APD. All shot on that and my XE2. (
    As a reference, they were all shot wide open too with a Sigma C-PL attached. AF wasnt too bad (it was a bright day) but I still missed a bunch. Overall though, the IQ really shines hesitation in recommending this lens.
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  10. franco added a post in a topic The eagle has landed - the 90mm f2 is in UK.   

    Way to go, Vic! REALLY looking forward to seeing some images....
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  11. franco added a post in a topic the APD in my hands...   

    Thanks for all your comments chaps.
    I'll be honest here and say I didn't even try out the non APD - seen plenty of pics on Flickr, of course, but AF wasn't a deal breaker (I own an X-Pro!). I just wanted to buy something different. 
    They say the bokeh is 'less busy' and it might well be - but it also adds a slightly 'moodier' look as well, which I really enjoy looking at. Hard to explain, but it seems less bright, more contrasty and if anything, muted (ever so slightly) in colour. Would I sacrifice the non APD version and get this? No...its not better, but it IS different. I'm sure I would be happy with the standard version too.
    What I can say, with utter conviction, is this is NOW the sharpest lens I own. I always thought my 60mm F2.4 would reign supreme, but no...this is sharper than a barrel of razors. And wide open too...incredible.
    Hey Vic, always good to hear from you. Other than the APD filter, I dont think there is any other difference between the two versions. I plan to use it a lot with low light street/event shooting, but also with my small portrait studio too. I think it could work rather well with both. Ive never felt street should just be shot with a wide or standard lens...i use whatever glass I feel like on the day!
    Be well all!
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  12. franco added a topic in Fujifilm X Mount Lenses   

    the APD in my hands...
    Just got this over the weekend - and Im still pretty jumpy about spending SUCH a big wad on glass (Im right in thinking this is the most expensive of all the primes?)...but ever since it came out, this has been the one.
    First impressions? IQ that makes me giddy, seriously silly. Focus speed - poor, only marginally better than the 60mm (firmware please, Fuji) due to the fact the APD only works with contrast detect AF. I haven't really had the time to give it a thorough testing yet, but on a rare sunny weekend in England I found using a PL worked better for AF than the supplied 3 stopper - and with the obvious richer tones. It err's to the 'darker' side too - which I don't mind at all. 
    At this point in time, absolutely no regrets - the test shots Im getting wide open are staggering. 

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  13. franco added a post in a topic why no X-Pro 2 specualation   

    I still think there will be an X-Pro 2 this year. From the people I've spoken to, a few proto types have been made, and used...and there was a slightly warm sensor issue.

    Its coming. I just wish we knew when - I've had (and adored) my X-Pro since 2012 and still use it over my XE2. In handling and IQ, it still presses all my buttons.

    Although I bitch about slow AF (especially on the 60mm) from time to time, I still get exhausted when people home in on JUST that imperfection. Write speed - really? Who is genuinely bothered about that, and why? If you bought the X-Pro for speed, you were a misguided buyer.
    No one bought a Leica M series for sports. Or a Contax G1/2 either - and these two are really the only two cameras to make any comparison with when talking about an X-Pro 1 (and lets face it, both pretty much beyond criticism...). I still struggle dealing with that whole speed argument.

    The X-Pro came out with three lenses - a wide, a standard, and a short tele. The same lenses that people chose for the above. And it was meant for that type of shooter, so sales figures really become irrelevant at this point. No one at Fujifilm thought this would blow a 7d out the water in sales numbers...

    What happened? Easy - DSLR shooters fell in love with its looks and its IQ. Then they tried to use it in the same way as a Canikon, and of course the camera became 'crap'...because it wasn't designed to be used like a DSLR. This is why the XT-1 sold well, because it was. (and I have only ever heard an XT-1 set to 'high speed drive. Gods honest.)

    Sorry to gripe, but this is all getting a little old. Like a Leica M6....

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  14. franco added a post in a topic IS Fuji 60mm a no brainer   

    It really is a no-brainer. Learn how to use it, and enjoy it. Its the sharpest lens I own.
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